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3D for All. … making 3D happen …. Leonar3Do’s unique invetion. O pens a new dimension in human – computer relationship . T ransforms any desktop computer 2D flat dimension into a real 3D gaming environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • making 3Dhappen3D for All

    3D for all!

    Opens a new dimension in human computer relationship.

    Transforms any desktop computer 2D flat dimension into a real 3D gaming environment

    Provides immersive user interaction with 3D virtual objects in lifelike environment

    *Leonar3Dos unique invetion3D IS HERE3D for all!

    3D for all!

    *We believe in 3D technology

    ...I think we should look forward to 3D when it is less remarkable. In the same way we don't talk about how great the colour is on our TV sets any more or how great the colour is in a movie.

    Source: Interview with TechRadar 2012James Cameron expects 100% 3D within the next five years

    3D for all!

    *Yes, you can!3D Controller with haptic feedbackPlay!Create!Share!Interaction with 3D virtual objectsTouch!Shape!See!

    3D for all!

    The revolutionarry product transforms a regular PC or Mac into a 3D gaming console.

    *Leonar3Dos solution3D image3D tracking3D interaction3D interactivity NOT just 3D visual

    3D for all!

    Consumer VR Platform Elements: Real Life Like Visualization, Interaction in 3D Space, 3D menu Works on: Most popular devices (PC, TV ,Tablet, Mobile) Compatibility:Open to interface other devices (Kinect, Hydra, LeapMotion etc.) Enables hardwares and softwares to reap the benefits of new Human to Computer interaction.*Transforming Experience3D ConsolesHardware - BirdIntegrates accurate 3D interaction and real life like visualization in the 3D space on any computerApplicationsMaking the benefits of working in real 3D available and affordable to industries and educationNew Era in Human to Computer Interaction

    3D for all!

    *Award winning innovationVMI has selected Leonar3Do as the Best innovation on CES 2012 Las VegasThe Tech AwardOne of the five most significant innovations of the worldSan Jose (Award from Silicon Valley)

    3D for all!

    *I am looking forward to further cooperation.FOR more about LEONAR3DO:

    http://leonar3do.com/en/explore/videosPeter KerteszSales Managerpeter.kertesz@leonar3do.com+36 30 8944-634