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We believe there is a very compelling case for Yahoo to acquire Pinterest. This deck explains our view.


Why Yahoo should buy Pinterest

Why Yahoo! should buy Pinterest

Alok Kejriwal & Tejas ShahJune 2012

The Pinterest audience IS the Yahoo! audience86% of Pinterest visitors are Yahoo! users

The Pinterest audience has the same core demographic (women) as Yahoo! & Flickr* (*owned by Yahoo!)

Yahoo! has no sociality. Flickr looks dead.

Pinterest is SOCIAL and makes you feel like SHARING!

Pinterest wants to earn money from brands aka advertising revenues

Yahoo! is the MASTER of brand advertising.It knows how to package content & brands.

This is NOT what you expect from Yahoo! The Yahoo! Shine Board on Pinterest

Yahoo! SHOULD buy Pinterest becauseIt can join the Social party even though its like a million years late.It offers a natural extension to its brand Flickr.Its visitors are already Pinterest visitors (86%).Pinterest does not understand brand advertising and content packaging like Yahoo! does.Pinterest does not have a sales army all over the world it will not be able to afford one either.Yahoo! needs Pinterest more that Pinterest needs Yahoo! and thats why Yahoo! needs to move, NOW!

CreditsTejas Shah E-mail tejas986@hotmail.com LinkedIn Tejas ShahTwitter @tejas986

Alok Kejriwal E-mail alok@rodinhood.com FB facebook.com/rodinhoodLinkedIn Alok KejriwalTwitter @rodinhood Blog http://therodinhoods.com

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