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COMBINATION A A L L L L E E R R G G Y Y & & I I N N T T O O L L E E R R A A N N C C E E T T E E S S T T Non-invasive testing offered by post

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About Allergy LinkAllergyLink is an independent Alternative Allergy Specialist - Established since 2004

Allergy Link is specialised in Allergy & Intolerance Testing by post since 2004 andhas provided 25,000 tests throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.AllergyLink's unique approach and testing procedure has helped many people tomake informed decision and manage their allergy related symptoms.

The Testing Service is used by individuals suffering from allergies and intolerancesand also by many professionals, practitioners and clinics around the world.

Allergy Link aims to deliver high quality service offering an alternative, pain-freeand affordable allergy testing service by post, presenting a solution that doesn’tcompromise on quality.

Allergy Link was founded to meet the growing needs and demands of peopleaffected - experiencing intolerances, allergic reactions and related health problems.The rise in awareness that the foods we eat and the substances we are exposed to,actually do play a role in our overall health, lead to the rise in the demand fortesting. Many of our clients have expressed their dissatisfaction that doctors havedismissed the possible link to foods as cause or contributing factor of theirsymptoms.

Conventional allergy testing does not recognise intolerances, or any other allergy-like reactions such as sensitivities or energy toxins. Allergy testing is not yet astandard procedure within the NHS, as the margins of a ‘true allergy’ are set tightlyby the medical profession. But some medical doctors are becoming slowlyeducated, that there are other solutions, one of whom is Dr. Mehmet Oz who said:‘’The next big frontier in Medicine is Energy Medicine’’. Which Chinese Medicine hasestablished already thousands of years ago.

Allergy Link adopts an ‘Vibrational or Energy Medicine’ approach to Allergies,recognizing that a person can be affected by substances in various ways. Our

specialism is influenced by the pioneering work from NAET®- ‘NambudripadsAllergy Elimination Techniques’ and Allergy Antidote™, two energy medicinetechniques that detect, and treat both ‘allergies’ and substance sensitivities.

All information provided represents many hours of diligent research over many years and is protected by copyright.

©© AAlllleerrggyyLLiinnkk 22000044--22001177 AAlllleerrggyy LLiinnkk,, TTrriippeennhhaadd,, TTrriippeennhhaadd RRooaadd,, FFeerrrryyssiiddee,, CCaarrmmaarrtthheennsshhiirree,, SSAA1177 55RRSSwwwwww..aalllleerrggyylliinnkk..ccoo..uukk || iinnffoo@@aalllleerrggyylliinnkk..ccoo..uukk

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IIss wwhhaatt yyoouu eeaatt mmaakkiinngg yyoouu iillll ??Are you affected by ‘something’

and can’t get to the bottom of what is causingyour discomfort, agony or recurring symptoms?

MMaayy bbee iitt iiss aann AAlllleerrggyy

Allergies are increasing progressively. Allergy is the description commonly used todescribe adverse reactions and abnormal responses to a food, drug or somethingin our environment, which usually does not cause symptoms in most people. Asensitive person may react to even minor quantities.

The word ‘Allergy’ has become interchangeable with ‘intolerance, sensitivity,hypersensitivity, substance sensitivity, energy toxins and allergy like reaction’;essentially representing anything that weakens our body’s immune or energysystem.

Besides the known traditional allergic problems, any undiagnosed, vague oruntreatable symptom can be from an immune system reaction. Allergies are oftenfound to be an underlying cause or contributing part of the problem.

Any symptom can be caused by a substance reaction - and in turn - anysubstance can become an ‘allergen’ and trigger or cause reactions. Foods andenvironmental substances are also known to worsen symptoms or conditions.

AAlllleerrggiicc RReeaaccttiioonnss

The body’s ability to cope with everything we eat or are exposed to is dependanton many individual factors. Often it is the accumulation or ‘rain barrel’ effect thatreactions all of a sudden develop or break out. One of the main contributingcauses in the rise of allergic reactions is ‘stress’ and ‘over exposure’, also to toomany artificial, synthetic or ‘hazardous’ substances and the increase ofelectromagnetic radiation.

There are many reasons for the increase in food and environmental sensitivities.The most obvious reason is that we are being exposed daily to more and morechemicals and substances that our bodies were never exposed to during ourevolution.

Today we are inhaling and ingesting chemicals on a daily basis, whose names wecan’t even pronounce, yet assume our bodies will be able to determine if they arehealthy for us.

