about govan and glasgow's entertainment history! entertainment history! this self-led walk starts at

Download about Govan and Glasgow's entertainment history! entertainment history! This self-led walk starts at

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  • Partick Subway

    Govan Subway

    Govan Rd

    Pointhouse Rd

    Ferry Point

    Pearce Institute

    Cinema Display

    Govan Pier




    Lyceum Cinema

    Govan Rd

    Golspie St

    Langlands Rd

    Portal & Sunny Govan


    Elder Park Library


    10 Isabella

    Elder Statue

    Beith St

    Tram Dancing Display


    Har m ony Row

    Shaw St

    Golspie St

    Stobcross Rd

    River Clyde

    Govan Old Church

    Govan’s Hidden Histories & the Riverside Museum present


    8 Fairfield Heritage

    4 Brechin's


    Riverside Museum

    Elder Park

    Boating Pond

    Come with us on an entertaining tour about Govan and Glasgow's

    entertainment history!

    This self-led walk starts at the Riverside Museum and ends in nearby Govan, an area

    of Glasgow famous for shipbuilding, ancient kings, and braw humour.

    Guided by local experts, the tour features hilarious stories of Govanites dancing the

    night away, going to the pictures, heckling at political meetings, and more. The tour stops at the former Fairfield Shipbuilding Office and the

    Govan Old Church to see the ancient ‘hogback’ stones.

    Walk is 2 km, audio is 1 hour Actual tour will be longer depending on time taken at Govan Old and Fairfield.

    – – – Walking route – – – Return route

    Travel across the Clyde River via: – – – Govan Ferry – – – Glasgow Subway

    Govan Ferry operates mainly in summer: www.getintogovan.com/visit Glasgow Subway operates year round during museum hours: www.spt.co.uk/subway/maps

    Stops In Riverside Museum 1. Tram Dancing Display 2. Cinema Display

    In Govan 3. Pearce Institute 4. Brechin’s Bar 5. Govan Old Church, Govan Stones

    6. Lyceum Cinema 7. Portal & Sunny Govan Radio 8. Fairfield Heritage 9. Elder Park Boating Pond 10. Isabella Elder Statue 11. Elder Park LibraryDOWNLOAD THE AUDIO TOUR https://govanshiddenhistories.wordpress.com/entertaining-govan-audio-walking-tour/


  • The Entertaining Govan Audio Tour features interviews with eleven Govanites sharing memories of going to ‘the dancin’, the pictures, and taking classes in ‘the P.I.’. It also highlights recent Govan Fair celebrations, community groups, public art, and Govan’s own radio station – Sunny Govan.

    Our local experts, in order of appearance Flora Pagan, Govan Reminiscence Group (GRG), Govan Community Council (GCC) Jean Melvin, GRG, GCC Robert Preston, GRG, Portal Senior’s Film Club (PSF) Brian Thom McQuade, Author Jack Sweeney, Former Chair of the Engineers Trade Union Branch, PSF Steg G, Sunny Govan Radio Phil Anderson, Bead & Blether, All Sorts Choir Maria Leahy, Musician, Friends of Elder Park Chair (FoEP) Gordon MacKay, Former Chair of FoEP Jimmy Stringfellow, Showman, Govan Fair Committee (GFC) Margaret MacLean, Magician, Former Chair GFC

    Audio credits Interviews and sound design by Monica Brown Mixed at the Greenroom Recording Studio by Stewart Robertson Narration Script by Allan Miller, with Chani Bond Narrated by John Cavanagh Lead Artist, tara s Beall Project Lead, Chani Bond Featuring music from the Unity Creates Work LP, produced by John McLean

    Design Zeynep Arman



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