a year of photography with a telephone

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365 days in the life of Christian Cable DAY 140 Duck Adventure

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  • 365 days in the life of Christian Cable

    DAY 140

    Duck Adventure

  • A picture a day Taken Processed and Uploaded to the internet Everyday for an entire year using only my mobile telephone. No computer, no photoshop.


    DAY 169

    Free biscuits make for a happy office

  • The best camera is the one thats with you Chase Jarvis Its instant and low pressure Its very limited so theres less to worry about All you can do is be in the right place; its just

    point and click and its FUN!

    but why?

    DAY 259


  • Lets talk Equipment

    DAY 287


  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera No Manual Focus No Shutter Speed or Aperture Control No Zoom Very short focal length so large Depth of Field

    Camera 1: T-Mobile G1

    DAY 107

    Self Portrait

  • 5 Megapixel Camera Tap to Focus No Shutter Speed or Aperture Control No Zoom Very short focal length so large Depth of Field

    Camera 2: iPhone 4

    DAY 299

    I *heart* Autumn

  • Limitations mean

    The only real control you

    have is where you stand and

    when you press the shutter

    DAY 314


  • Lets talk Workflow

    DAY 161

    Everyone wants to know how the sandwich is made

  • Take Photo Process the photograph using an App on the phone Email the Photo from the phone to the website The website tells my friends on Facebook and

    twitter theres a new picture to look at Repeat for an entire year


    DAY 288

    Up on the roof

  • Taking a Photo

    Camera+ 1st finger to

    focus and 2nd finger to meter the

    exposure Camera+ iPhone

  • Post Processing

    photogene Adjusting levels and cropping



  • The Internet

    Each day all my friends on

    twitter and Facebook see Ive posted a new picture.

    DAY 250

    David has all the toys

  • The Internet

    This leads to each photo typically

    getting around 100 to 400

    views DAY 258

    Screen Gazing

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

    DAY 142 Mabel J Cat

    DAY 246 Dead Kitty

  • Easy Portable You can take pictures in secret No big guilty to edit queue

    on my computer Loads of people see my

    pictures across the world Got me back in to the habit of

    capturing that moment


    DAY 247 Nom nom nom

  • Nothing is competition quality Low resolution Processing is over the top JPEG only, not RAW Many people are watching Limited control - No zoom, no

    long exposure etc


    DAY 064 Pay Here

  • What did all this teach me?

    DAY 070 Worst. Self Portrait. Ever

  • I Noticed Patterns

    Looking back over the year

    its easy to spot what sort of

    things draw my eye

    DAY 300

    For Sparta!

  • Stairways

  • DAY 011 Stairs

  • DAY 194 Bowland Tower

  • DAY 199 about to see They Might be Giants on the South Bank

  • DAY 236 Underpass

  • DAY 068 Stairs

  • DAY 338 am I on repeat?

  • Food

  • DAY 003 Dark Chocolate


  • DAY 212 Roses

  • DAY 058 Soupanova

  • DAY 297 Coffee Time

  • DAY 251 Tomato

  • DAY 054 Non-toasted


  • Circles

  • DAY 043 Inside the

    Washing Machine

  • DAY 108 Red

  • DAY 348 x b o x

  • DAY 347 Ceiling Detail

  • DAY 350 Press for Exit

  • DAY 352 Zenit-E

  • Favourites

  • DAY 265 Morecambe

  • DAY 336 Laundrette

  • DAY 290 Train Journey

  • DAY 047 Little Red Man

  • DAY 294 Liquid Sky

  • DAY 353 Coffee

  • DAY 277 West End Gardens

  • DAY 354 Grim.

  • DAY 305 The River Lune

  • DAY 319 Aston Memorial

  • DAY 336 Chair

  • Limitations can be fun, and

    they make you think Ive learnt a lot about myself More people than ever talk to

    me about my photography I can make pictures anywhere!


    DAY 365 The last of the snow

  • Questions?