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Wireless networks break the first and second layers of the wired security model and open enterprises up to attack through rogue and misconfigured access points, among others. These create true business risk. 802.11n and VoWi-Fi are amplifying existing threats and creating new ones. Today the evolution of wireless security has reached the point of vulnerability management, which involves assessment, compliance, and remediation.


  • 1. Wireless Security: Key Trends and IssuesDavid C. KingCEO, AirTight Networks www.airtightnetworks.net

2. Wireless Breaks the Wired Security ModelLayer 6 (Apps) Anti-virus/spyware/malware/spamLayer 5 (Session) URL filters, Web proxies, IDS Layer 4 (TCP)SSL VPN, Network IDS, Host IDSLayer 3 (IP)NetworkPersonal Firewalls, IP-SEC VPN Layer 2 (MAC)UnprotectedLayer 1 (PHY)Unprotected