 communicate with teachers frequently  make sure your child is prepared for class with all...

Download  Communicate with teachers frequently  Make sure your child is prepared for class with all needed materials for all classes.  Encourage your child

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  • Communicate with teachers frequently Make sure your child is prepared for class with all needed materials for all classes. Encourage your child to follow school rules Supervise homework completion Provide a quiet, well-lit, well-supplied place to study Encourage child to wear eye glasses if needed
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  • We are available to meet for scheduled appointments at 3:00 P.M. We can be reached at (773) 534-2125 We can also be reached by email. We can also be reached with a note We do plan to communicate with parents on a regular basis
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  • If your child is absent, please call the school at (773) 534-2125 to report the absence When your child returns to school, an absence note is needed for legal purposes Your child is responsible for missed homework assignments
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  • Homework should be written daily for all classes. Student planners/organizers are optional and may be purchased by the parent. Homework can also be found on our school website at http://philiprogersschool.org http://philiprogersschool.org Homework should take 45 minutes per day
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  • A = 100 - 90 B = 80 - 89 C = 70 - 79 D = 60 - 69 F = 59 - Below www.philiprogersschool.org Grade Portal
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  • Math is taught with interactive lessons, hands-on experiences and collaborative group work Ongoing assessments and progress monitoring will allow for targeted instruction Math projects will showcase learning
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  • Algebraic Thinking Numbers and Operations in Base Ten Fractions- Numbers and Operations Measurement and Data Geometry
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  • Ratios and Proportional Relationships The Number System Expressions and Equations Geometry Statistics and Probability
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  • 1 Binder for math only Loose leaf paper Pencils Calculator
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  • Small practice set practicing what was learned during class About 15 minutes Monday through Thursday
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  • Email: cmheadrick@cps.educmheadrick@cps.edu Roger School Phone: Just leave a message with Mrs. Diamond
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  • Writing
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  • Writing Participation/Process 10% Writers Notebook 30% Activities 30% Final Writing Draft 30%
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  • Materials needed for class: writers notebook, rubric Writing genres include: Homework will be an extension of classroom activities and will include vocabulary, independent writing, blogging (6 th Grade), typing final drafts 5 th Grade6 th Grade Narrative InformationalArgument (Literary Essay) MemoirInformational (Research & Technology- based) ArgumentPoetry
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  • I can be reached at (773) 534-2125 or (773) 620-9573 (Cell) I can also be reached by email, jsoeding@cps.edu jsoeding@cps.edu I will contact guardians and parents regarding concerns and to share improvements/high achievements
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  • Reading
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  • Reading: Participation 10% Homework 10% Assignments 20% Projects 10% Vocabulary Quizzes 20% Exams 30%
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  • A novelyour child will be given a novel that the entire class will be reading independently and discussing in class (A list of the novels will be sent home for your review). They need to bring the book to class daily. Reading: class novel, independent reading text, 5-subject notebook, post- its, and pen
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  • For the 2014-2015, I will be working with your child to instill a love for literature through the exploration of many genres of text. Some thematic study units will include, but not be limited to: Identity, survival, community, and the human spirit
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  • 6 th grade is one of the most critical years in elementary school as it is a benchmark grade. Please expect your child to have 25 minutes of Reading homework every night. Brand new books will be sent home this year, and it will be your familys responsibility to keep up with the book, as well as keep it in good condition.
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  • Please check your childs grade on Impact on a weekly basis. Visit the office for more information. I will respond to e-mails on a daily basis. My email address is JTillis3@cps.eduJTillis3@cps.edu I am available for appointments Monday- Friday after 3 pm. Email me to schedule an appointment.
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  • Science
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  • Science is taught with a hands on approach. Student will be conducting labs in the 6 th grade. Each unit will have a real world problem that the students need to find a proper solution. Students in 5 th grade will be conducting fun investigations. Quick example: Understanding how energy is transferred through bowling. YES WE WILL BE PLAYING BOWLING IN CLASS!!!!
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  • We will scientifically study: Microworlds: Observations are pieces of information that come to you through your senses. They are different from inferences and opinions. Measuring Time: The passage of time can be measured in different ways.
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  • Life on Earth is diverse and interrelated. Living things interact with each other and with their physical environment. The sun is the source of energy for all living systems. Astronomy Introduction to astronomy.
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  • We will be studying: Studying soil scientifically. Rocks and Minerals: Is it really a diamond? Erosion and Deposition: Where do we build Boomtown? Plate Tectonics: Should store hazards waste in the Yucca Mountain? Exploring the solar system: Where are we in the Solar system/
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  • Science Text Book (5 th Grade Only) 1 Composition Notebooks (1 for Labs/Investigations & 1 for Vocabulary) Pen Pencil & eraser If your child comes to my class unprepared I will deduct points.
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  • Generally no Science homework but, might be necessary on occasion.
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  • Email: bduskic1@cps.edubduskic1@cps.edu Roger School Phone: Just leave a message with Mrs. Diamond
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  • Social Studies
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  • Materials: There is no main textbook being used in Fifth or Sixth grade. We will use: books, music, internet, simulations, maps, photos, videos One Blue folder One notebook Pen, pencil/ eraser, crayons, color pencils
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  • Through archeology as well as, human evolution and early migration patterns students will understand how historians learn about the past. Ancient Civilizations Egypt Greece Rome India China Those that developed in South America.
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  • Early America Physical features: waterways, landforms Native Americans The Age of Exploration Colonization Slavery American Revolution Westward Expansion
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  • Students will be expected to: develop their ability to draw conclusions from readings articulate their opinions and understandings of the unit of study Assessments will focus on: argumentative and organizational writing individual and group projects/ activities
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  • Generally no Social Studies homework but, some might be necessary on occasion so please check the Website frequently. Contact Info Email: ssmalinowski@cps.edu Roger School Phone: Leave a message with Mrs. Diamond