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<ul><li><p>10 Clever Ways to Boost Ecommerce Store Sales </p><p>So, you are going to setup your own ecommerce store? Yes, of course you do, as many </p><p>ecommerce platforms like Shopify nowadays make it easy for everyone to create ecommerce </p><p>store with ease. </p><p>Online shopping is not only increasing, but it is turning into every consumers preferred method </p><p>of spending, as 71% of shoppers believe they will get a superior deal online, than they will in </p><p>stores. If you have decided to defeat through the eCommerce waters, keep on a reading! </p><p>To make money online, there is no other better and easy way than creating ecommerce store. </p><p>But wait, just creating a store is not worth if its not generating enough sales. You have to do a </p><p>lot of efforts to make your store goes to a number of people that eventually helps in increasing </p><p>your traffic as well as boost sales. </p><p>Today, in this post, I am going to discuss ten great ways that help you generate sales for your </p><p>ecommerce store. </p><p>1) Paid Traffic </p><p>If done properly, Paid Traffic is one of the great way to generate ecommerce sales. Its quite </p><p>expensive and many people spend a lot in it but not get satisfactory result. </p><p>You thought if this doesnt provide good returns, then why I am suggesting it to you? But, as I </p><p>already told you that if you do it properly, it will definitely take your business to the new heights </p><p>of success. </p><p>The people or businesses those who was failed in Paid traffic be likely to make common newbie </p><p>mistakes that leads in no success. So, here I am discussing some things that you need to protect </p><p>your ecommerce business and get success with Paid Traffic. </p></li><li><p>The most common mistake people make when they start paid traffic is that they spend a lot of </p><p>money in first time as they thought spending big money brings big result. But, this is not true. </p><p>Firstly, spend small amount and see the results. </p><p>Dumping a lot of money in the campaign is something like killing the goose that lays golden </p><p>eggs. Start with not more than $50 because there is no any surety of the success of your Paid </p><p>traffic campaign. </p><p>If you invest lots of capital in first campaign and it will not work, then you get a huge loss. On the </p><p>other hand, if you spend less amount, you can again create another campaign. </p><p>Other than this, if you still wish to spend some good amount, then dont invest all your money </p><p>on a single campaign. Create multiple campaigns and devote certain sum of capital in each and </p><p>every campaign. This help you keep track of the campaign that brings traffic, and also those which </p><p>doesnt provide any result. </p><p>When you spot this difference, you can start spending on the campaigns that give you positive </p><p>results. </p><p>With right campaign, you will know your right audience, which increase the chances of enhanced </p><p>ecommerce sales. </p><p>Another method to find out the right customer is to send surveys to them via email if you have </p><p>an email list of all customers. Add coupon code or some prize for the customers who will </p><p>complete those surveys. This way, customers will send you the survey and you will get to know </p><p>your right audience. </p><p>Make use of Social Media Platforms </p><p>Now, the next method to generate sales with Paid Traffic is use social media platforms- Facebook, </p><p>Twitter and Instagram. </p></li><li><p>Each platform work in a different way, so lets discuss each one and see how the platform help </p><p>in driving traffic as well as sales. </p><p>There is not enough information available for Twitter, so lets start first with Twitter: </p><p>Here, I will going to discuss the process of creating Twitter ads. </p><p>1) Open the link business.twitter.com and click on Twitter ads button. </p><p>When you click on this button, a new page comes in which you have to select your country and </p><p>permanent time zone to continue. After selecting click on Permanently save these details </p></li><li><p>Next step is to select the objective of your campaign you wish to create. Select from the list and </p><p>continue. </p></li><li><p>After this, you will be taken through the setup process for you ad. The process contains 4 steps </p><p>Overview, Audience, Budget and Creatives. </p><p>(A) OVERVIEW </p></li><li><p>In overview section, give a name to your campaign and select the time when you want to run the </p><p>campaign. </p><p>(B) Audience </p><p>In audience section, select the location that best represents your target customers. </p><p>When you select the country, for example you select United States, then twitter will show you </p><p>the estimated audience size of your selected location. </p></li><li><p>Select the gender based on the products you are promoting in this campaign. </p><p>Select the language to ensure that ads are shown to people who understand the selected </p><p>language. </p><p>Now you need to select devices and platforms. If you are selecting mobile devices, then make </p><p>sure your website is responsive that run properly on all selected mobile devices. </p></li><li><p>No need to select Target new devices at this moment. </p><p>Now, the next and most important option in Audience section is Select Additional Audience </p><p>Features </p></li><li><p>Here are several options that help you