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ADULT EDUCATION.. Changes ahead. Slide 2 GED NOW! GED 2002 GED TRAINERS Slide 3 Slide 4 GED NOW! Campaign Goals n State-wide awareness of changes n Higher awareness of AE services n 15% more GED diplomas issued Slide 5 GED NOW! Timeline July 30 - Press kits mailed Aug. 13 - Commissioners press release Aug. 20-Sept. 3 - Local media blitz using GED NOW! Logo Sept. 4 -16 - TV/radio spots, PSAs Sept. 17-22 - Registration in all programs state-wide Sept. 25 - Nov. 3 -GED NOW! Fast-track classes state-wide Slide 6 GED 2002 Series Tests January 1, 2002 All prior partial scores invalid Must take complete new battery Slide 7 Continue to Reflect the Major and Lasting Academic Outcomes of a Four Year Program of Study with an Increased Emphasis on Workplace and Higher Education Reflected in the Context of the Items. Slide 8 Workplace Overall Design Slide 9 Direct Writing Assignment Expository Essay Generate, Organize, Connect, and Express Ideas No Required Word Count - Sufficient Development to Communicate the Idea Effectively 37 to 40% of Language Arts, Writing Test Score Language Arts, Writing Slide 10 1 4 Effective 3Adequate 2Marginal Inadequate Language Arts, Writing Score Change Slide 11 Language Arts, Reading Types of Text Non-fiction Text (25%): Non-fiction Prose (Biography, Critical Reviews of Fine and Performing Arts) Workplace, Community Documents Slide 12 50 Questions History40% (20 Questions) US/Canada Specific (12 Questions) Global (world)( 8 Questions) Civics25% ( 13 Questions) Economics20% ( 10 Questions) Geography15% ( 7 Questions) Social Studies Slide 13 Visual Text (60%) Cartoons, photos, timelines, graphs, charts Written Text Practical Documents (Discretionary) Advertisements, Voter Guides, Insurance Forms, Tax Forms Key Documents (Constant) Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Landmark Supreme Court Decisions Social Studies Slide 14 Life Science (Biology and Health)45%23 Items Earth & Space Science20%11 Items Physical Science (Chemistry & Physics) 35%16 Items Science Slide 15 What Do Workers Use In Todays High-Tech Production Lines? Statistics Logic Probability Measurement Systems Slide 16 Numbers, Numbers Sense, & Operations20-30% Data, Statistics, & Probability20-30% Geometry & Measurement20-30% Algebra, Functions, & Patterns20-30% Mathematics Slide 17 Booklet One Scientific Calculator Casio FX-260 Permitted 50% Questions (25) Calculators Provided by GEDTS at Official GED Testing Centers Calculator used as a tool to eliminate tedium of complex calculations in realistic settings. Slide 18 Available with January 2002 Launch Audiocassette, Braille and Large Print Slide 19 June-August 2001Senior Performance Analysis and Passing Standard Score Setting Processing September-OctoberPassing Standard Score Policy Recommendation and Approval One-third of all graduating seniors CAN NOT pass the GED exam. Slide 20 National GED Testing Service Training GED Test Administrator - Phyllis Pardue 20 Highly-Qualified GED Instructors Slide 21 More GED diplomas = Better-educated parents Better-educated workforce Better-educated citizens Tennessee! = a better Tennessee! Slide 22

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