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  1. 1. Your Skin Diet: How To Boost Collagen Collagen along with a string of other proteins, that include keratin and elastin, is what holds yourskin together. This link of proteins is the connective tissue that comprises your perfect skin. Asthe production of collagen inevitably decreases, the aging process becomes increasingly visible:wrinkles and sagging among the aging culprits. Many are unaware of this, but your diet directlyimpacts the rate at which collagen thrives in the body. Along with a devoted skincare regimen,there are natural whole foods that can significantly build this vital protein for a completely youthfulappearance.Vitamin CVitamin C is one of the most important nutrients for boosting collagen production. There areactually some superfoods that trump the usual sources that have been the mainstays of dailyvitamin C intake. While most folks have relied on oranges, lemons and grapefruits to quench theneed for this crucial vitamin, there are fruits and veggies that boast higher levels of the Big C.Below are the top five vitamin C sources that provide over 150 milligrams per serving.1.Raw Hot chili peppers (a whopping 242 mg per 3.5 ounce serving!!)2.Guava3.Raw sweet yellow Peppers4.Dried Lychee fruit5.Raw European Black CurrantsIncluding these healthy foods in your diet is a proven way to rejuvenate optimal collagenproduction. Topical skin care is also an added benefit. Find the best vitamin C face wash or otherproducts that contain vitamin C as it boost this much needed protein for flawless skin.FishSalmon, tuna, mackerel, cod and sardines all reliably build collagen for unparalleled elasticity ofskin. These potent omega-3 sources give the ultimate bounce back, resilience, essential foryouthful looking skin. Watch your intake of fish with even minimal mercury levels: tuna is one inparticular to limit to biweekly meals. The best facial oil for dry skin also contain many differentsources of omega 3 and of course these work just as well for mature skin.
  2. 2. Other Collage-Boosting SourcesIf you love garlic, you are in luck. A favorite for sauted dishes and for preparing delicious foods ingeneral, garlic is a perfect way to get your daily dose of vitamin C. The taurine and lipoid acidpresent in this root plant repair damaged epidermal cells while sulfur reinvigorates collagen levels.Add a good tomato sauce to the mix and your skin will have the antioxidant defense due to thisveggies lycopene content that specifically prevents collagen damage.There are also innumerable natural face care products on the market that stimulate collagenproduction, but keep in mind that the best face care tends to be organic in origin. Organiccollagen-building ingredients are harvested without chemical insecticides or preservatives thatultimately do more harm than good. The finest day spas are thoughtful in choosing top-shelforganic products for enhancing maximum age-defying skin. For the healthiest skin, consult withyour select aesthetician for the latest in collagen building skincare.For more information check out thank you.Holistic SkinCare ProductsVitamin C Face Wash


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