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  • 2002-2012

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  • HK PolyU AA Number Quiz

    Quiz #3:

    [Answers of the Number Quiz can be found on Page 7 of this booklet].

    dupliCITY Exhibition by Alex Ma (see Back Cover Inside Page and Page 36 for details)

    P H A 10

    + + +

    O L Y 8

    K + A U 16

    15 14 7

    Quiz #1: Each of the unique characters in HKPOLYUAA i.e. H, K, P, O, L, Y, U and A represents a number from 1 to 8. Find out how they are mapped by solving all the horizontal and vertical equations in the Number Quiz, and fill out the numbers in the shaded boxes below.

    H K P O L Y U A

    = 75

    Quiz #2: Next complete the above equation by filling in the

    appropriate mathematical operators (+, , and

    ) in the blank boxes above.

    15 14 7 10 8 16 = 75

    Lastly complete the equation on the left by filling in the appropriate mathematical operators in the blank boxes as provided.

    Alex Ma also helped design the front cover page of this Booklet and this 10th Anniversary Mug (see above) for the Association. The cobalt blue mugs were printed by RNJ Printing Specialty, a company founded by our committee member Ricky Leung. Thanks to them all.

    PolyU 75th Anniversary Pin

    Above photo: HKTC 1958 Naval Architecture graduate and member Law Wai-tim ()

    with his wife Grace celebrated their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary in Sydney (January 2012). Congratulations!

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS H Hello 10th Anniversary 1 Congratulatory Message from the President of the PolyU 1 Presidents Report 2 3

    Certificate of Appreciation Alumni List 3

    K Knowing Our PolyU And Australia Association 4 Our PolyU 4 Our PolyU Australia Association 7 Current and Past Presidents of the Association 10

    P Past Activity Highlights 12 From 2002 To 2004 12 From 2005 To 2007 14 From 2008 To 2010 15 From 2011 To 2012 19 Colourful Highlights 21

    O Over The Rainbow 75 Years Of Great Music 25 Dedicated to the One (HKPolyU2012) I Love 26 Songs with the Greatest Records 28 Pop Music Quizzes 29 Tribute to DEAR BMW Artists 30 The Ultimate HKPolyU Music Artists Challenger 32

    L Landscaping dupliCITY 36 dupliCITY () Solo Exhibition by Alex Ma 36

    Hong Kong vs Sydney 37

    Y Yarra River And Brisbane River 40 Victoria Connection 40


    Queensland Connection 43

    U United We Stand 44 2011/2013 HKPolyUAA Executive Committee 44 Community Links 45


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    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Australia) Association 10th Anniversary Dinner held at the Eight Modern Chinese

    Restaurant, Haymarket, Sydney on Saturday 25th August 2012

    The Association would like to thank the following guests and sponsors:

    Honorable Guests from The HK PolyU

    Professor Timothy W Tong () -

    President of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Ms. Maggie Wong () - Alumni Affairs Officer,

    Alumni Affairs & Development Office, HK PolyU

    Honorable Guests

    Ms. Linda Law () - Acting Director,

    The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney

    Ms. Doris Leung () - Liaison Officer,

    The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney

    Professor Chan Yiu-nam ()

    Mrs. Louisa Chin () - Vice Chairman of The Hong Kong

    University Alumni Association, NSW Chapter Australia

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    The first Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to member Mr. Chan Kit-man ()

    for his generous contribution of outstanding significance towards the establishment and development of our Association

    Prize Sponsors

    Virgin Atlantic Airways ()

    Lee Kum Kee Hong Kong ()

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney

    Sing Tao Daily Australia ()

    Special Thanks to Other Supporters

    Alex Ma ()

    Nancy Ma ()

    Cecilia Lau ()

    Masters of Ceremony

    Johnson Cheng ()

    Adeline Lee ()

  • - 1 -

    Hello 10th Anniversary

    I have great pleasure in extending my congratulations to The Hong Kong Polytechnic

    University (Australia) Association on the happy occasion of its 10th Anniversary.

    Since its establishment in 2002, the Association has been one of the most active and

    enthusiastic overseas chapters of our University. In addition to organizing many alumni

    activities for its members, the Association has been actively supporting and participating in a

    wide range of PolyU events. The enthusiasm and dedicated support of the Association are

    heartily appreciated by all members of PolyU.

