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  1. 1. Learn Swimming under Expert Tuition We are The Swim People and we offer a platform to those who are intended to learn swimming. Over 22 years of massive experience, we teach swimming through our best, tried and tested method. With fantastic success rates, we are proud to state that we can teach anyone swimming.
  2. 2. Being professional swimming teachers, we have a proven track record and thereby we guarantee that after our adult private swimming lessons every learner will feel more confident in their abilities as a swimmer. Why approach us?
  3. 3. High quality swimming lessons: We offer high quality swimming lessons which give every learner an equal chance to learn swimming at their pace. Experienced swimming teachers: Our swimming teachers are not only passionate, but also skilled at what they teach. Clean and warm swimming pool: Learners at The Swim People will get to have clean, quite and warm swimming pool. Besides changing room and shower room, what we offer is Privacy. Privacy to make mistakes, to ask questions and to learn swimming. This comes at our first priority as we know it really make a difference. Below mentioned are swimming course packages that we offer:
  4. 4. Technique Refinement Weekly private swimming lessons The 2 day intensive swimming course The 3 day intensive swimming course The 4 day intensive swimming course The 5 day intensive swimming course So, anybody who wishes to have the best swimming courses can contact us. We can be contacted at Email: Mobile: 07865447990 Landline: 01329 802208 Web: