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WITH 3DPRINTING 2.0TAVCO Services, Inc. Authorized Partner


AUTHORIZED RESELLERToday, we will introduce you to what we are calling 3D PRINTING 2.0 and share some real world applications to help you understand how companies are taking advantage of the benefits 3D printing offers.

3D printing is on almost everyones minds right now, and for good reason. Everyone from schoolchildren to engineers to doctors is starting to experience what this amazing technology has to offer. 3D Systems is the leader in the field, with more offerings for more applications than anyone else.


Company introductionTAVCO Services, Inc. In business since 1984 Specialize exclusively in technical printing equipmentWide-format plottersLarge-format scanners3D printersWe provide all service and support on systems that we sellOffices in Austin and Houston Serving: All Central Texas, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, and more!Fully sales and service authorized through 3D Systems



3D Printing 2.0 the next generationWhy print in 3D?

It is changing everything!



AUTHORIZED RESELLER3D printing has come of age and is transforming the way we design, what we create and how we manufacture. While not a new technology, 30 years of innovation and progress have resulted in what we now call 3D Printing 2.0. Its now easy enough, economical enough and compelling enough that 3D printing is touching our lives in ways we never thought possible.

Chuck Hull, the founder of 3D Systems, built the first stereolithography machine almost 30 years ago, kicking off the 3D printing revolution. 3D Systems continues to lead the field, driving exponential productivity gains together with a wider array of performance materials, including metal, full color plastic, engineered composites, ceramics and even food!4

End-to-End Solutions Design Productivity Software 3D Printers Print Materials On-Demand Parts

Now have one Vendor for End-to-End Support

AUTHORIZED RESELLER3D Systems offers end-to-end solutions to let you take advantage of all that 3D printing has to offer.

The company doesnt make just 3D printers it is a one stop shop for 3D content creation software, print materials, and on-demand part printing.5

Choosing the Right 3D Print Technology for Your Needs

First, determine your end goalColor concept models?Durable test part for form and fit applications?Fast production of parts with complex geometries?

AUTHORIZED RESELLERThe Application Determines the 3D Print TechnologyModelPrototypeToolingPartCustom

CommunicationValidationPre-ProductionProductionMass Customization

AUTHORIZED RESELLER3D printing is quite literally changing the world. There are thousands of applications that it is having an impact on, and we can group most of these applications into one of five categories. If we think about how you create products, 3D printing can add value at each of these steps and help you get there faster, better and cheaper.

Lets look at a few examples of how this technology can be used in each of these steps of the product development and manufacturing process.7

Concept ModelsCompare alternative design concepts side-by-sideImprove early design decisions that impact every design and engineering activity that followsReduce or eliminate costly design changes later

AUTHORIZED RESELLERConcept models, or communication models, are one of the most well-known use of 3D printing. The ability to conceive of a new product, model it in 3D software, and print a concept model in a matter of hours is extremely powerful. It helps with rapid decision making in the early stages of product development, because people can see and touch a design and really understand what the idea is.

Imagine being able to take a model to your executive leadership, or to your customer, in a matter of hours after it was conceived. How much faster would the decision making process be? How much more confident would you be that youve got the right product if they smile as soon as you put it in their hands?8

Concept Models

Desired ChangeCount

Cost per Change

Iterate on Concepts Early to Lower Design Costs

AUTHORIZED RESELLERPerhaps the single biggest benefit of printing concept models is that it allows you to rapidly iterate, at low cost, on various design ideas early in the product development process. This chart shows what we all know: that the later in the development process you make a change, the more costly it is. Its far better to create a lot of different design ideas early, print them and make more informed decisions during the concept development phase.

Holding the physical part in your hand will ensure you catch more potential problems up front, that you might not have realized by only looking at images on a screen.

3D printing not only drives significant cost savings, it empowers you to make better products with fewer potential problems down the road.9

Functional PrototypesTest functionalityTest new inventionsIdentify functional design revisions earlyTest form, fit and assemblyHands-on feedbackProve design theories through practical application

AUTHORIZED RESELLERAfter the concept development phase, you can also use 3D printing to test the form, fit and function of your designs. 3D Systems offers a variety of different print technologies and materials that have the mechanical properties you need to test your ideas in the real world.

From hard plastics with ABS like properties, to soft rubber-like materials or even optically clear polycarbonate-like parts, you can print parts that will let you test and optimize your designs quickly and cheaply. You can even print metal parts, either directly with Direct Metal Printing, or indirectly as patterns for casting.10

Functional PrototypesAccuracy is importantFeature detail resolutionMaterial characteristics matched to application

AUTHORIZED RESELLERHere are just a few examples of functional testing. The top right image is an engine valve cover for a Formula 1 engine printed in high temperature clear plastic. This customer bolts these printed parts onto their engines and can observe how oil is pumped and see all the valves working!

In the lower right is another example of a part tough enough to stand up to heat cycle testing on a power drill. Assembly fit, cooling and overall feel can all be tested with this printed housing.

In the lower left corner, we see a good example of a highly precise plastic part that lets another company test connectors on PC components.11

Rapid ToolingAccelerate manufacturing start-upProtect increased investmentRapid tooling verificationFirst run jigs & fixturesConfidence to make supply-chain commitments

AUTHORIZED RESELLERTooling is often the single largest investment related to launching a new product. 3D printers are also being used to reduce costs and speed up turnaround here as well.

RTV molding is a very popular application that enables you to do low volume molding of parts to verify your manufacturing processes before you commit to expensive hard tools. 3D printers are used to print patterns to make molds, or sometimes print the molds themselves. 3D Systems offers quite a few materials that are appropriate for short run tooling.12

Production PartsComplexity is free with additive manufacturingUnleash unlimited geometries to reach new levels of functionalityImprove quality and performance

AUTHORIZED RESELLERSome of the most innovative uses of 3D printing center around making end-use parts for a variety of demanding applications. One of the biggest benefits of 3D printing (also called additive manufacturing) is that complexity is free. You dont have to worry about the manufacturability of a part when its 3D printed.

General Electric has publicly stated that by 2020, they will print more than 100,000 different products. On example is the jet engine component you see here. GE challenged their design engineers to come up with a better design that saves weight and helps burn fuel more efficiently. Without the worries of how to create tooling, they came up with an ingenious design for better cooling that allow this part to be thinner and lighter, saving millions of dollars worth of fuel over the lifetime of an aircraft. These cooling structures would be impossible to manufacture any other way. 13

Production PartsReduce manufacturing steps reducing time and costReduce manufacturing wasteProduce metal partsDirect metal printingCasting pattern printing

AUTHORIZED RESELLEROpportunities for innovation abound when you arent encumbered by manufacturability constraints. The image on the top right shows an air duct that one company simplified from 15 individual parts and a complex assembly process into one single 3D printed plastic part. This saves on tooling, assembly time, quality control time and results in a more reliable end part with lower failure rates!

You can see a tire mold here as well, printed on a 3D Systems direct metal printer. Printing the molds allows for better designs that cant be CNC machined, with negative draft angles that make tires with better wet performance.

The bottom left image shows an indirect metal part process, whereby a wax pattern is printed on a 3D Systems wax printer, and then cast with whatever material you choose.14

Mass CustomizationPatient-specific medical devicesDental crowns, bridges and implantsMedical models/saw bonesCustom jewelry3D figurines


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