5 Ways to Prepare for the GMAT

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Find out how you can prepare for the GMAT exam with these 5 tips and read more about the GMAT exam with www.topmba.com's free e-paper.


  • 1. 5 Ways to Preparefor the GMATHow can you prepare?

2. GMAT preparation has beenlikened more to a long-distancemarathon than alast minute sprint.It requires plenty of planningand a sustained period ofstudy. 3. 120 hours over 10 weeksis the average time spent on GMATpreparation by high-flyers. 4. So how can you prepare? 5. 1. Keep a diaryJot down your thoughts andideas, as they come, to referto later. 6. 2. Create a GMATtimetableFlesh out hours of study vs.other commitments. This willkeep your studying patterns incheck and more productive. 7. 3. Believe in yourintuitive thinkingIf youre pushed for timecome the end of your GMAT,eliminate answers by usingyour newly required businessacumen. 8. 4. Aim highIdeally you should betargeting GMAT scores thatare 50 points higher than youare looking for to allow for on-the-day fluctuations. 9. 5. Stick to a scheduleGive yourself time milestonesfor the real thing and keepto them. Dont be the personthat runs out of time! 10. What do other MBAapplicants have tosay? 11. Time management frequentlygets glossed over. As someone whobenefited greatly (a 60 pointincrease) in their retake examprimarily by improving timemanagement during preparation, Ibelieve this is an oversight.Read guest blogger Matthew Sabourins full poston www.TopMBA.com 12. During the test I kept achart of the approximate numberof questions I should haveanswered by a given time. If I wastoo far behind then I knew it wastime to make an educated guess.Jessica Toh scored 760 on her first GMAT attempt,after investing in an online test-prep course.Read her full interview on www.TopMBA.com 13. Want more GMAT advice?Find out about: The importance of the GMAT in yourapplication More GMAT preparation tips GMAT vs. GRE What is a good GMAT score?And much more in our freeUnderstanding the GMAT Exame-paper.Read it now at www.TopMBA.com!