5 ways to ensure you never get hired

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How companies are using social media to screen job candidates.


  • 1. 5 Ways to ensureyou Never GetHired.How companies areusing social media toscreen job candidates. #careerday11

2. On The Agenda1. What is social media?2. Who uses it?3. Why should you care?4. What NOT to do!5. What TO do! 3. What is it? 4. What is social media?Software (websites) that allow groupsto:Generate content (photos, video, audio, writing)Exchange that contentHave a conversation 5. In Plain English 6. Why is it so popular?1. Sites are easy to use2. Make it easier to meet and connect with people online3. Learn about people before contacting them4. Free- http://www.socialmediaonline.com/why-social-networking-sites-are-so-popular/ 7. Who usesit? 8. Is it a fad?Social Media use of all US Internet users: Age 50+: 42%(up from 22% in April 09) Ages 18-29: 86%(up from 76% in April 09) - Pew Internet & American Life Project 8/10Facebook.com was the #1 visited website inthe US in 2010.Second place: Google- Experian Hitwise 12/10 9. By the Numbers152 million Blogs on the Internet200 million People on Twitter 25 billion Tweets sent in 2010800 million People on Facebook 250 million New people on Facebook in 2010 30 billion Pieces of content shared on Facebook per month.-Royal Pingdom 1/11 10. @LadyGaga14+ million followers 11. Why shouldyou care? 12. Employers are looking Now, 91% of employers use social networks to screen prospective employees69% have rejecteda candidate because of what they found.They use: Facebook (76%) Twitter (53%) Linkedin (48%)Reppler.com study, Sept. 2011 13. Why employersdisregarded candidatesLied about qualifications Showed poor communication skills Made discriminatory comments Posted content about themdrinking or using drugs Posted inappropriate photographs or information CareerBuilder.com survey, December 2009 14. What NOT to do!The Buffalo News, April 24, 2011 Lets do a quickGoogle search. 15. Online=Public & ForeverConsider anything you post online to becompletely public. Facebook used to be private, but isbecoming more and more public. Advertisers can use your information Complex privacy settings, change frequently Even if you manage your privacy, apps andfriends can access your data and share it tothe rest of the world. 16. Privacy settings 17. App settings 18. Individual App settings 19. App info through friends 20. Public search 21. In other words 22. Some ExamplesThought you were managing your privacy online?Think again The WayBack Machine Google, Pepsi, Lego, ME Openbook Got so wasted last night I hate my boss Twitter Search Google Indexes FacebookComments 23. WhatTO Do! 24. What TO do!68% of employershave hired candidates after screening their social networks: awards Candidate receivedand accolades Showed solid communicationskills Showed candidate wascreative Provided a good feel for personality and fit Conveyed aprofessional image Reppler.com survey, Sept. 2011 25. Before the Job/Intern Hunt:Clean up digital dirt before you begin your job search.Remove any:PhotosContentLinks that can work against you in an employers eyes. SociableBlog.com, January 2010 26. Before the Job/Intern Hunt: Self-SEO Google yourself! Build a portfolio website Create a LinkedIn profile Start Tweeting (carefully!) Start a blog 27. During the Job/Intern Hunt:Socially Network! Follow and talk with industry pros on Twitter Join LinkedIn and Facebook groups to establishrelationships Participate in Twitter chats Recommend others work on LinkedIn SociableBlog.com, January 2010 28. Get Involved & Learn MoreJobs! PRSA Jobcenter (prsa.org/jobcenter, @PRSAJobcenter) @PRJobs PRSABuffaloNiagara.org advertisingclubofbuffalo.comIndustry Twitter Chats! #journchat #pr20chat #HAPPO 29. Andfinally 30. The Five Ways.1. Post Digital Dirt2. Be a Terrible Troll3. Have a Big Mouth4. Establish Copious Contacts and Comments5. Be Positively NegativeSocial Screening infographic, Mindflash.com 31. Recap!1. What is it?2. Who uses it?3. Why should you care?4. What NOT to do!5. What TO do! 32. Questions? 33. Kevin ManneNew Media Specialist Twitter: @k3v2 Email: kjmanne@genesee.edu 34. Not quitedone 35. Facebook IRL 36. Thank you! 37. Social Media Icons: http://icondock.comProfile photos: Social Media for College Students by Jeffrey Zelaya on slideshare.net