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  • 10 Clever Ways to Boost Ecommerce Store Sales

    So, you are going to setup your own ecommerce store? Yes, of course you do, as many

    ecommerce platforms like Shopify nowadays make it easy for everyone to create ecommerce

    store with ease.

    Online shopping is not only increasing, but it is turning into every consumers preferred method

    of spending, as 71% of shoppers believe they will get a superior deal online, than they will in

    stores. If you have decided to defeat through the eCommerce waters, keep on a reading!

    To make money online, there is no other better and easy way than creating ecommerce store.

    But wait, just creating a store is not worth if its not generating enough sales. You have to do a

    lot of efforts to make your store goes to a number of people that eventually helps in increasing

    your traffic as well as boost sales.

    Today, in this post, I am going to discuss ten great ways that help you generate sales for your

    ecommerce store.

    1) Paid Traffic

    If done properly, Paid Traffic is one of the great way to generate ecommerce sales. Its quite

    expensive and many people spend a lot in it but not get satisfactory result.

    You thought if this doesnt provide good returns, then why I am suggesting it to you? But, as I

    already told you that if you do it properly, it will definitely take your business to the new heights

    of success.

    The people or businesses those who was failed in Paid traffic be likely to make common newbie

    mistakes that leads in no success. So, here I am discussing some things that you need to protect

    your ecommerce business and get success with Paid Traffic.

  • The most common mistake people make when they start paid traffic is that they spend a lot of

    money in first time as they thought spending big money brings big result. But, this is not true.

    Firstly, spend small amount and see the results.

    Dumping a lot of money in the campaign is something like killing the goose that lays golden

    eggs. Start with not more than $50 because there is no any surety of the success of your Paid

    traffic campaign.

    If you invest lots of capital in first campaign and it will not work, then you get a huge loss. On the

    other hand, if you spend less amount, you can again create another campaign.

    Other than this, if you still wish to spend some good amount, then dont invest all your money

    on a single campaign. Create multiple campaigns and devote certain sum of capital in each and

    every campaign. This help you keep track of the campaign that brings traffic, and also those which

    doesnt provide any result.

    When you spot this difference, you can start spending on the campaigns that give you positive


    With right campaign, you will know your right audience, which increase the chances of enhanced

    ecommerce sales.

    Another method to find out the right customer is to send surveys to them via email if you have

    an email list of all customers. Add coupon code or some prize for the customers who will

    complete those surveys. This way, customers will send you the survey and you will get to know

    your right audience.

    Make use of Social Media Platforms

    Now, the next method to generate sales with Paid Traffic is use social media platforms- Facebook,

    Twitter and Instagram.

  • Each platform work in a different way, so lets discuss each one and see how the platform help

    in driving traffic as well as sales.

    There is not enough information available for Twitter, so lets start first with Twitter:

    Here, I will going to discuss the process of creating Twitter ads.

    1) Open the link business.twitter.com and click on Twitter ads button.

    When you click on this button, a new page comes in which you have to select your country and

    permanent time zone to continue. After selecting click on Permanently save these details

  • Next step is to select the objective of your campaign you wish to create. Select from the list and


  • After this, you will be taken through the setup process for you ad. The process contains 4 steps

    Overview, Audience, Budget and Creatives.


  • In overview section, give a name to your campaign and select the time when you want to run the


    (B) Audience

    In audience section, select the location that best represents your target customers.

    When you select the country, for example you select United States, then twitter will show you

    the estimated audience size of your selected location.

  • Select the gender based on the products you are promoting in this campaign.

    Select the language to ensure that ads are shown to people who understand the selected


    Now you need to select devices and platforms. If you are selecting mobile devices, then make

    sure your website is responsive that run properly on all selected mobile devices.

  • No need to select Target new devices at this moment.

    Now, the next and most important option in Audience section is Select Additional Audience


  • Here are several options that help you target audience. Keywords option let you target the user

    who use your selected keyword.

    When you enter your keyword, you have the option to decide what twitter will do with the

    keyword you selected.

    For example, I want to sell Leather wallet. I can choose the keyword and also decide that I want

    all variations or similar versions of it to be targeted with Broad match, Any Order.

  • Phrase Match option facilitates you to target the phrases of your selected keyword.

    With Exact Match option, the keyword you selected will be targeted exactly as it written.

  • By using Negative Match keywords, you can do the same in reverse. Here you can eliminate

    the keyword you selected.

    You can see what would happen if you choose Negative Phrase

    Negative Exact avoid the searches that have no other word than the keyword.

  • After selecting the keyword with suitable option, Twitter will tell you the global daily volume of

    Tweets containing each keyword.

    Add Followers Option help you target the users of Twitter who have similar interests regarding

    your selected keyword.

  • Add Interests Option let you target the users who are interest in the category you add select


    Add Tailored Audiences help you target the list of all your current customers as well as

    prospective buyers who have already visited you store.

  • With Add TV Targeting Option, you can target the audience who are engaged with the TV

    programs or advertisement in specific market.

    You can target specific shows too with Add Shows option. For example, for my keyword

    Leather wallet I will target television shows based on Mens Fashion or Accessories.

  • Add the networks as well as genres facilitate you to target the users based on network and

    different kinds of genres.

    Pick the genre from here:-

  • Add Behavior Option help you target the audience based on their online as well as offline


    With Event Targeting Option, you can target your ad based on global or regional events.

  • Other than this, you can also limit your targets by eliminating tailored audience and behaviors.

    As I already told you, the better you sense your target audience, the better you take advantage

    of these features.

    (C) BUDGET

    Set your daily budget or the total budget of the entire campaign. When you select the total

    budget, you will see the estimated reach on right side.

  • With this, you can see the potential of you market as it show 645K as estimated reach and 1M

    as targeted audience. This way you can easily get the users or audience that will convert.


    In Creatives, you need to create a new tweet or you can also select a tweet from the existing


  • If you are creating or composing a new tweet, then make sure you add fresh and engaging

    content in it that catch the attention of customers towards your tweet and ultimately on your


    Other than this, if you are using the tweet from the existing tweets, then make sure you add call-

    to-actions in it, which will eventually help you boost brand awareness.

    If you wish to make the most of the influence of your tweets, do add your website card. It will

    facilitate you to add a bigger clickable image with your tweet.

    Now, the last step is to make the payment and launch your Twitter ad. This way, you can make

    use of Twitter ads to drive traffic and generate traffic.

    Next social media platforms are FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM. Lets cover these 2 also-

    Facebook and Instagram both are two different platforms, but as Facebook owns Instagram, you

    will create the Instagram Ads inside the Facebook Ad manager.

    Setup Lookalike Audience

    Based on audiences that are similar to the ones youre already targeting or serving, Facebook will

    show your ads. This will be done because you create something known as a Custom Audience.

    Facebook will then evaluate that Custom Audience and target other people on Facebook who

    share similar behaviors. This diminishes the amount of time you have to spend adjusting targeting

    settings, while also facilitate for your ads to be shown to