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    Concord SquareApartments

    Stop in and see our unique

    homelike atmosphere

    29 East High St., Lawrenceburg, IN


    Over 30,000 used books for saleWe can order books too!

    Books on High

    Trade books for store credits Closed Sun-Mon

    Lusby Construction


    Customs Homes & Remodeling24 Hour Storm Damage Repair

    Concrete Kitchens Baths PaintingAll types of construction,

    repairs & home improvementLocally owned Aurora business 25+ years

    ISRD & DD


    Weddings Family Portrait / Reunions

    Sports Group Photos Special EventsCommercial Photography

    See us on the webbobmattingly.comOver 20 years experience in quality photography



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    Looking for somewhere to eat? Go online:

    www.thedcregister.comIts easy just click the menus icon on the


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    Dont Waste Your SpaceIndoor Storage units from 5x10 to 10x30

    Outdoor Storage for motor homes, campers and boats

    Security Lighting, Cameras & Fencing

    812-438-9659Rising SunStore and Lock

    Smart Dr.

    Rising Sun

    Enterprise Store and Lock9 McCreary Ridge

    East Enterprise


    Store and LockEast Bellview Ln.

    Rising Sun

    C & J JewelryAll Work Completed On SiteJewelry Sales


    Stone Setting

    425 Third Street, Suite 101Aurora, Indiana 47001


    Flowers For Any OccasionNEAMAN FLORAL

    Balloons Greenhouse Yankee Candles

    Virgil NeamanOwner

    438-2342 Rising Sun 1319 SR 262

    Brad Henry Greg Hummel Bev Koons

    For all of your insurance needs and mores

    Home Farm Business Auto & High Risk Auto Life Health

    Iras Annuities Mutual Funds 401K RolloversPackage & Senior Discounts Available

    204 Main St. Rising Sun 812-438-2630

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    Many residents of Dearborn County are already

    familiar with the wonderful care and servicescurrently provided to our residents at Pine Knoll

    Assisted Living Center in Lawrenceburg.

    Now Pine Knoll is happy to offer

    ADULT DAY SERVICES to our community.

    For information, contact us at 812-537-4422or visit us at 607 Wilson Creek Road,

    across the street from Dearborn County Hospital.

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    Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. Independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ANTHEM is a

    registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

    Theresia SandersAuthorized Agent

    Call me for a free quote866-236-4182

    Or visit me at


    Your connection to Affordable Health Coverage!


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    Order flowers onlinefrom your local orist or

    call 812-537-3800& Floristwww.caseysoutdoor.com

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    Accepting New Patients

    Accepting Over 50 Insurance Plans SE Indianas Exclusive Subspecialty Eye Care FacilityLAWRENCEBURG, 275 Bielby Road

    812-537-4811 800-544-5133

    Dr. Steven J. Arnow Dr. Michael L. Nordlund

    Dr. Robert K. Hutchins Dr. Jeffrey A. Nerad

    Dr. Steven J.



    Dr. Michael L.


    Cataract, Cornea &Refractive Surgeon

    Dr. Robert K.



    Dr. Jeffrey A.



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    The Lawrenceburg Community Athletic Park

    located at the Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds

    999 Speedway Drive is seeking an interested

    party to manage the concession stand for

    the 2012 season. We prefer a non-prot

    organization to benet from the proceeds of

    this opportunity. The CAP Board requires a

    written proposal delivered or mailed to the

    LCD by March 16th. Final interviews willbegin March 26th. Please call 812-539-3136

    ext 2 for details.

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    Do you have a question for these professionals?

    Send them to:

    The Harrison Press

    P.O. Box Box 610

    Harrison, Ohio 45030

    Professional Forum is a Paid Advertisement Feature

    HARRISON HEALTH ASSOCIATES10555B Harrison Ave., Harrison, OH

    (513) 367-5799 Fax (513) 367-5799

    CHIROPRACTIC / ACUPUNCTUREQ. Dr. Stricker what is your computerized axialtraction machine and can it help my back orneck?

