accelerate your pace to the cloud and move your business forward

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Accelerate Your Pace to the Cloud and Move Your Business Forward

If you are keen to harness the benefits of cloud for your business but cost is the factor that is holding you back then Microsoft Azures pay-as-you-go model is the best option which you can give a thought. Hold on! You also have a pay-as-you-go hourly pricing model now.Informatica, worldwide provider of data management solutions and a Microsoft partner, announced the availability of hourly pricing for Informatica Cloud Services for Microsoft Azure in the Azure Marketplace. It is designed to help users to run enterprise-grade integration jobs on Azure cloud platform without any upfront costs.

Fast tracking your journey to cloudThere could be many reasons including legacy applications, cost and privacy that are holding your migration to cloud. But it is a fact now that this hourly pricing option for Microsoft Azure would encourage you to adopt the hybrid infrastructure. Now you will be able to leverage the power of cloud for management of certain projects yet derive maximum value from your existing on-premise IT investments.Software development specialistsbelieve that this hourly pricing option would enable you to modernize your data strategy, co-exist and interoperate seamlessly in both cloud and on-premise.

Benefits of deploying Informatica Cloud for AzureAs it has lowered the cloud adoption barriers, you will be able to build a modern and hybrid business while transitioning from on-premise to cloud. It will also accelerate the pace of data integration, migration and management of projects. It will enable you to deploy advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions for your business.

So, advance your steps towards cloud with the flexibility and enterprise scale facilitated by the hourly pricing option and move your business forward. Consult aCloud Computing Service Providerfor making an informed and cost-effective investment. Good luck!Originally Posted On:- you transform your data infrastructure and migrate your data workloads to Azure, you can effectively reduce the total cost of ownership with cloud economies of scale and a cost-effective infrastructure. As you move towards a cloud-first approach, the operational efficiencies will increase too.

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