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1/8/2014 Happy New Year & Welcome Back!. Pick Up Notebooks New Schedules P-16 Computer Lab: Literature Circles Book Selection Process Activity HW: Determine a Lit Circle role preference and have a back up. 1/9/2014 Book Preview Activity. Directions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


1/9-10/13 Happy New Year & Welcome Back

1/8/2014 Happy New Year & Welcome Back!Pick Up NotebooksNew SchedulesP-16 Computer Lab: Literature Circles Book Selection Process Activity

HW: Determine a Lit Circle role preference and have a back up.1/9/2014Book Preview ActivityDirectionsIn order to make an educated decision about which book you are going to read for our Lit Circles Unit, you will read book reviews about each of the books.Go through each slide and click on the links to read reviews on each book.Once you have researched each book, you will make a first and second choice and give the rationale for your selection. Keep in mind that other students will likely want to read the same book, so the more persuasive you are, the more likely you will get to read the book of your choosing.Always Running by Luis RodriguezAmazon.com Review

Yahoo Voices Review

Personal Review: BookWanderer

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale HurstonGood Reads Review

Between the Covers Review

Google Book Review

Linden Hills by Gloria NaylorGood Reads Review

NY Times Review

3. Howard College Student Review

The Things They Carried by Tim OBrienThe Washington Times Review

New York Times Reviews

Good Reads Reviews

Mr. Penumbras 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan (Writers Week speaker)New York Times Review


NPR.org Reviews

The Catcher in the Rye by JD SalingerThe Guardian Review

About.com Review

NY Times Review

Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo AnayaAmazon.com Reviews

Good Reads Reviews

Latinopia Review

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk KiddAmazon.com

Blogcritics.org Review


A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled HosseiniNew York Times Review

Amazon.com Reviews

Good Reads Reviews

Please fill out the book selection sheet and give to me at the end of the activity period.


Decisions, decisions.1/9/2014 Happy ThursdayCheck out booksSign up: Groups & RolesGet OrganizedReading ScheduleGroup NameGroup AgreementsNotebooks/Write ups

HW: Background research on your novel. (see assignment)

Mo FernandezAlways RunningKunal PatelAlways RunningKayla McHenryAlways RunningJose HernandezAlways RunningCasey YoungAlways RunningSean NguyenBless Me UltimaElvis LiBless Me UltimaInes La'OBless Me UltimaOscar MartinezBless Me UltimaDarius SiegelCatcher in the RyeDaniel SteigmanCatcher in the RyeMoises FloresCatcher in the RyeEvan RyderCatcher in the RyeJake KlepperCatcher in the RyeRyan EspirituCatcher in the RyeBryan MeloCatcher in the RyeMaya AcharyaMr. PenumbraKathryn MuellerMr. PenumbraMaddie KleinMr. PenumbraKelli CarlsonMr. PenumbraMichael WuMr. PenumbraJonas SchillMr. PenumbraTimothy HsuMr. PenumbraJeffrey LiuSplendid SunsAshwin VaidSplendid SunsNicole VendelinSplendid SunsJordan HighamSplendid SunsAkhil AvulaCatcher in the RyeAndre JenabCatcher in the RyeBrianna LaneCatcher in the RyeCharles LienCatcher in the RyeElizabeth LiCatcher in the RyeRachel MillerCatcher in the RyeRudy CancillerCatcher in the RyeTheo EbenhoechCatcher in the RyeBrett GustafsonSecret Life of BeesClara RamirezSecret Life of BeesKathia AngelSecret Life of BeesKristen LiuSecret Life of BeesNicole MillerSecret Life of BeesOlivia MannSecret Life of BeesRomy AboudSecret Life of BeesTristan CottarelSecret Life of BeesKenneth MoussThings they CarriedMakinnon BaughThings they CarriedTimothy LamThings they CarriedWill PyeThings they CarriedAnnie ZhangLinden HillsElizabet CruzLinden HillsVictor MaciasLinden HillsAlex CastroAlways RunningEric KoppsAlways RunningThomas KelleherAlways RunningFarris ScottAlways RunningMatt GleinAlways RunningShauna SchultzAlways RunningElise HuSplendid SunsHasan IqbalSplendid SunsAlex GolgolabAlways RunningMenson LiAlways RunningLesley HenriquezAlways RunningOliver DongAlways RunningAdrian RomeroAlways RunningJoseph OngBless Me UltimaMichelle YauBless Me UltimaToby MacalusoBless Me UltimaNoah TsaoBless Me UltimaKatheline DoCatcher in the RyeRyan LaehyCatcher in the RyeFaraz GorjiCatcher in the RyeMegan LeeCatcher in the RyeEmily WebbCatcher in the RyeAmy TranCatcher in the RyeRiley MouldsCatcher in the RyeRebekah ZhangCatcher in the RyeBen G-GillCatcher in the RyeFuno HeimsMr. PenumbraBilly BermanMr. PenumbraMontana GoloubefMr. PenumbraJulissa GarciaMr. PenumbraCameron HayesMr. PenumbraAbigail WilliamsSecret Life of BeesJenna HooverSecret Life of BeesBorna BarzinSecret Life of BeesJehan GodrejSecret Life of BeesChris LytleThings they carriedZach PozziThings they carriedRiley KahanThings they carriedMaddie HealyThings they carriedJackson HoudekThings they Carried1/10/2014 Happy Friday! Already!!!Find a set of desks that matches your groups number/configuration.Share background info/notesSSR: www.Readanybooks.net

