Why oBIX? XML standard Enterprise friendly protocol High fidelity.

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  • Why oBIX?XML standardEnterprise friendly protocolHigh fidelity

  • ArchitectureObject Model: modelingXML Syntax: serializationURLs: namingREST: fits into web architectureContracts: semanticsExtendibility: philosophyProtocol Bindings: networking

  • Architecture Object Model

  • Architecture XML Syntax

  • Architecture - URIsUniform/Universal Resource IdentifierAKA: URLsNaming for WWWRelative URLs Assigning everything with a URL

  • Architecture - RESTREpresentational State TransferIdentify resources with URIsAccess with limited set of verbs:Read - GETWrite - PUTInvoke - POSTTransfer resources as XML documentsStateless

  • Architecture - ContractsTyping/SemanticsContract = list of URIs to template objects (is attribute)Prototype "inheritance"Mixins - multiple "inheritance"Tagging Semantic WebTaxonomy: standard contractsFolksonomy: vendor/user contracts

  • Architecture - ExtendibilityEmbrace vendor specific extensions!Easy to mix together standard and vendor contractsPhilosophically like Java/C#:Small fixed grammar (obj model/XML)Standard libraries (spec)Vendor libraries (everything else)

  • Architecture Protocol BindingsHTTPRead - GETWrite - PUTInvoke POSTSOAPWrap read, write, invoke inside SOAP envelopeXML SchemaWSDLSecurityMoreEmail (SMTP, POP3)Messaging (MQ, JMS)

  • Human Web (WWW)Assign every document a URLWire documents together with URLsStandard document formats: HTML, GIF, JPEG, SVGSemantics: work in progressSearch: Google

  • M2M WebAssign every device an IP address and URLAssign every piece of data and service in a device a URLWire data together via URLsStandard format: oBIX documents Semantics: oBIX contractsSearch: Google?

  • Standard ContractsNormalizationWatchesPointsHistoriesAlarming

  • WatchesSubscriptionClient makes watch via WatchServiceAdd/Remove URIs to watchClient polls server for changesLeased

  • Points Point Normalized Points:obix:BoolPointobix:RealPointobix:EnumPointobix:StrPoint

  • Points - Status

  • Historyobix:HistoryHistory.queryHistory.rollup

  • Alarmingobix:Alarmobix:StatefulAlarmobix:AckAlarmobix:AlarmSubject

  • Java oBIX ToolkitOpen source Public DomainObj APIXML Encoder/DecoderObixSessionObixcSwing Toolhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/obix

  • More Informationhttp://obix.org/http://sourceforge.net/projects/obix


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