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10 Fun Ways of Helping Kids Learn the ABCs:1.Play ABC Games Playalphabet board games, playalphabet clothespin games, playalphabet wordo!2.Point Out ABCsEverwhereGo onAlphabet Hunts, hide theABCs around your house(thendo it again). Then go onBackyard Alphabet Hunts so fun, its nuts.3.Celebrate the Letters of Kids Names For the little guys, start withtheirletterthe first letter of his or her nameand go from there. Find the letter on thecereal box, onsigns, in books. PlayFamily Name Letter Connect. Once they master that, move onto the other letters of the name and then introduce family names.4.Read ABC Books There are tons of them out there, believe me, but a super-fun fave of ours isSuperhero ABC. Visit my pal, Allies awesome post,50 Fantastic ABC Booksfor more.5.Sort the ABCs Separateletters and numbers. Sorttricky fonts. Play withthose magnetic letterson the fridge and sort theABCs on lids.6.Spray the ABCs You heard me.Spray the ABCs.7.Play ABC Bingo PlayAlphabet Bingowith uppercase letters. Play it with theletters of your childs name. Play it withlowercase letters. Stamp it or write it. Just play it.8.Sing the ABC Song Sing that songcmon, you know itsame tune asTwinkle, TwinkleandBaa Baa Blacksheep. Sing it all the time. Sing it at bath time, bed time, breakfast time. Sing other songs of course, but make ABC top of the charts. It will help.9.Crazy Write the ABCs Write the ABCs withsticky stuff, with paint, withwater, or withwiggly wigglies. Make it different. Writeon windows. Write inthe sky.10.Move and Groove the ABCs Get up and move to the ABCs withABC Exercise Cardsor get leafy with anOutdoor Alphabet Hunt.


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