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1. 7-Impotant Points keep in mind For Effective Website Maintenance service 2. Every website goes through problems like Domain names expire outdated or stale content broken links and more.. That's why a checklist is a must to address all these issues and keep a site healthy and user friendly 3. Here are 8 things you as a webmaster can do to effectively maintain your website 4. An expired domain name can literally KILL all your traffic. So, at least once a year, check the status of your domain in order to make sure it is not expired. 1. Check domain name Status 5. Content Management Systems like WordPress get updates frequently. Ignoring these upgrades can result in broken links, broken images and worse your site becomes vulnerable 2. Dont ignore updates 6. 3. Provide fresh content to your Website No user will read the same thing over and over again. So, instead of a stale content, keep researching and adding fresh ones to your site and update the old ones to keep them alive as well. 7. 4. Must check broken links If you site has backlinks from other sites, make sure you check them for discrepancies. Broken links not only harms your SEO ranking but users dont like it as well 8. 5. Test your Website across all Internet browsers Checking your website across multiple browsers is always a good exercise. This helps find design flaws in your site and helps enhance users experience Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon/4620148826/ 9. 6. Check Load time Loading time is a very important factor in site maintenance. Your visitors wont bear a slow site! So, find out elements slowing your site and fix those. 10. 7. Check your data backups Amidst hackers and server issues, you can easily loose your content. So, make sure your data backup doesnt get lost. 11. 8. Proofread A website content can be filled with typo errors and more. However, its correction is possible. So, last but not the least you must proofread everything before it goes online. 12. THANK YOU https://www.facebook.com/websitemaintenanceexpert https://twitter.com/web_maint_xprt https://plus.google.com/+WebsitemaintenanceexpertForAll http://www.pinterest.com/expertinweb