    PolyU has always been committed to the development of a close relationship with our

    alumni and former staff. We have encouraged our alumni to establish associations for

    different disciplines and areas. As of this year, we have more than 40 local alumni

    associations and 8 overseas chapters. PolyU is indeed very lucky to have such a large

    number of dedicated alumni and former staff who have devoted their efforts to help develop

    a strong network among themselves and with the University.

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all those who are involved in developing

    the Association. With the support of the Association, I have every confidence that PolyUs

    network in Australia will expand and develop even further.

    I look forward to seeing all members of the Association in the upcoming PolyU 75th

    Anniversary celebration activities, and wish the Association every success in its future


    Timothy W. Tong, Ph.D.


    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    August 2012

    Congratulatory Message

    from the President of the

    Hong Kong Polytechnic


  • - 2 -

    Presidents Report

    I am delighted to present the Presidents report for the year 2011 to 2012. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to this celebration of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Australia) Associations 10th anniversary. The HKPOLYUAA was founded in 2002. This celebration marks a decade of important milestones achieved in the development of the Association. We will continue to play an important role in strengthening The Hong Kong Polytechnic Universitys (PolyU) network in Australia. We are proud to be PolyUs third overseas society for graduates and past employees. During the past ten years we have grown from six founding members to over 100 alumni life members plus a number of ordinary members. While the majority of our members reside in Sydney, we also have a good number of members based in Melbourne, plus a few members in Brisbane and Perth. Our primary aim is to provide a platform for members to network and share experiences with other graduates who have graduated from different eras. Over the past 75 years The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was formerly known as the Government Trade School, the Hong Kong Technical College, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic. The HKPOLYUAA aims to achieve this by organising social and cultural activities for members, including health seminars, bushwalking and fund-raising for charities to list a few. We also provide a network for our members to maintain close links with the University through the Association. I would like to take this opportunity to thank PolyU, our committee, alumni and friends for their tremendous support and dedication to the Association over the past 10 years. I firmly believe that with all the combined efforts and support, the Association will continue to grow in numbers. I look forward to meeting you all at upcoming alumni activities.

    Tony Tong, President of the HKPOLYUAA (2009-13).

    The HKPolyUAA 10th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee

    Members of the HKPolyUAA 10th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee took a group photo during one of their planning meetings. Front row from left: Hugh Lee, Joseph Yu, Tony Tong (Chair), Bosco Lau (also Chief Editor of the 10th anniversary booklet), Nancy and Alex Ma; back row from left: Peter Shun, Ricky Leung, Jeffery Tse and Johnson Cheng (guest Master of Ceremony for the dinner function).

  • - 3 -

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Australia) Association 10th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday 25th August 2012

    Certificates of Appreciation are presented by Prof. Timothy W Tong to

    alumni who have made significant contributions to our Association:

    Certificate of Appreciation

    Ms. Sarah Chow, Founding Member & Honorary President Mr. Tony Tong, President Mr. Bosco Lau, Honorary President Mr. Daniel Chau, Honorary President Mr. Chan Kit-man, Founding Member & Honorary Treasurer Prof. Chan Yiu-nam, Honorary Life Member Ms. Eliza Choi, Past Exco Member & Founding Member Mr. Albert Chow, Past Exco Member & Founding Member Dr. David T Lam, Exco Member Mr. Hugh Lee, Exco Member Mr. Ricky Leung, Exco Member Mr. Li Ping-on, Exco Member Mr. Paulus Ng, Exco Member Mr. Peter Shun, Exco Mamber Ms. Karen Tam, Exco Member Mr. Jeffery Tse, Exco Member Mr. Joseph Yu, Exco Member Mr. Henry Au, Honorary Auditor Mr. Alex Ma, Honorary Advisor Mr. Kenneth So, Honorary Advisor Mrs. Nancy Ma, Honorary Advisor Mr. Cyril Ng, Queensland Representative Mr. Philip Chui, Victoria Representative * Mr. Helena Lau, Victoria Representative * Mr. Paula Lau, Victoria Representative * Mr. Michael Tse, Honorary Advisor for Victoria *

    (* - presentation will be held at the Melbourne alumni function