target audience. Keywords option let you target the user </p><p>who use your selected keyword. </p><p>When you enter your keyword, you have the option to decide what twitter will do with the </p><p>keyword you selected. </p><p>For example, I want to sell Leather wallet. I can choose the keyword and also decide that I want </p><p>all variations or similar versions of it to be targeted with Broad match, Any Order. </p></li><li><p>Phrase Match option facilitates you to target the phrases of your selected keyword. </p><p>With Exact Match option, the keyword you selected will be targeted exactly as it written. </p></li><li><p>By using Negative Match keywords, you can do the same in reverse. Here you can eliminate </p><p>the keyword you selected. </p><p>You can see what would happen if you choose Negative Phrase </p><p>Negative Exact avoid the searches that have no other word than the keyword. </p></li><li><p>After selecting the keyword with suitable option, Twitter will tell you the global daily volume of </p><p>Tweets containing each keyword. </p><p>Add Followers Option help you target the users of Twitter who have similar interests regarding </p><p>your selected keyword. </p></li><li><p>Add Interests Option let you target the users who are interest in the category you add select </p><p>here. </p><p>Add Tailored Audiences help you target the list of all your current customers as well as </p><p>prospective buyers who have already visited you store. </p></li><li><p>With Add TV Targeting Option, you can target the audience who are engaged with the TV </p><p>programs or advertisement in specific market. </p><p>You can target specific shows too with Add Shows option. For example, for my keyword </p><p>Leather wallet I will target television shows based on Mens Fashion or Accessories. </p></li><li><p>Add the networks as well as genres facilitate you to target the users based on network and </p><p>different kinds of genres. </p><p>Pick the genre from here:- </p></li><li><p>Add Behavior Option help you target the audience based on their online as well as offline </p><p>behavior. </p><p>With Event Targeting Option, you can target your ad based on global or regional events. </p></li><li><p>Other than this, you can also limit your targets by eliminating tailored audience and behaviors. </p><p>As I already told you, the better you sense your target audience, the better you take advantage </p><p>of these features. </p><p>(C) BUDGET </p><p>Set your daily budget or the total budget of the entire campaign. When you select the total </p><p>budget, you will see the estimated reach on right side. </p></li><li><p>With this, you can see the potential of you market as it show 645K as estimated reach and 1M </p><p>as targeted audience. This way you can easily get the users or audience that will convert. </p><p>(D) CREATIVES </p><p>In Creatives, you need to create a new tweet or you can also select a tweet from the existing </p><p>tweets. </p></li><li><p>If you are creating or composing a new tweet, then make sure you add fresh and engaging </p><p>content in it that catch the attention of customers towards your tweet and ultimately on your </p><p>campaign. </p><p>Other than this, if you are using the tweet from the existing tweets, then make sure you add call-</p><p>to-actions in it, which will eventually help you boost brand awareness. </p><p>If you wish to make the most of the influence of your tweets, do add your website card. It will </p><p>facilitate you to add a bigger clickable image with your tweet. </p><p>Now, the last step is to make the payment and launch your Twitter ad. This way, you can make </p><p>use of Twitter ads to drive traffic and generate traffic. </p><p>Next social media platforms are FACEBOOK &amp; INSTAGRAM. Lets cover these 2 also- </p><p>Facebook and Instagram both are two different platforms, but as Facebook owns Instagram, you </p><p>will create the Instagram Ads inside the Facebook Ad manager. </p><p>Setup Lookalike Audience </p><p>Based on audiences that are similar to the ones youre already targeting or serving, Facebook will </p><p>show your ads. This will be done because you create something known as a Custom Audience. </p><p>Facebook will then evaluate that Custom Audience and target other people on Facebook who </p><p>share similar behaviors. This diminishes the amount of time you have to spend adjusting targeting </p><p>settings, while also facilitate for your ads to be shown to the right audience. </p></li><li><p>Facebook will need to investigate your website visitors or even just a list of clienteles you have </p><p>in your possession to create this audience. </p><p>If you wish to create Lookalike Audience, go to this link </p><p>https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/audiences/ </p><p>When you reach to this page, you will see 3 kings of audience here- Custom Audience, Lookalike </p><p>Audience and Saved Audience. </p><p>For lookalike audience, first you need to create Custom Audience. Click on Create a Custom </p><p>Audience option first. After this, select your Source Audience. </p><p>https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/audiences/</p></li><li><p>If you wish to make Website Traffic as your source audience, then you need to install Facebook </p><p>Pixel for this. </p><p>I have already covered in detail- How Facebook Advertising Pixels Helps in Creating High </p><p>Converting Ad Campaigns? So, lets take a look and see how you create ad campaigns with </p><p>Facebook advertising