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How to make spelling video

ABC learningHow to create spelling videoS By Mokhudu MachabaFrom Limpopo, south africa

Why spelling videosLearners can design this videos to revise their language structureIt helps them improve their vocabularyVisuals improve their memory to recall what they have learnedIt helps them understand words better by relating to pictures

Help the learners select pictures and name them and create sentences with it


pitaRe dira mageu ka gare ga pita

The ProcessAfter coming up with words, pictures and creating sentences learners will record themselves saying words and coming up with sentencesThey can use either Sepedi or EnglishThey will then rehearse what they have created

Creating the video

The next step will be to export to video

The next step

Clicking the next step will prompt you to save your video

Exporting the video

This will be an mp4 video

Your video will be ready for viewing in the destination that you have saved it

The video will be ready for viewingYou can share this presentation on Office MixYou can upload to YouTube as wellYou can upload to OneDriveYou can as well share it on your social networks like Facebook and Twitter

Learners practising the spelling activity

Conclusion This has been a great tool for my language lessons


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