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Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases

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  • Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases
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  • Words for Production 1. packaging [`p8kIdZI9] n. [ U ] paper, cloth or plastic used to cover or protect goods packaged [`p8kIdZd] adj. Packaged products are more expensive because we pay for the packaging, too.
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  • Words for Production 2. waste [west] n. [C] [U] (a) material that has been used and is no longer needed It is illegal to pour chemical wastes into rivers.
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  • Words for Production 3. increase [In`kris] vi. to become greater in amount or number New schools have to be set up because the number of students is increasing.
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  • Words for Production 4. chance [tS8ns] n. [C] a possibility that something will happen If you practice hard, youll have a better chance of winning.
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  • Words for Production 5. material [m1`tIrI1l] n. [C] anything from which something is made or with which something is done Annie bought some wrapping materials for her Christmas presents.
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  • Words for Production 6. drugstore [`dr^G&stor] n. [C] a shop which sells medicine, beauty products, etc. She went to the drugstore to buy some medicine for her headache.
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  • Words for Production 7. serve [s3v] vt. to attend to people buying things in a shop They wont serve you in any pubs because you are too young. Click here to learn more
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  • service [`s3vIs] n. [U] The service in that restaurant was bad. We waited ten minutes for service.
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  • Words for Production 8. goods [G5dz] n. pl. things that are sold in a shop The night market is a good place to buy cheap goods.
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  • Words for Production 9. container [k1n`ten2] n. [C] a box, bottle, etc., used for holding something Orange juice usually comes in plastic containers. Click here to learn more
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  • contain [k1n`ten] vt. The box contains bottles, so put it down carefully.
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  • Words for Production 10. solid [`sAlId] adj. not in the form of a liquid or gas Water becomes solid when it is turned into ice.
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  • Words for Production 11. possible [`pAs1bL] adj. that can exist, happen, or be done Anything is possible if you work hard enough. Click here to learn more
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  • possibility [&pAs1`bIl1tI] n. [U] There was the possibility of winning the game because they practiced very hard.
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  • Words for Production 12. reuse [ri`juz] vt. to use again or more than once Recently, public pressure for recycling plastics has been greater than the pressure to reuse paper.
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  • Words for Production 13. collect [k1`lEkt] vt. to bring together The woman went from door to door collecting old newspapers. Click here to learn more
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  • collection [k1`lEkS1n] n. [U] [C] My father has a large collection of old stamps.
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  • Words for Production 14. separate [`sEp1&ret] vt. to move apart Some schools separate boys from girls in different classes. Click here to learn more
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  • separate [`sEprIt] adj. My brother and I go to the same school, but we are in separate classes.
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  • Words for Production 15. amount [1`ma5nt] n. [C] a quantity or sum A large amount of money was spent on the bridge.
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  • Words for Production 16. store [stor] vt. to keep (things) for future use Fresh fruit and vegetables cannot be stored for a long time.
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  • Words for Production 17. cost [kOst] vt. to require a certain amount of money for a thing or service It costs a lot of money to take a trip around the world.
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  • Words for Production 18. extra [`Ekstr1] adv. more than the usual amount or number; additionally You will have to pay extra if you want me to work late.
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  • Words for Production 19. worth [w3T] adj. having the value of This picture is worth every cent of the one thousand dollars I paid for it.
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  • Words for Production 20. willing [`wIlI9] adj. ready (to do something) Jane is a nice girl, and I think she will be willing to help.
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  • Words for Production 21. proper [`prAp2] adj. right or correct These pages arent in their proper order; page 22 comes after page 24. Click here to learn more
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  • properly [`prAp2lI] adv. Im learning English, but I still cant speak it properly.
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  • Words for Production 22. disposal [dI`spozL] n. [U] action of getting rid of something As the amount of garbage is increasing, the disposal of garbage has become a problem. Click here to learn more
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  • dispose [dI`spoz] vi. They had to dispose of their old furniture to make room for their new things.
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  • Words for Production 23. litter [`lIt2] n. [U] things, especially paper, left and scattered untidily in a public place People who picnicked in the park left a lot of litter there.
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  • Words for Production 24. tax [t8ks] n. [C] [U] (a sum of) money paid to the government for public services It is everybodys duty to pay their taxes.
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  • Words for Recognition 1. rack [r8k] n. [C] a framework with bars or hooks used for holding things
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  • Words for Recognition 2. garbage can [`GArbIdZ &k8n] n. [C] a container for waste materials
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  • Words for Recognition 3. cardboard [`kArd&bord] n. [U] thick paperlike material used for making boxes
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  • Words for Recognition 4. carton [`kArtN] n. [C] a box made from stiff paper used for holding goods
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  • Words for Recognition 5. retail [`ritel] n. [U] the sale of goods directly to customers
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  • Words for Recognition 6. cheese spread [`tSiz &sprEd] n. [U] food made from milk curds to be applied on bread, etc.
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  • Words for Recognition 7. roadside [`rod&saId] adj. at or near the edge of the road
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  • Idioms and Phrases 1. ( the ) chances are ( that ) it is likely According to the weather report, chances are that it will rain tomorrow.
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  • Idioms and Phrases 2. rely on to count or depend on; to trust (especially something will happen or somebody will do something) Today, we rely on computers more than ever to do a lot of our work.
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  • Idioms and Phrases 3. add to to increase Mr. Wang lost his job and could hardly support his family. The rise of electricity costs has added to his difficulties.
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  • Idioms and Phrases 4. pick up to collect; to gather together The mother asked her boy to pick up all his toys when he had finished playing.
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  • Idioms and Phrases 5. consist of to be made up of The class consists of 20 boys and 20 girls.