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<p>1 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>Kananaskis Mountain Lodge </p> <p>1 Centennial Drive </p> <p>PO Box 249 </p> <p> Kananaskis Village, AB T0L 2H0 </p> <p> P 403.591.6251 | F 403.591.6287 </p> <p>2 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>The Kananaskis Mountain Lodge is situated in the magnificent Rocky Mountains, </p> <p>offering the perfect setting for your big day. We will transform your dream </p> <p>wedding into a reality, with picturesque scenery, outstanding service and </p> <p>amazing staff. From romantic outdoor ceremonies to lavish receptions, intimate </p> <p>weddings to themed dinners, we are here to work with you and help you create </p> <p>the wedding youve always dreamed of. </p> <p>Take a few minutes to review the information provided, both here and on our website at www.KananaskisWeddings.com. </p> <p>Once you have had a chance to review everything, please contact our </p> <p>Wedding Planner. Our wedding experts will be able to help you with every detail to make your day exactly as you imagined it. </p> <p>Thank you for considering The Kananaskis Mountain Lodge. </p> <p>Sincerely, </p> <p> Your Kananaskis Wedding Expert </p> <p> Direct: 403.591.6251 </p> <p>Welcome </p> <p>3 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>What to Expect Our goal is to make your big day perfect by making sure you are well taken care of and no detail is over looked. </p> <p>When you book your wedding here, you will work directly with our </p> <p>on-site wedding expert to determine what we need to do to make </p> <p>your day spectacular. Our venue coordinator will be there to ensure the execution of your wedding is flawless. </p> <p>Included with your wedding: </p> <p> Onsite venue coordinator to assist you with the journey from the initial site inspection to planning through to your wedding day Complimentary Executive Suite or Loft Suite for the wedding night Complimentary Valet Parking for the Wedding Couple Sparkling Wine &amp; a Delicious Creation from our Pastry Chef on your wedding night </p> <p>4 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>Outdoor Ceremonies Breathtaking outdoor ceremonies can be booked at any of the viewpoints within the village. </p> <p>Ceremonies are book in 2 hour time slots, between the hours of 8am and 8pm. </p> <p>A special events permit is required from the government for a fee of $100.00 plus GST. </p> <p>For information regarding permits &amp; viewpoints, please contact </p> <p>Vicky Roy at 403-678-5500 or email vicky.roy@gov.ab.ca </p> <p>A maximum of 10 chairs are permitted. (20 for viewpoint #5) Only tubular bottomed chairs are permitted and are </p> <p>available for rental through Kananaskis Outfitters at 403-591-7000. </p> <p>Balloons, Confetti and Organic Substances (flower petals/rice) are not permitted due to environmental impact. </p> <p>No motorized vehicles or horse drawn carriages are permitted on the trails. All viewpoints are accessible by foot </p> <p>or by wheelchair only. Please note that Alcohol is prohibited. </p> <p>Viewpoints are on Government of Alberta Crown land and are designated by the ministry. The Delta Lodge at Kananaskis is not permitted to make any exceptions to these rules. </p> <p>Back-up Ceremonies </p> <p>In the event of inclement weather, the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis will book you a back-up venue for your </p> <p>ceremony inside as long as you are hosting your reception with the hotel. This room is determined by </p> <p>your Venue Coordinator. Please be advised that a set-up charge ($350-$500) will apply in the event that the back-up venue is required. </p> <p>mailto:vicky.roy@gov.ab.ca</p> <p>5 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p> Your Wedding, Your Way From 4-400 we will transform your dream wedding into a reality, with picturesque scenery and outstanding service. From romantic outdoor ceremonies to lavish receptions, intimate weddings to themed dinners, we are here to work with you and help you create the wedding youve always dreamed of. </p> <p>Traditional Wedding Sit-down Dinner (Either plated or Buffet) </p> <p>including a head table and speeches, followed by </p> <p>an all-night dance party. </p> <p>Candlelight and Cocktail A Stand up cocktail party with some soft seating </p> <p>(just in case), glistening with candlelight and a </p> <p>dance floor that is open as guest arrive. </p> <p>Appetizers are passes and action stations set up </p> <p>around the room. Typically 8-12pm </p> <p>Brunch Wedding For a great alternative, invite guest for a mid-</p> <p>morning ceremony followed by a brunch in the </p> <p>tent. Enjoy the sun and the scenery while guest </p> <p>mix &amp; mingle. Then whisk off on your </p> <p>honeymoon-All before the sun goes down. Typically 11am-3:00pm. </p> <p>Sunny Sunday Picnic It doesnt get much more romantic then inviting </p> <p>your guests for a picnic and surrounding them by </p> <p>the incredible Rocky Mountains. Includes Picnic </p> <p>baskets and blankets for all. Typically 11am-3:00pm. </p> <p>Keep it Casual Afternoon Barbeque Less formal but all the fun! We set 1 or 2 long </p> <p>tables in the tent and the chef is onsite to serve </p> <p>up a delicious lunch or dinner served family style. </p> <p>6 