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Download Walt Disney.  The Walt Disney Company.  The Walt Disney Studios.  Famous Cartoon Character Of Walt Disney.  Other Productions of Walt Disney

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  • Walt Disney. The Walt Disney Company. The Walt Disney Studios. Famous Cartoon Character Of Walt Disney. Other Productions of Walt Disney.
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  • Walter Elies Walt Disney and his brother Roy.O. Disney were the founders of the walt Disney Production Walt Disney was born on 5 th,December 1901 in Chicago,Illinois,U.S.
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  • The Walt Disney Company,commanly referred to as Disney,is an American multinational diversified mass media company. It is the largest media conglomerate in the world in terms of revenue. Founded on October 16,1923,by Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio,Walt Disney Production.
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  • Pictures produced by Walt Dsiney Company:- 1923-1928:The silent era 1928-1934:Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphponies 1934-1945:Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and World War 2 1946-1954:Post war and television 1966-1971:The deaths of Walt and Roy Disney and the opening of Walt Disney World
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  • The Walt Disney Company operates as four primary divisions: The Walt Disney Studio Entertainment. Parks and Resorts. Disney Consumers Products. Media Networks.
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  • President: 1923-1966:Walt Disney. 1966-1971:Roy Disney. 1995-1997:Michael Ovitz. 2000-2012:Robert Iger.
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  • 1929-1971:Roy O. Disney. 1971-1976:Donn Tatum. 1984-2005:Michael Esisner. 2005-present:Robert Iger.
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  • From 1945 to 1960 Walt and Roy Disney shared the role of Chairman of the Board. Walt dropped the Chairman title in 1960 so he could focus more on the creative aspects of the company. Roy O. Disney kept the Chairman and CEOs role.
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  • 1984-1994:Frank Wells 1997-1999:Sanford Litvack 2000-2005:Robert Iger
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  • Many animation studio are currently setting up arms for conducting activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Though many studio are yet to fully functional wings for these programs, the Walt Disney Company has already set up programs in order to cement its image as an entity that is socially responsible.
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  • The Walt Disney Studios in BURBANK,California,United States,serve as the international headquarters for media conglomerate THE DISNEY COMPANY. The WALT DISNEY STUDIOS was founded by Walt and Roy Disney. The key people of the studios are: Robert Iger(President & CEO), John E. Pepper, Jr. Rich Ross(Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios)
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  • Formally known as the Team Disney Burbank building, it is the main building located at The Team Burbank building contains the office of President and CEO Robert Iger, as well as the boardroom for the Board of Directors. In 1996 the building was featured in Hollywood Pictures film Spy Hard. On January 23,2006, in honor of Michael Eisners 21-year leadership of the company, the Team Disney building was rededicated as Team Disney.
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  • The former main Animation building was built and completed in 1940 and designed by Ken Webber. Walt Disney personally supervised with the double Hdesign, ensuring as many room as windows, allowing natural light into the building to help the animators while working.
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  • After Disneys purchase of ABC in 1996, a new headquarters for the television network was constructed across Riverside Drive Feature Animation buildings. The ABC buildings also houses the offices of other subsidiaries such as ABC Studios and ABC Studios. For more information visit: (http://studioservices.go.com/disneystudios /inex.html)http://studioservices.go.com/disneystudios /inex
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