    A. Computerized axial traction is also known as adecompression table. This piece of equipment is atraction table with a programmable computer whichcycles intermittent traction to stretch the intervertebraldiscs and facet joints in a patient's neck or low back.This machine is typically programmed forapproximately a 15 minute treatment with 40 secondsof stretch and 20 seconds of relaxation between eachcycle. The goal is to take pressure off of any nervesthat maybe pinched by a disc. The goal is to also helpopen up the intervertebral disc spaces, as well as open up the facet

    joints. I have been using decompression therapy in my practice forapproximately 9 1/2 years and have gotten good results with manypatients. This table works excellent for patients with mild and moderatedisc bulges in their neck or back, and may offer some relief for patientswith moderate to severe disc bulges. This table is also very helpful forpatients with facet syndromes and may offer some relief for people withother injuries to their back. I typically determine if a patient is a goodcandidate for this treatment after doing an orthopedic examination.I do not need but do find it beneficial if a patient has an MRl so weknow exactly what we are dealing with. If you have any questionsregarding this procedure feel free to contact my office.

    Raymond StrickerD.C. FIAMA, Dipl.

    AC LLC

    Michael F. Ringel O.D. 1003 Harrison Ave., Harrison

    Family Vision Center (513) 367-7900


    O. D.

    Q: Dr. Ringel, what is astigmatism?

    A: Astigmatism means the eye has anasymmetrical front lens curvaturerather than a perfect round shape. Asa result uncorrected astigmatism maycause blurred and distorted vision. Anastigmatic eye requires a special dual-power lens to focus light evenly.

    Approximately 85-90% of all individuals wear anastigmatic correction in the form of glasses or special

    contact lenses. At my office here in Harrison you willfind our personal approach in handling this and othertypes of vision problems is unsurpassed.

    Michael F. Ringel, O.D.

    PHARMACISTQ. I will be traveling this spring and willbe taking a few 3-6 hour flights. I haveheard long flights can cause blood clots,what should I do?

    A. Any type of travel can be tough on yourlegs because of cramped seating.Confinement for long periods of time in aplane, bus, train, or car does not allow you tostretch your legs. Movement of the legs is

    important to help circulate blood back to theheart.

    During long trips without exercising or stretching yourlegs, you may notice swelling, discomfort or pain in yourlegs, ankles and feet and can even cause a condition calleddeep vein thrombosis or DVT. DVT involves the formationof blood clots in the deep vein system. Blood clots developwhen blood "pools". due to inactivity, show moving bloodtends to clot naturally.

    Move around while traveling if possible and weargraduated hosiery to help reduce the risks and discomfortassociated with traveling related circulatory problems. We

    Jeff Biddle

    Q. Do I need to file a tax return this year?

    A. You are required to file a federal incometax return if your income is above a certainlevel depending on your filing status, age,and the type of income you receive.However, some taxpayers should file evenif they arent required to because they mayget a refund if they had taxes withheld or

    are eligible for refundable credits. The filing threshold formost individuals is the sum of the applicable personalexemption amount plus the applicable standard deductionamount. These amounts vary based on filing status andage. Some of the more common refundable credits arethe Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit, theAmerican Opportunity Credit for education expenses, andthe Adoption Credit. If you have any questions concerningwhether you are required to file a tax return, please giveus a call.

    Darren Bowman, CPA


    10250 Harrison Ave., Harrison, Ohio 45030 367-1122


    The weather conditions at this time of theyear can generate hail storms, and hail cancause serious damage to any vehicle. Ourcustomers often ask two questions about haildamage: first, is hail damage covered by myinsurance; and second, how do we go aboutrepairing this damage?

    Hail damage falls under the comprehensiveportion of an insurance policy. Comprehensivecovers issues such as hail, theft, vandalism,fire, and acts of nature that are beyond your control. Mostinsuran