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CCoommmmoonn SSyymmppttoommss iinncclluuddee::Acute and Chronic Symptoms associated with Allergies and Intolerances

are wide and varied, affecting:

DDiiggeessttiivvee ssyysstteemm::

Abdominal cramps Abdominal pain (colic) Bloatedness Wind Constipation Diarrhoea Heartburn, Reflux (GERD) IBS Irritable bowel syndrome Nausea, Vomiting Mouth ulcers

Itchy tingling mouth/tongue


Rashes Irritation Eczema Dermatitis Psoriases Itchy skin Urticaria (hives) Ulcers

RReessppiirraattoorryy ttrraacctt::

Asthma Blocked or running nose Cough Catarrh Sinusitis Rhinitis Sneezing Hay fever Glue ear General breathing difficulty

OOtthheerr aassssoocciiaatteedd ssyymmppttoommss::

Headaches & Migraine Emotional disturbances Depression Lethargy Irritability Hyperactivity / aggression Tension Tiredness Fatigue & chronic fatigue (me) Weight gain or loss, Water retention / oedema General ill-health / not feeling well

AAlllleerrggiieess mmaayy ffuurrtthheerr ppllaayy aa rroollee iinn

Lowered Immune system: chronic infections Genitourinary symptoms: bedwetting, chronic bladder infection Mental / emotional disturbances: anxiety, depression,

hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, insomnia, irritability and mentalconfusion.

Musculoskeletal symptoms: bursitis, joint and muscle pain, arthritis

Page 5: Allergy & Intolerance Test - Central Index

AAlllleerrggyy oorr IInnttoolleerraannccee??

There is much misunderstanding about these two terms and they are frequentlyconfused. Many people speak of Food Allergy when what they describe is likely tobe Food Intolerance.

FFoooodd AAlllleerrggiieess are an autoimmune response caused by the body ‘misreading’ afood protein as an enemy or toxic substance. An Allergy is a rather fast responseby the body’s immune system to a perceived invader.

Signs or symptoms are typically immediate, dramatic andvisible: coughing, sneezing, vomiting, migraines, wateringeyes, rashes, swelling tissue, hives – or in severe cases ananaphylactic shock which requires emergencyintervention.However other symptoms like the gastro-intestinal

responses nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea can be delayed for hours or even days.

FFoooodd IInnttoolleerraannccee on the other hand is an inability to process a particular food. Itis also thought to be an immune system response. The gastro-intestinal tract insome people is simply unable to produce appropriate enzymes for normal chemicalbreakdown. The food passes through unprocessed, or lingers in the gut fermentingproducing excess ‘gas’.

AAlllleerrggyy--lliikkee rreeaaccttiioonnss take the form of both physical and emotional symptoms.These reactions can be responsible for a myriad of symptoms including A.D.D.,anxiety, depression, arthritis, respiratory problems, digestive problems, chronicfatigue, brain fog and panic attacks.

AAnnaapphhyyllaaccttiicc sshhoocckk iiss aa lliiffee tthhrreeaatteenniinngg rreeaaccttiioonn.. In severecases an anaphylactic response causes tissues to swell up to twoor three times their normal size, swelling up so rapidly that theyobstruct breathing. The allergy sufferer gasps for air and cansuffocate and die if not given emergency treatment by EPI-penadministration of adrenalin.

AAlllleerrggiieess aarree oofftteenn aassssoocciiaatteedd wwiitthh mmaannyy ccoommmmoonn ddiisseeaasseess

Reactions are experienced differently by every person; ranging from temporarysensitivities, intolerances, to severe allergic reactions, or life threateninganaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis).

Very often there are more than one allergen involved in causing reactions such as -itching, swelling, sneezing, wheezing, and various other symptoms. It is primarilythe immune system, that is affected or weakened, and may react or give rise to avast number of complaints.

TTeellll ttaallee ssiiggnnss of an allergy especially in children are:

dark circles under eyes, swollen or red around eyes,red ears and cheeks, itchy nose /ears / eyes,behavioural or mood changes like ‘sudden’ irritability,hyperactivity or withdrawal symptoms, changes inhandwriting / drawing.

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TThhee ggooaall ooff tthhee CCoommbbiinnaattiioonn AAlllleerrggyy && IInnttoolleerraannccee TTeesstt

iiss ttoo eessttaabblliisshh iiff yyoouu aarree aaffffeecctteedd bbyy aannyy ssuubbssttaannccee..

Establishing which food or substance is affecting you, or if you are affected atall, can turn out to be more than valuable information; giving you options totake control of your health & wellbeing and manage your symptoms or allergicresponse(s).

AAlllleerrggyy LLiinnkk ooffffeerrss::

Painless and non-invasive testing procedure.

Suitable for all ages - from 6 months

Different test sizes to suit your requirements.

Convenient testing by post

Delivery options by paper/post or email

Fast return 10-14 working days (plus posting times)

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BBaassiicc 7755 7755 iitteemmss

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DDiiggeessttiioonn 330000++ 330000iitteemmss

CCoommpprreehheennssiivvee 550000 550000iitteemmss

Allergy Link is committed to help the environment.We predominantly use electronic means for the delivery of the test reports tohelp cut down the carbon footprint.All our printed material paper and stationary is from 100% recycled sources.