pixels. </p><p>Other than this, if you want to use people on your email list, select the Customer List option </p><p>and continue. You can upload the list from you PC, copy paste it and also import the list of </p><p>customers from Mail Chimp. </p><p>https://www.gowebbaby.com/how-facebook-advertising-pixels-helps-in-creating-high-converting-ad-campaigns/https://www.gowebbaby.com/how-facebook-advertising-pixels-helps-in-creating-high-converting-ad-campaigns/</p></li><li><p>After uploading the list, now you can create Lookalike Audience by clicking on Create </p><p>Lookalike Audience </p><p>After clicking, choose the audience you have created as custom audience and country. </p><p>Keep the audience size near 1% for now, as this will make sure that the targeting is fairly tight. </p><p>2) Boost Trust within Your Funnel </p></li><li><p>Improving trust within your funnel is another method you can use to boost your sales. It sounds </p><p>complicated, let see how we can make it happen. </p><p>When a user buy any product from your site, the process will be like this:- </p><p>View Product page Add product View Shopping Cart Go through Checkout Process </p><p>To enhance customer trust, you need to add advanced things to your product page. As if you </p><p>increase customer trust, it will eventually enhance your conversion rates. </p><p>Some of the things to add on product page with the intention of boosting trust are as follows:- </p><p>1) Quick &amp; Handy Checklist </p><p>Many will be hesitant to buy from an ecommerce store they have never heard of. You have a </p><p>chance to establish trust from the beginning via your advertising. A well designed ad can help </p><p>establish a great first impression. </p><p>But, here are a few quick and handy tips and things you may want to mention in your advertising:- </p><p>a) Mention total number of orders shipped. </p><p>b) Include customer service hours. </p><p>c) List the phone numbers. </p><p>d) Mention the number of customers served. </p><p>e) Use a solid domain name. </p><p>f) Include trusted since xxx (for e.g. Trusted since 1990). </p><p>g) If you are a verified reseller of a brand, include this fact. </p><p>h) If you take PayPal as a payment method, do mention it. </p><p>i) If you have been quoted in a credible publication, show that quote. </p><p>j) If you are on Stella service, mention your ranking. In addition, also add a link to that rating. </p><p>2) Add Product Reviews </p><p>With this, you can provide a social proof of how good your products are to the customers. This is </p><p>important because 77% users check product reviews before buying any item. </p></li><li><p>3) Imagery </p><p>Make use of only high quality ecommerce images. </p><p>4) About </p><p>A photo of your staff in your About us page can help. If you were previously a founder of another </p><p>company or worked for a well-known company, do mention it clearly. </p><p>5) Though Leader </p><p>Educate users on your products. Being a thought leader can be beneficial. </p><p>6) Live Chat </p><p>Live chat feature gives customer a feeling that you are a genuine seller and also help them to </p><p>clear their queries/concerns right away. </p><p>7) Trust Badges </p><p>Just about, 17% of users who abandon their carts have payment security concern. So its a very </p><p>god and beneficial option to add a trust badge on your site. Other than this, if you are a member </p><p>of Better Business Bureau, post your grade (badge) on your website. </p><p>8) Add Testimonials </p><p>Testimonials are probably one of the best forms of Social proof. If you properly make use of them, </p><p>they provide you website visitors with the comfort that they need before they click on the buy </p><p>button. </p><p>9) Contact </p><p>Make your contact info clear. You may even want to put it at the bottom of every page. </p><p>10) Policies </p><p>Return policy/ other policies easy to find. </p></li><li><p>11) After They Put Items in Cart </p><p>Now they have put items in their cart. You have a visitor with intend to buy. They are so close to </p><p>becoming a customer, but how do you assure them through the checkout process and complete </p><p>the sale? Here are some tips:- </p><p>a) Mention the number of order shipped. </p><p>b) Get an SSL certification to make sure you have https. </p><p>c) List the phone numbers </p><p>d) Show a delivery date and not the shipping date. </p><p>e) Security badges like McAfee Secure, VeriSign etc. </p><p>f) Show where your shipping facility is. People may like to know from where their products </p><p>are coming. </p><p>3) Make your Checkout Process Easy </p><p>Third option to generate sales is to make your checkout process simple. </p><p>People usually find it irritating to sign-up, verify email address and mobile number and so many </p><p>other formalities for buying the product they need. So, always try to make your checkout </p><p>procedure simple and smooth. </p><p>1. Dont need registration to shop </p><p>Your customers are here to buy, not fill out forms. Make sure that the registration is done during </p><p>the checkout process and not before and definitely not before a visitor places products into </p><p>their cart. Sign-up forms are obstacles because they take time and efforts to fill in. </p><p>By moving these obstacles further down the line you enhance the chance of your visitors </p><p>becoming paying customers. This is because they have already spent time shopping so they are </p><p>less likely...</p></li></ul>