[500DISTRO] Mind Over Matter: Tactics for Testing Assumptions & Increasing Conversion

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Tiffany daSilva, Head of CRO, Shopify


<ul><li> MIND OVER MATTER Tactics forTesting Assumptions &amp; Increasing Conversion </li> <li> Tiffany daSilva Conversion Rate Optimization @bellastone </li> <li> WHERE IT ALL STARTED Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> WHAT DID I LEARN? DoThingsThat Dont Scale Ask Questions Try NewThings &amp; Fail Fast Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> #1 CHALLENGE AS A CRO EXPERIENCE TECHTRENDS KEEPINGTRACK CONFIDENCE TO MAKE DECISIONS Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> Uhhh. Have an idea Paralyzed Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> Good Bad Right Wrong Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> THE SOCIAL PROOF DILEMMA It always works </li> <li> CHANGINGYOUR OPINION 1) AskYourself - What do you really believe? 2)Think About it How well based is the opinion you already hold? 3) Analyze How good is the evidence? 4) Be Critical Does the evidence really contradict what you already believe? 5.)Figure out If current evidence is insufcient what would make it sufcient? 6.) Be Real Is it worth it? Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> 51%+ </li> <li> MYTHBUSTERS The thing is, we love it when we're wrong. It's like the best possible thing that can happen to us...The simple reason is that that's an opportunity for us to learn something. Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> 1. Popups II. Headlines III. No Comments </li> <li> 1.5 3 4.5 6 Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> THE CONFIDENCE CODE Condence is lifes enabler. It is the quality that turns thoughts into action. Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> <li> Tiffany daSilva @bellastone Lets bring it back to 92 </li> <li> THANKYOU! Tiffany daSilva @bellastone </li> </ul>