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Academics in Action. Third Grade Teachers – Ms. Colicher Ms. Dickenson Ms. Gray Ms. May Ms. Smee Ms. Wood. 5 School Rules. Follow directions quickly Raise your hand for permission to speak Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat Make smart choices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Academics in Action

Academics in ActionThird Grade TeachersMs. ColicherMs. DickensonMs. GrayMs. MayMs. SmeeMs. Wood

5 School RulesFollow directions quicklyRaise your hand for permission to speakRaise your hand for permission to leave your seatMake smart choicesKeep your dear teacher happy!Reading ExpectationsReading SkillsVocabularyCharacter TraitsStory ElementsCause and EffectSequencingAuthors PurposeFact and OpinionAuthors CraftCompare/ContrastText to Support Meaning (Evidence)InferenceSummaryMain Idea & Supporting Details

Cognitive Thinking StrategiesVisualizingPredictingConnectingQuestioningSynthesizing

Language ExpectationsPersonal NarrativeExpositoryFiction WritingPersuasivePoetryGrammar

Social Studies ExpectationsCommunitiesMap SkillsGeography (research project)GovernmentEconomyHistorical Figures

ELA Grading GuidelinesMajor = 60% of final averageMinor = 40 % of final average

All major grades are highlighted in Wednesday FolderSubject# Majors# MinorsReading39Language36Social Studies36Reading LevelsLevels taken 3 times per year Beginning of year = Level NMiddle of year = Level OEnd of year = Level P

STAARMath STAAR is April 23Reading STAAR is April 24Maximum of 4 hoursHomework will help build enduranceSTAAR information available at: and Science Grading GuidelinesMajor = 60% of final averageMinor = 40 % of final average

All major grades are highlighted in Wednesday Folder

Subject# Majors# MinorsMath49Science36Pearson Success

Log information is sent home.

Excellent program that:RemediatesExtra PracticeEnriches

Krahn bucks for any printouts brought from this program!Math and ScienceMathLarge group to introduce

Individual Practice

Small Group

Partner Game to reinforce/remediate/enrichScienceHands on labs

United Streaming


Science Journal



Math Games


How to Get in Touch With UsE-mail is quick and easy.Mrs. Colicher: acolicher1@kleinisd.netMrs. Smee: dsmee1@kleinisd.netBy phoneMrs. Colicher: 832-484- 6489Mrs. Smee: 832-484-6502

Conference Times: Monday 10:45-11:30Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 10:45

Scholar ProgramWe are the Purple Team!!

Our children can earn points being here and on time to school, good behavior, returning all library books on library day, and turning in homework.

Wear Purple on Tuesdays and Krahn shirts on Fridays.

Wednesday FoldersLook for them every Wednesday. We sometimes like to send notes home attached to the parent sheet.Please return folders on Thursday. Your child will earn Krahn bucks.All major grades will be highlighted in yellow.Sign papers below 70% and return the next day.

TechnologyVisit our classes websiteMrs. Kennedys:

Mrs. Smee:

Youll find important dates and links to educational and fun websites.Scholastic BooksWe will try and send home Scholastic orders once every month.

Please write checks to Scholastic Books or order them online with the teacher code.

This helps build our own classroom libraries that the children use.We have a Wonderful PTOPlease join the PTO

Please send me your email if you would like to volunteer with PTO.


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