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God's Word hidden in our hearts is as a treasure.


<ul><li> 1. Youth Camp - Treasure Hunt God's Word hidden in our hearts is as a treasure. </li> <li> 2. Instructions See how many of the objects listed in the following scripture verses you can find. You have 1 hour in which to search for the items. (Body parts like hand dont count) </li> <li> 3. For each minute you are late you are penalized by one item so that the group that finds the most items (-#minutes they are late) wins! In case of a tie, the team back first wins. Example: Gen 45: 26 They told him, Joseph is still alive! In fact, he is ruler of all Egypt. Jacob was stunned; he did not believe them. </li> <li> 4. VERSES PR 24:13, JOB 30:4, Judges 16:14, PS 45:1, Matthew 22:19, Matthew 22:20, Judges 16:9, Gen 41:42, 2KI 1:8, Luke 14:27, NU 4:9, ISA 40:12, 2KI 20:12, PS 90:4, Gen 27:3, Exodus 29:9, Gen 44:2, 2KI 23:24, Galatians 6:14, Genesis 8:20, James 1:23, John 6:35, Psalm 30:4, Ecclesiastes 1:13, Matthew 24:17, I Kings 6:6, 1KINGS 6:8, Ezekiel 42:6, James 2:3, Neh 9:4, Exodux 37:13, MK 7:28, Ezekiel 1:27, ISA 59:9, ISA 59:10, Judges 6:37, 1 Samuel 20:21, </li> <li> 5. 2KI 6:1, PS 104:27, PR 4:25, PS 142:4, Song 2:9, ISA 33:7, LA 3:63, ZEC 5:5, ZEC 5:6, MT 7:3, MT 26:45, MK 8:24, LK 21:29, AC 8:36, 1 Chron 26:31, 1SA 1:9, Philippians 3:8, 1SA 24:3, JOS 2:15, 2KI 13:17, PR 1:17, PR 5:15, 1 Sam 18:11, I Kings 7:12, 2 KI 20:2, Neh 2:15, EZE 8:7, Eze 40:40, Ez 40:43, DA 5:5, HAB 2:11, GE 31:45, 2 Chron 23: 13, 1 Kings 5:17, Isaiah 28:16, 1CO 3:10, ZEC 10:4, NU 24:19, PS 8:6, PR 23:1, REV 11:1, PR 26:14, Eze 41:24, Mt 24:33, Luke 13:24 </li> <li> 6. Debrief When youth return, have a Bible with a book mark in it and Proverbs 2:1-5 highlighted. Gods Word hidden in our hearts is as a treasure. By following the Bibles instructions, we come to know God and live for him. </li> <li> 7. Bible Studies based on the book of Jonah Only. This youth camp curriculum was designed to teach the basic truths of obedience in addition to evangelism in the context of a Biblical character. The advantage of going through a book and looking at one man's story is that we see not only the teaching but the example. It becomes much more real! Camp Curriculum - Whale of a Tale -&gt; Tell me about Whale of a Tale </li> <li> 8. Creative Youth Ideas Camp Bible Study Series Who Do You Say that I AM? -&gt; Tell me about Who Do You Say that I AM? Jesus asked the disciples, "Who do others say that I am?" It was easy to answer because it required no conviction, no commitment, and no risk. But then he follows that question with another, "Who do YOU say that I am?" </li> <li> 9. Live the Fruitful, Abundant Life Jesus Promised. Great for youth camps or weekly Youth Bible Study. There are 7 Primary Bible study Sessions in the series. -&gt; Tell me about Fruit Of the Spirit Creative Youth Ideas Youth Camp Bible Study Series Fruit Of the Spirit </li> <li> 10. "The Great Adventure" is western themed Bible study series loosely based around the song of the same name by Steven Curtis Chapman. It was initially written for a large Texas Church to use for their Summer Youth Camp but has since then proven popular around the world. Camp Curriculum - The Great Adventure -&gt; Tell me about The Great Adventure </li> </ul>