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<p>Ban trinh bay PowerPoint</p> <p>TRAN HUYNH AI LAMINDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTGRADUATION</p> <p>BACKGROUNDBusiness context:</p> <p>CSD is declining because consumers tend to care more about their health</p> <p>Challenge for the company:</p> <p>Company need to develop new healthy beverages or at least brands perceived as healthier in CSDLook deeper into CSD:</p> <p>Generating approximately 30% of total CSD sales, soda segment is expected to grow even further(Pepsi Global)</p> <p> C.C Lemon is potential to be invested</p> <p>DEMAND SPACE</p> <p>Relevant to products primary RTB Vitamin Cwhich is commonly associated with good mood or health to perform well</p> <p>COMPETITOROishi C+</p> <p>Target:18-22 y.oWish to express their personalityYoung and dynamic</p> <p>Positioning:Be your self </p> <p>RTB:Natural extract from lime</p> <p>Target:- Officer 22-26 y.oDedicated to climb up in careerPay attention a little bit to health </p> <p>Insight: </p> <p>For me, what makes me different and be recognized at work as a youngster is creating new news in my job. However, working such a long time under air-conditioner makes me feel fatigue and tired. I need a healthy uplift so that I can maintain my vitality and keep surprising people in work </p> <p>Positioning:A HEALTHY UPLIFT THAT MAKE YOU VITAL</p> <p>Brand Communication Idea: BE VITAL TO MAKE SUPPRISES</p>