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>Space Max Guest Room Rental Minimum F&amp;B Total Last Call </p> <p>Mount Kidd Ballroom &amp; Courtyard </p> <p>170 $3,500.00 $31,500.00 $35000.00 12:45AM </p> <p>Wild Flower Room 50 $1,500.00 $6000.00 $7500.00 12:45AM </p> <p>Rockies with Patio 100 $2,500.00 $10000.00 $12,500.00 10:45PM </p> <p>Wedding Venues All function room rentals include the following: </p> <p> Gift Table, Guest Book Table, Cake Table </p> <p> Raised Head Table </p> <p> Dance Floor </p> <p> Table Numbers &amp; Stands </p> <p> Tables </p> <p> Chairs </p> <p> White Linens </p> <p> White or Black Overlays </p> <p> White Napkins </p> <p> Cutlery </p> <p> China </p> <p> Glassware </p> <p> Service Staff Bartenders (Unless bar sales are under $300.00) </p> <p>Choosing the Right Room </p> <p>With over 16 function spaces on site, The Kananaskis Mountain Lodge welcomes celebrations from 4-400 guests. </p> <p>All function rooms used for dinner receptions have a minimum Food &amp; Beverage revenue requirement. Food &amp; </p> <p>Beverage includes all menu items, wine &amp; bar service. Room Rental is not included in Food &amp; Beverage Revenue. </p> <p>The following rooms are available from June 29-September 7, 2019. For all other times of year (or other banquet spaces), we open availability 6 months prior to your anticipated wedding date. </p> <p>We have extremely limited availability for the summer/fall of 2018, please contact the hotel to confirm your preferred date! </p> <p>Room Rental and F&amp;B minimums are negotiable if you would consider getting married on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday. </p> <p>7 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p> Mt. Kidd Ballroom Capacity 150-170 for a sit-down dinner </p> <p>The Mt. Kidd Ballroom breaks into three sections, featuring a built in dance floor, neutral colours, natural lighting and 12ft ceilings. With a beautiful view into the natural wooded surroundings of Kananaskis, the Mt. Kidd Ballroom features a fully accessible veranda and a magnificent open air courtyard. </p> <p>Wildflower Room Capacity 50 Guest for a sit-down dinner </p> <p>Situated in our Mt. Kidd Manor, The Wildflower Room is perfect for a more intimate wedding. The room itself </p> <p>has hardwood floors, natural lighting and a cozy atmosphere. The Wildflower Room also has two entranceways </p> <p>leading onto the Mt. Kidd Courtyard, a sizeable outdoor venue brilliant for mingling with guests or roasting </p> <p>SMores on a beautiful Kananaskis summer night. </p> <p>8 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>Rockies Capacity 100 (Sit Down Dinner) </p> <p> If you have been coming to Kananaskis for a while you might remember Rockies as the night club. Rockies was </p> <p>part of the $26Million Renovation project and now host some of our best celebrations. Located in the main </p> <p>lodge connected to Forte &amp; soon to be enchanted by a stunning courtyard perfect for hosting your cocktail hour </p> <p>or for sliding the doors wide open to have all the fresh air and beauty inside your celebration. </p> <p>Guest Rooms As part of your wedding package the Kananaskis Mountain Lodge is pleased to offer your guests relaxing, luxurious </p> <p>guestrooms at a discounted room rate. Your guests will enjoy socializing with each other in many of our unique </p> <p>gathering spots. They will love the convenience of staying at the resort so no driving is required </p> <p>Room Rates Option 1 is an open block: Guest can call in anytime using a code we provide and they can expect 15% off the best </p> <p>available rate when they book. This way they can book any room they want and there is no financial obligation to </p> <p>you. Please note: this option does not guarantee any rooms for your group. It is on a first come first serve basis </p> <p>and rates tend to go up as availability goes down. </p> <p>Option 2 is a closed block: The hotel requires a deposit in order to block off a specified # of rooms and will hold </p> <p>you financially responsible for any unsold rooms. (This is whats called the attrition rate.) The benefit of this type </p> <p>of block is that we can guaranteed your rooms and your rate up until 30 days prior to the event (Or until your </p> <p>block fills up). If you have guest coming from all over the world and think you will need 20-60 rooms (During your </p> <p>entire stay) this would be the recommended option. </p> <p>9 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>Shuttles Our location is unique in the Rocky Mountains, in order for your guests to get the maximum out of their visit </p> <p>a Shuttle Service can be arranged. Below are pick up and drop off prices, should you wish for an agent to stay with you, a service fee will apply. All shuttles are available from 8 AM 11 PM. If you desire shuttle service </p> <p>outside of that timeline, a late night service charge will apply. Pricing is (before taxes and gratuities): </p> <p> Boundary Ranch $50 </p> <p> Nakiska Ski Resort or Troll Falls $50 </p> <p> Stoney Nakoda Casino or Barrier Lake $150 </p> <p>Canmore $300 </p> <p> Calgary $400 </p> <p> Banff $400 </p> <p> Lake Louise $500 </p> <p>Audio Visual Packages Audio Visual Services are provided by Freeman Audio Visual. For more details and specific quotes, please contact Freeman Audio Visual directly