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<ul><li> 1. My Favourite Action Adventures For Xbox 360<br />By <br />Neil <br />Kaye <br /><br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Hitman: Blood Money<br />Hitman was one of the first games I ever played so at first I was pretty impressed. It is a good game and can be worked on to make even better but its now a thing of the past, it cant match Splinter Cell. This is a classic game butthere are plenty of new ones to make us forget about it. The makers should make another and it should match these up to dategames.<br />Gameplay: 9/10<br />Online: 8/10<br />Graphics: 7/10<br /> 3. Assassins Creed 1, 2 &amp; Brotherhood<br />These are three amazing games. Each one better than the last. I dont know if this is it for the trilogy, some people see Brotherhood as Assassins Creed 2.5, which I hope is the case. I would definitely buy a third one if it was released. The stuff you can do on these games is incredible, with your swords, guns and hidden blades. Not only are the story lines amazing but the online is equally as good. A must buy.<br />Gameplay: 10/10<br />Online: 9/10<br />Graphics: 10/10<br /> 4. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga<br />The first LEGO game Id ever bought, and it was very fun. I like this game because it has all the episodes in it. Its the full star wars story. Its a game you can easily play over and over again, alone or with a friend. This game is so much fun. I am looking forward to getting LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars when it comes out this year.<br />Gameplay: 10/10<br />Online: 8/10<br />Graphics: 8/10<br /> 5. The Bourne Conspiracy<br />This game was a random purchase. I love the Bourne films and when this came out I thought yeah why not, Ill give it a bash. Awesome! What a great game, with guns, explosions, cars and amazing fight scenes. This was one of my favourite random buys. I hope they make another in the future.<br />Gameplay: 10/10<br />Online: 9/10<br />Graphics: 8/10<br /> 6. Resident Evil 5<br />Resident Evil5 had a lot to live up to. Resident Evil4 was an amazing game which I had for my PS2, Gamecube and Wii.I couldnt wait for Resident Evil 5 when I heard it was coming out but it was worth the wait. It did live up to my expectations, in fact it was better than Resident Evil 4. The story was great, alone or with a friend, and the online was great. I am yet to play the DLC but I can imagine its good. A game I am sure I will buy again.<br />Gameplay: 10/10<br />Online: 10/10<br />Graphics: 10/10<br /> 7. Overlord 1 &amp; 2<br />Two really good and really fun games. To me this is like Fable but for a younger audience. Its like Fable but more childish and wacky.Online is fun as well. Not much really to say about these games but how fun they are.<br />Gameplay: 10/10<br />Online: 9/10<br />Graphics: 8/10<br /> 8. Mass Effect 1 &amp; 2<br />Two more really good games. Sci-fi, Shooter, RPG, Action Adventure. These games are all of those. You travel through space to different planets and kick alien butts along the way. You level up your characters so they can have more health, do more damage and other cool stuff. Mass Effect 3 is set for release this year and it is definitely a game I am going to buy.<br />Gameplay: 9/10<br />Online: 9/10<br />Graphics: 9/10<br /> 9. LEGO Batman<br />The latest instalment in the GTA series. This game is the best so far and it will be hard to beat. It is visually stunning. As usual the missions are a nice variety of shooting, driving, talking, stalking etc which is brilliant. The next GTA has a lot to live up to if they make another. This was highly anticipated and I think that it met all the requirements of a good Free Roamer. I am yet to play the DLC but I can imagine its just as good. <br />Gameplay: 9/10<br />Online: 9/10<br />Graphics: 8/10<br /> 10. Splinter Cell Conviction<br />An up to date version of Assassins Creed really. This was the first Splinter Cell Id ever played and I really enjoyed it. The story was excellent and the gameplay was just as good.The possibilities are endless on this game and all the different ways of killing people is immense. Definitely would buy this game again.<br />Gameplay: 10/10<br />Online: 10/10<br />Graphics: 10/10<br /> 11. The Force Unleashed<br />An amazing Star Wars game. A game where you play from the dark sides point of view rather than the good side. Well, until near the end. The use of light sabres and force powers in this game is remarkable, with so many different combinations. I havent played the second one yet but Im sure its better than this one because of the new powers.I hope to buy the second one soon because I enjoyed the first.<br />Gameplay: 9/10<br />Online: 8/10<br />Graphics: 9/10<br /> 12. LEGO Harry Potter<br />LEGOs take on the famous book and it wasnt too shabby.Yet another fun game made from LEGO, with lots of things to do and things to build. Following the story from the first four books you fight, build, flyand cast spells with the rest of the gang.Its a fun game that can be played alone or with a friend. I presume they will do the next years after the last film comes out which will be good.<br />Gameplay: 9/10<br />Online: 9/10<br />Graphics: 8/10<br /> 13. Fable 2 &amp; 3<br />I hadnt played the first seen as I didnt have the original Xbox but I thought 2 and 3 were amazing. Fable 2 was a very good game but I much preferred 3. Everything was better on 3, which was hard seen as 2 was very good. Creating your own hero or bad ass to take on a fantasy land with humans, Hobbes, you name it. All in all these were two great games and I would definately buy the next one if they brought one out.<br />Gameplay: 10/10<br />Online: 10/10<br />Graphics: 9/10<br /> 14. Thanks for watching I <br /></p>