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    Applying Melodic Content: Exercise 3 Progression based on the changes to “All The Things You Are” The 3rd melodic pattern is an ascending phrase that combines chord tones and diatonic passing tones. The strength of our lines really depends on the control of Tension and Resolution. Chord Tones really spell out the harmony and add a lot of resolution to our phrases. For this exercise I want you to play this diatonic approach to Chord Tone pattern over the whole progression. I have written out the pattern over a Cmaj7 chord that is functioning as a Imaj7. Your job is to adjust the notes depending on the key and function of the chords within the progression. This lesson really helps you develop in a few different ways. Firstly it is a great Ear Training exercise as it helps you hear the relationship between Weaker Passing Tones and the strength of the Chord Tones. You really start to hear the resolution of tension. This pattern starts on the Root and approaches the 3rd degree with a diatonic passing tone in-between. From there it continues approaching the chord tones (the 5th and the 7th) with diatonic passing tones in-between. The phrase ends on the Root.

    It is important to notice that all the Chord Tones land on the Strong Beats and the Passing Tones all land on the Weaker Beats, in this case the upbeats. The Chord tones landing on the stronger beats really tell our ears what’s going on harmonically. Now all you have to do is understand the key you are in then adjust the Passing Tones to fit over the Chord in question.


    When we reach the Chord V7/VI we can use 16th notes to play the tension b9 and #9. The phrase will look like this.

    The B Diminished 7 (bIII Diminished) Chord is an 8 note Chord Scale (Ab Lydian add #2). We will be only be using the Diatonic Passing Tones between the Chord Tones and ending the phrase with the Root of the chord. The phrase will be as follows:

    The last Chord I will be showing you the phrase for is the Db-7 (IV-7). This is the Modal Interchange Chord borrowed from the Ab Aeolian (Natural Minor Modes).

    In the video I will be demonstrating in more detail the different sounds and phrases we will be using. Practice this exercise from a slow tempo up to a more challenging one. Play through the progression 3 times without stopping using different areas of the instrument. Also it’s important to work out some different fingering patterns for each chord. When the tempos get fast and the progressions get more intense it will really help your fluidity if you are adapting your fingering patterns to make your transitions smoother.


    I want you to work out the correct pattern to play over this progression using your knowledge from the Analysis lessons. It’s easy for me to give you all the answers but if you want to develop and improve you must start figuring out some of this stuff for yourself. I will always provide the correct instructions along with a video demonstrating so between these things you should have enough to be able to figure this out. I’m always available in the forum for any questions.

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