3 surefire ways to get your emails read

Download 3 surefire ways to get your emails read

Post on 22-Jan-2017


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Be strategic so your emails get opened!3 SUREFIRE WAYS TO GET YOUR EMAILS READ

Sharon F. DanzgerProductivity Consultant

1. BE CONCISEWhen you scan through your emails, don't you read the short ones first? Make it easy for your audience get right to the heart of the matter. Save the flowery descriptions for your first novel. Emails should be direct and to the point. Less is More.

2. MAKE USE OF THE SUBJECT LINELet your audience know the content and urgency of your email in the subject. It helps prioritize what to open and read first.My 5 favorite subject line abbreviations are: FYI = For Your InformationNRN = No Reply NeededAR = Action RequiredEOM = End of MessageRB = Reply By

3. TIMING IS EVERYTHINGDon't send work emails outside of work hours.When you do, email is less likely to get the desired response (if it is read at all.)Outlook has the ability to schedule built-in to its email client. Use Boomerang for Gmail and MailButler for Mac Mail to enable scheduling. When you schedule an email, be strategic. Send it when it is more likely to be opened and not fall to the bottom of someone's inbox.

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