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3D Gaming Project: SCEA Gaming SBU. Derek Montemayor, Mike Smith, and Lena Ramos Project Management Office April 13, 2010. Overview- SCEA. Mission Our goal is to make a family of products that completely changes the definition of home entertainment… entertaining a broad audience. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 3D Gaming Project:SCEA Gaming SBUDerek Montemayor, Mike Smith, and Lena RamosProject Management Office

    April 13, 2010

  • Overview- SCEA

    MissionOur goal is to make a family of products that completely changes the definition of home entertainment entertaining a broad audience. SCEA is responsible for keeping PlayStation growing and thriving in the United States and Canada, through innovation as well as maintaining and building upon current product offerings

  • Overview- SCEAProduct Portfolio: PS3, PS2, PSPPlayStation Network (PSN) & PlayStation HomeExclusive Content: Unchartered, Gran Turismo, Resistance, God of War, LittleBigPlanetOther: Minis, Comics, PSN Original Programming

  • Overview- Projects On The HorizonPlayStation Motion 3D gaming (partnership with Sony Global) Partnership w/ Netflix HD-supported gamesPS slim Remote PS HD TV Streaming Games Bluetooth connections to cameras, printers, devices

  • Portfolio Process

    Portfolio Steering Committee

    PMO Oversees Projects in Portfolio

  • Portfolio Process

    Portfolio Steering Committee/ PMOAdjusts selection criteria quarterlyPrequalification:

    Selection CriteriaPre-weighted; 5-point scaleStrategic fit Competitive advantageMarket attractiveness (N. America only)Core competencies- what resources neededTechnical feasibilityFinancial reward vs. risk; cost/benefit analysis

  • Selection Criteria1. Length of project2. Which product line does the project support? 3. What type of function does the proposed project aim to support?4. Expected time-line of ROI (beginning at completion of project):5. Expected NPV in one year6. Estimated required funding7. Risk-reward bubble analysis8. Predicted market size for type of product supported by project9. Projected % change of market share owned by the specific project or product supported by the specific project10. Potential for total market growth, including competitors, i.e. sports games market, RPG-style games market.11. % of resources expected to be dedicated to project12. Percentage of total project cost devoted to labor costs13. % outsourced resources

  • Selection Criteria1. Strategic Fit- Length of project

    ABCD5X0-3 months4X4-6 months3X7-9 months2X10-12 months1>12 months

  • Current Portfolio Q2 2010 SBU Gaming bi-weekly PMO meeting (April 1st, 2010)Review current projects (A, B, & C)View results of new project entrants (Project D)Add/Hold/Cancel decisions on projects during review of selection criteria Add Project D to PortfolioNo Hold or Cancel decisionsDocument changes and inform the proper channels of all changes made (ex. Budget, Schedule, Resource)Project B and C need to go through our change management plan.

  • Portfolio Priority Results Q2 2010


  • SBU Q2 2010 Funding (after adding project D) SBU Gaming Portfolio Q2 2010

  • Project D Risk Management Plan (RMP) Follow the RMP in place for all projects to maintain a level of consistency Inputs of RMP will define the level of risks Resource and schedule impact information Identify key interchanges Roadmap for PM of high priority areas needing focus. Make/Buy Decision based on the SWOTStrength in marketing - Use internal resources Weakness in market research - OutsourceMaintain the feedback loops to the groups that will use the risk information. Historical data will provide lessons learned Feedback provides ability for PM to plan for avoidance, transfer, or mitigation of risks. Risk reward bubble analysis. (Project D classifies as a Pearl with a high reward and high success chance)