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  • 2013.5 Post Graduate Training OpportunitiesAPhA-ASP recognizes the importance of post graduate training for student pharmacists and seeks to educate its members about available opportunitiesLook for an informative article featuring interviews with past residents and fellows in an upcoming issue of the Student Pharmacist Magazine

  • Each chapter was asked to submit two initial proposed resolutions to their Regional Delegate four weeks prior to MRM this yearEight Regional Policy Development webinars were hosted by the Regional Delegates prior to the MRMs to identify duplicate and/or redundant proposed resolutions within each region and to provide an opportunity for collaboration

  • At the six MRMs, all APhA-ASP members had the opportunity to share their thoughts on proposed resolutions during the Policy Proposal ForumsAt the closing business session a representative from the National Executive Committee led the Chapter Delegates in discussing and voting on all proposed resolutionsDuring the Closing Business Session each candidate for the office of Regional Delegate, Regional Member-at-Large, and Midyear Regional Meeting Coordinator delivered a speech, and Chapter Delegates cast their votes to elect one representative for each of these offices

  • The Resolutions Committee will identify the most important ideas from these resolutions and will formulate them into the resolutions that will be presented to the APhA-ASP House of Delegates at the APhA Annual Meeting

    Now that each region has expressed their views on all of the proposed resolutions at the regional level, the Resolutions Committee, composed of the eight newly elected Regional Delegates and chaired by the APhA-ASP Speaker of the House, will review all resolutions that were passed at the six MRMs

  • The Policy Vice President (PVP) Toolkit is your resource and guide to leading fun and effective policy and advocacy campaigns at your chapter. The PVP Toolkit is composed of VI sections and this month we are focusing on Section II. This section is titled: How your chapter can make a difference! Access the PVP Toolkit at: http://www.pharmacist.com/node/55322Section IIa Guide to Organizing Policy Events With over 23 pages of ideas and events, this section is a great tool for getting your chapter members involved.Section IIb Benefits of Becoming an Advocacy Key Contact When it comes to getting involved in issues that impact the profession of pharmacy, this is the source of action. This section will give insight on your role as an advocacy key contact.

  • Section IIc Did You Know What Pharmacists Can Do For You? Having a strong background knowledge of policy and advocacy issues is vital in becoming a source of information for your chapter. This section is dedicated in providing detailed information on two topics: The Key to Improving Medication Use & Lowering Health Care Costs Through Pharmacist Contributions to Public HealthKey State Requirements for Pharmacists to Contribute to Public Health, Achieve Quality, and Reduce CostsSection IId Questions You May Be Asked By Individuals Registering to Vote We have the involvement; we got the message out, now take to action and get those individuals to vote! This section will answer some frequently asked questions regarding the process of registering and voting.

  • This month the Policy Standing Committee wants to honor the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) School of Pharmacy ASP chapterStudents at LECOM embraced the opportunity to advocate for their profession and participate in the ASP policy process this year. Thus far this semester they have:Held a Policy and Advocacy luncheon Launched a SPAN Task Force During October, the chapter was recognized with a Mayoral Proclamation recognizing American Pharmacists MonthHeld a letter writing campaign Has actively been participating in the Policy Postcard ChallengeKEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


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