women in muslim culture

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INTRODUCTIOnIndia's Muslim population is theworld's third largestand the world's largest Muslim-minority population ,encompassing 13.4% of worlds population.

Most of the Muslims in India belong toIndian ethnic groups, primarily fromPersiaand Middle East.

There is unique diversity of islam in india (a)Sufi Islam (c)Ahmadiya Islam (b)Dawoodi Bohra (d)Quranists.


contents ClothingDegree Of Equality Marriage And DivorceBirth ControlWomen in religious lifeCriminal casesCase Studies from the book Staging Resistence....the theatre effect.Conclusion

Women in india The status ofwomen in Indiahas been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia.

However, women in India continue to face atrocities such as rape, acid throwing, dowry killings while young girls are forced into prostitution.

According to a global poll conducted byThomson Reuters, India is the "fourth most dangerous country" in the world for women,and the worst country for women among theG20countries.

Some ancient practices such as sati pratha,child marriages, purdah are the real facet of indian women.

So lets discuss some attrocities faced by muslim women.


Hijab(A scarf covering the hair) is the Quranic requirement that Muslims, both male and female, dress and behave modestly.

Depending upon local views regarding female modesty, they may or may not cover the face or the eyes, or the entire body. These variations include: Hijab Shayla Chador Khimar Burqa Al-Almira Niqab

Every religion has a morality, and the morality of Islam is Haya.

Degree of equality'Equality of the sexes is institute in the Quran for a Muslim society to achieveAdl(justice)andQist(fair play).

Women are considered unfit for any work or activity because of theirphysiologyandchild-bearingability.

theQuranexplicitly states that men and women are equal in the sight of Allah and that men and women were created from a single soul and are moral equals.

No husband, or any man for that, matter is a womans master.

Marriage and divorceMarriage customs vary in Muslim dominated countries.

According toIslamic law(sharia),marriage cannot be forced.

TheQuranconsiders the love between men and women to be aSign of God.

InIslam, there are separate rules fordivorcefor men and women under the terms ofIslamic law(sharia).

When a man has initiated a divorce, the procedure is called talaq,When a woman has initiated a divorce it is calledkhula.

Birth controlIslam is natalist, and promotes the birth of as many children as a Muslim couple can produce.

It is permissible according to Islamic doctrine to limit (tahdid an-nasl) or at least control ('azl) reproduction, without suffering the fate of a penalty for the gesture.

Whereas limiting the number of children is permissible when a family lacks the resources.

But,Abortion is banned in all the countries where islam is the state religion.


In Islam, there is no difference between men and women's relationship to God; they receive identical rewards and punishments for their conduct.

According to mohammad ,women are allowed to go to mosque.

However, as Islam spread, it became unusual for women to worship in mosques because of fears of unchastity caused by interaction between sexes; this condition persisted until the late 1960s.

Criminal CasesAccording to the sunnah, a woman should not be punished for having been coerced into having sex .

If either the victim or a witness kills the perpetrator of rape during the crime, in order to prevent furthering the violence of the act, the killing is permissible and is exempt from the laws of murder and killing.

According to ahadith, the punishment for committing rape is death, there is no blame attached to the victim.

Some case studies

There is an extract from the book Staging Resistence,which concludes the condition of Women in urdu theatre.The condition of women here is also same as in the society. So,what is needed are good plays to feed the theatre so that womens issues receive the attention they deserve.

Play:1-AURAT.by Rasheed JahanThis play is a bold attempt to lay bare many cruelties imposed upon women with the sanction of society & religion.


Some case studiesThe threats to a muslim women that just arises due to certain understanding and physical problems, how a women is dumped by his husband pretending to marry second time saying Shariat has ordered , is a shame for women in islam.

Play:2-PURDAH.Jameela Nishat

This play is based on certain issues that deeply concern the daily living conditions of the women.The boundations in clothing is clearly depicted in one scene saying,Arrey, the dupatta is only dropped after marriage.The purdah system imposed is like the first step to feel that the musli m women are miles away from the present womens.


A ducumentary on the muslim women

conclusionThe situation of muslim women can only be normalised if and only if the women themselves stand on their legs and take remedial actions .They have to be strong.

Submitted By:Daanish Zama3rd Sem.Civil Engg.Only disscusions on such serious topicss can left them no where in the society.

Maid with the Flaxen HairRichard Stoltzman/Slovak Radio Symphony OrchestraFine Music, Vol. 1, track 22008Classical169700.17eng - Navona Records - Navona RecordsMaid with the Flaxen HairRichard Stoltzman/Slovak Radio Symphony OrchestraFine Music, Vol. 1, track 22008Classical169700.17eng - Navona Records - Navona Records