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70s & 80s

70s & 80sBy iram Ellahi

70sHeart Of Glass Parallel Lines (1978)Dancing Queen ABBA (1975)ABC The Jackson 5 (1970)Lets Get It On Marvin Gaye (1973)Love Hangover Diana Ross (1976)Missing You The Rolling Stones (1978)

80sCall Me Blondie (1980)Eye Of The Tiger Survivor (1982)Beat it Michael Jackson (1983)Hello Lionel Richie (1984)Like A Virgin Madonna (1984)We Are The World USA For Africa (1985)

ABC The Jackson 5 (1970)The Jackson 5 brothers became really popular in the 70s because the brought a different genre of music to the music industry, they introduced a lot of pop music.The music genre targeted a lot of teenage and elder audience because the music came across as fun and upbeat.The definition of the camera in the 70s was a bit blurry, the colours in the videos were also bright. This type of music had a lot of people up and dancing and made a lot of people happy as pop music in the 70s always brought a happy and fun side to people, they always had a bright side to them.

Beat It Michael Jackson (1983)This music video had more of a rock theme to the video, there wasnt as much lighting in the video, was set in the dark, the 80s had a lot of rock music involving and in the 80s a lot of teenagers started having a lot more freedom and started doing what they wanted to do, and with rock music it promoted freedom.


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