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<ul><li><p>8/14/2019 6710 Negative Results of Misguided Teachings</p><p> 1/1</p><p>B.D. 6710</p><p>9.12.1956</p><p>Negative results of misguided teachings....</p><p>Only in truth is light. And thus people who have been misguided by incorrect teachings cannot find any coherence.</p><p>It is dark within them, and in this darkness it is impossible for them to see My image properly, they are given a distorted</p><p>image of Me and therefore cannot love Me properly either. In fact, they only fear Me as a God of vengeance and punishing</p><p>judge, whereas the pure truth from Me unveils an image which attracts them, which awakens love within them because itportrays Me as I Am: a God of love, a Father to His children, a Lord, to Whom all His servants are devotedly loyal. If</p><p>people loved their God and Father they would not sin, they would forever aim to carry out My will and thus live a life</p><p>within divine order... And if people were only ever given the truth they would also love Me.... But what is the situation in</p><p>the world?....</p><p>Humanitys spiritual low, its heartlessness, proves that human beings do not live in the light of the truth, thus wrong</p><p>doctrines about Me and misguided thoughts have been imparted to them, otherwise they would not be able to live in this</p><p>darkness. But people are not even able to accept the light of truth any longer, their blindness is so severe that no ray of light</p><p>can penetrate it, and that therefore the truth can no longer be recognised either. My adversary has succeeded in making</p><p>the night so dark in a manner that a person can rarely find the morning light.... And yet this seemingly impenetrable night</p><p>will also be lit by flashing lights, and time and again human beings are shown the way which leads through the darkness</p><p>into the light of day. And even the totally blind are given guides who offer their help. And all it takes is a little good will.</p><p>But where the will is missing not much can be achieved, however, all human beings will be confronted with the image of</p><p>their God and Father of eternity sooner or later. i.e. every human being will be offered the truth one day and I will be</p><p>portrayed to him as I Am in reality. as a perfect Being, as love, wisdom and power. And every human being can accept</p><p>this image of Me within himself and repeatedly reflect on it, and it will consistently appear to him clearer and brighter and</p><p>not vanish from his thoughts again. But he can also look away in indignation, then the deepest darkness will remain in his</p><p>heart and the truth offered to him will not touch it.</p><p>The importance of My distorted image in relation to human development is clearly evident in the low spiritual level of</p><p>people. because human beings would never have fallen so low if they had always been offered the truth. with the right</p><p>doctrines they would never have been able to move so far away from Me, which has already happened due to misguided</p><p>teachings. Because belief in Me has gone astray in those who were willing to believe but who felt repelled by misguided</p><p>teachings and who did not request the correction, the truth, from Me Myself, since they found it difficult to believe in the</p><p>kind of Being they were taught about.</p><p>Misguided teachings are My adversarys weapons, and they are always directed against Me, thus they are also very useful in</p><p>destroying faith in Me, which is My adversarys intention. And thus the reason for the prevalent atheism has to be looked</p><p>for in the distribution of erroneous spiritual knowledge, in the distortion of My image which has been given to people. And</p><p>only pure truth can portray Me to people in such a way that they will be able to love Me and once again establish the right</p><p>kind of relationship with Me. Only the brightest light can disperse the darkness, but only if people themselves open their</p><p>eyes in order to see. Amen</p></li></ul>