HW Reading: Per group assignment

1/13/2014 Haaaappy Monday!PSAT Score ReportsLit Circle Unit AssessmentLit Circle #1DiscussionNotesHW: Reading as determined by group (ADBG) Yes, Im into acronyms this semester.

1/13/2014 Lit Circle Unit AssessmentUnit work: 50 points (15%)- effective participation in discussion groups (based on me, peers, self)- in class work, golden lines, artsy stuff, etc.-notes on discussion (post discussion)-anything else as determined by me

Reading: 100 points (30%)pre-discussion preparation notesReading assessment (40)

Major assignment: 100 points (55%)-Group presentation on lesson or theme from novel

4 Major Parts of Your PSAT/NMSQT ResultsYour ScoresYour SkillsYour AnswersCritical ReadingMathematicsWriting SkillsUnderstanding Your PSAT/NMSQT ResultsNext Steps3 Test SectionsNote to Presenter: Use this PowerPoint presentation to help your students understand their PSAT/NMSQT results and benefit from the feedback provided on their score reports. The notes provided throughout the presentation can be read aloud to students or used simply as reference information.

There are 4 major parts to the PSAT/NMSQT Score Report:-Your Scores-Your Skills-Your Answers-Next Steps

The score report shows how you performed on each of the three sections of the PSAT/NMSQT:-Critical Reading-Mathematics-Writing Skills


Your Scores

PercentileIf you are a junior, your scores are compared to those of other juniors.If you are a sophomore or younger student, your scores are compared to those of sophomores.ScoreYou can see your projected SAT score online in My College QuickStart (www.collegeboard.org/quickstart). Score RangeYour Scores

PSAT/NMSQT scores are reported on a scale from 20 to 80. The sample here shows a score of 50 for the Critical Reading section.

Below the score is a score range. Ranges show how much your scores might vary if you took the PSAT/NMSQT again before gaining new knowledge or skills. In this case, the Critical Reading score would be within 4 points above or below 50. The performance of students with scores between 46 and 54 would be very similar.

Percentiles: How did I do compared to others?

Percentiles help you compare your performance on the PSAT/NMSQT to the performance of all other juniors or sophomores who tested. For example, if you scored in the 55th percentile, you scored higher than 55 percent of students who took the test. It also means that 45 percent of students had a score equal to or higher than yours.

Another way to understand percentiles is to visualize 100 students lined up from the lowest (or first) percentile to the highest (or 99th) percentile. If you are in the 55th percentile, you would be the 55th student in line, scoring higher than 54 students and lower than 45.

Note: Juniors are compared to all juniors who took the test; sophomores and younger students are compared to all sophomores who took the test.22

National Merit Scholarship Corporation InformationThe Entry Requirements section displays information you provided on your answer sheet.The Percentile compares your performance to that of other college-bound juniors.The Selection Index is the sum of your critical reading, mathematics and writing skills scores.

If it has an asterisk, you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements for the competition.

Below your scores, youll find information about eligibility for scholarships available through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Each student who takes the PSAT/NMSQT has a Selection Index. The Selection Index is the sum of the Critical Reading, Math, and Writing Skills scores (CR+M+W).

To enter National Merit Scholarship Corporations competitions, you must:1. be a full-time high school student;2. graduate the following year and enroll in college full-time;3. complete grades 9-12 in four years; and 4. be a U.S. citizen.

If your Selection Index has an asterisk (*) next to it, this means you do not meet all the eligibility requirements for entrance into the competition. Typically, it is because you are not graduating next year.

More than 1.5 million juniors enter this competition each year. About 50,000 qualify for recognition, and about 9,600 of these students receive an award. Be sure to look at your own Selection Index and eligibility when you receive your score report.


See how you did on each skill. The same skills are tested on the SAT. Your SkillsYou can try hundreds of practice questions, organized by skill, online in My College QuickStart (www.collegeboard.org/quickstart).

Your Skills Section

The Your Skills section is a valuable part of your PSAT/NMSQT results, showing you a complete picture of how you performed on the different skills tested by the PSAT/NMSQT. Take a closer look to see where you did well and wher


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