at 403-591-6362 or Martin.Lemieux@freemanco.com </p> <p>mailto:Martin.Lemieux@freemanco.com</p> <p>10 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>Terms &amp; Conditions </p> <p>30 Days before your event: Menus and wine </p> <p>selections must be confirmed. </p> <p>30 Days before your event: Dietary restrictions and </p> <p>special meal requests must be made 30 days prior to </p> <p>the event. (Example: Vegetarian or Gluten Free meal) </p> <p>14 Days before your event: Access to the function </p> <p>room will be confirmed. If the room is available, you </p> <p>will be able to setup the evening prior to the event. </p> <p>14 Days before your event: Final food and beverage </p> <p>payment in additional to any guest rooms being </p> <p>charged to the master account, must be paid in full </p> <p>14 days prior to the event date. (Hosted and </p> <p>subsidized bars are charged at one drink per person </p> <p>per hour.) Any unused payment will be refunded to </p> <p>you. </p> <p>72 hours prior to the function: The hotel must be </p> <p>notified of the exact # of guests. After 72hours the #s </p> <p>cannot be reduced. If no exact # is received, the hotel </p> <p>will assume the contracted # of guests to be the </p> <p>guarantee. You will be charged for the guaranteed # </p> <p>of guests or the # of guest in attendance, whichever </p> <p>is greater. </p> <p>Day before your event: We cannot guarantee early </p> <p>check in (prior to 4pm.) If the ceremony is scheduled </p> <p>before 5pm it is strongly suggested that the wedding </p> <p>party be registered in the hotel the evening before </p> <p>the wedding. </p> <p>Day of your event: Your venue is contracted for a </p> <p>specific time period and all set-ups and cleanup are </p> <p>to be completed within this time frame. If items are </p> <p>left behind, a clean-up charge will be applied. </p> <p>Day of your event: Food on buffets can only be left </p> <p>out for a maximum of 2 hours due to Food Health and </p> <p>Safety Regulations. </p> <p>48Hours after your event: Wedding Cakes left behind </p> <p>will be disposed of unless arrangements are made. 30Days after your event: Dcor and other items left </p> <p>behind will be disposed of. </p> <p>Deposit: Upon Signing of the Contract, room rental </p> <p>fee will be due as a non-refundable deposit towards </p> <p>your wedding. Once we have received a signed </p> <p>contract along with your deposit, your function room will be held on a definite basis. </p> <p>Guest Rooms: If a closed room block is chosen 25% of </p> <p>the estimated guest room revenue is due at the time </p> <p>of signing. Once we have received your guest room </p> <p>deposit, your guestrooms will be held on a definite </p> <p>basis. </p> <p>Guest Rooms: Upon signing of the contract, your </p> <p>block of guest rooms will be considered sold to your </p> <p>group. In the event the minimum is not met the </p> <p>unused/unsold balance will be charged to the master </p> <p>account. </p> <p>Food &amp; Beverage: In accordance with Health and </p> <p>Safety Regulations, food and beverage products may not be removed from the banquet room. </p> <p>Food &amp; Beverage: Any food and beverage brought </p> <p>into the function room must be supplied by the hotel, </p> <p>with the exception of wedding cakes. </p> <p>Wedding Cakes: The Wedding Couple are responsible </p> <p>for the setup and take down of all items brought in </p> <p>for their wedding. </p> <p>Wedding Cakes: Due to the delicate nature of </p> <p>wedding cakes, it is the responsibility of the baker or </p> <p>wedding couple to deliver and set up all wedding </p> <p>cakes. The Delta Lodge at Kananaskis does not set up </p> <p>wedding cakes or cupcakes brought in from outside </p> <p>vendors. </p> <p>Functions that have live or taped music played are subject to a SOCAN Fee. ($40-$60 depending on final #s) </p> <p>The hotel cannot be held liable for items lost or stolen </p> <p>from our function rooms. </p> <p>11 </p> <p>www.KananaskisWeddings.com </p> <p>FAQs Q: Can I come and see the venue? </p> <p>A: We would love to give you a tour of our beautiful venue. Please make an appointment with our Sales Team so </p> <p>we can set aside the proper amount of time to answer all your questions. </p> <p>Q: When can I get married? </p> <p>A: Any time of year January to December. The summer and winter are equally beautiful here in the Canadian </p> <p>Rockies and each month has its own special charm! We do have open availability from June 29-September 2 for </p> <p>Mount Kidd Ballroom, Rockies and Wildflower. All other spaces are available to book inside of 6 months to your wedding date. </p> <p>Q: Can we extend last call? </p> <p>A: Music must be turned off at the stated time; however, Woodys is open until 2am. </p> <p>Q: Can we check in earlier than 4pm? </p> <p>A: Check in times cannot be guaranteed before 4pm. We strongly recommend that you and your wedding party </p> <p>be checked into the hotel the day before the wedding. We can certainly store luggage and items for those guests who are checking in the day of the wedding if your ceremony falls before 4pm. </p> <p>Q: I have elderly people in my wedding, can they drive out to the viewpoints? </p> <p>A: Unfortunately there are no motorized vehicles allowed out...</p>


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