Page 7: Allergy & Intolerance Test - Central Index

AAbboouutt tthhee AAlllleerrggyy TTeessttEEaassyy aanndd nnoonn--iinnvvaassiivvee tteessttiinngg -- ooffffeerreedd bbyy ppoosstt

Allergy Link offers a unique combination of Allergy & Intolerance Tests for foods andnon-foods. The testing service, which is based in the uk, is offered by post and isavailable worldwide. The holistic test safely and effectively establishes which specificfood or environmental substances may affect you, cause reactions or pose someform of stress to your body.

The tests address allergies, intolerances, substance sensitivities, energy toxins andhypersensitivity, and safely and effectively establishes which specific food orsubstances may affect you, cause reactions or pose some form of stress to yourbody.

WWhhaatt ddoo tthhee AAlllleerrggyy TTeessttss ccoovveerr??

The different tests include a choice for testing of either Basic 75 items, Standard150 items, Complex 250+ or Comprehensive 500 different foods and substances.New is the 300+ Digestion-food only items test. Please compare test panel samples.

1122 ccoommmmoonn ffooooddss mmaakkee uupp 8855%% ooff aallll ffoooodd rreellaatteedd rreeaaccttiioonnss::Dairy & milk, soy, egg, wheat, shellfish, tomato, peanut,

kiwi, orange, tree nuts, sweet corn, fish.These foods are covered in all tests.

All tests covera balance of foods & non-foods:

Common foods: Grains, Fruit & Veg,Nuts, Pulses, Egg, Chicken, Fish,

Dairy & lactose Wheat & gluten Yeast Food Additives Animal fur & Feathers House Dust Mites Pollen Mould Household Chemicals Environmental Toxins & Chemicals

Vitamin & Mineral check

The advanced tests250, 300 and 500 items also include:

FODMAPs Histamine intolerance Oxalate sensitivity Salicylate intolerance Sorbitol intolerance Stomach acid imbalance Electromagnetic stress - EMF Mercury / Amalgam toxicity Infection connection:

Candida , Helicobactor pylori,Parasite check

WWhhaatt ddooeess tthhee rreessuulltt sshhooww??You will receive a personalised ‘Allergy Report’ including a colour-coded table andinformation pages; explaining the allergy report, allergens and reactions.(Please refer to sample reports / allergen panel).

Page 8: Allergy & Intolerance Test - Central Index

HHooww iiss tthhee tteesstt ccaarrrriieedd oouutt??

AllergyLink's unique test method, employs a standardised test-protocol fordetecting allergies, Intolerances & substance sensitivities; and is influenced by thepioneering work from NAET® (Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques’)andAllergy Antidote™.

Based on Vibrational Medicine, the test is established through a 'biofeedback'method called Radiesthesia. The refined testing procedure utilizes an informationcarrier, like a hair sample, which contains the energy imprint or frequencies of aperson.

The accuracy of the Allergy & Intolerance Test is in our experience as high as85% - 99.9%. The result of the test is given as a colour coded report - showing aclear table of food and non-food items.

HHooww mmuucchh ddooeess iitt ccoosstt ??

You can choose between printed report by post and electronic email delivery.

Combination Allergy& Intolerance Test


B7575 items


S150150 items


C250250+ items


D300300+ items


C500500 items

E-mail ServiceReport return as PDF

£ 28 £45 £65 £80 £125

Postal ServicePrinted report(UK rates)

£33.50 £53 £75 £90 £137

HHooww lloonngg ddooeess iitt ttaakkee ??

Your Allergy Test is processed usually within 10-14 working days,from the day the form & hair-sample is received (please allow up to 21days).

Please note: Delays can occur in times of high demand or because ofunforeseen circumstances (such as technical problems or illness).The Return time may take longer when sending several forms e.g. forFamilies from 2+

Friendly Disclaimer:The Allergy Analysis/Test is intended as information only. It is not a substitute for professional medicaladvice and is not to be used as a diagnosis. For the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition, westrongly recommend consultation with your doctor or health care professional. Allergy Link Testing Servicesare not responsible for any adverse effects or any results that may occur from the usage of the informationcontained in the allergy test report or advice notes. The test/s are further not designed to diagnose orforecast reactions, nor will the results indicate that the individual will or may suffer an adverse or negativereaction (allergic or intolerant) to the indicated foods or substances. As with any information providedwithin this report, we recommend that everybody takes precaution to not apply, use or take anythingwithout prior consulting or supervision of their primary healthcare provider.

The Allergy & Intolerance Test is like many other alternative procedures a specific form of Biofeedback orBioresonance method within the area of 'Vibrational' Medicine. Alternative testing procedures as such arenot subject of scientific research and therefore not yet recognized by conventional medicine.

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Allergy & Intolerance Test

44 SSiimmppllee SStteeppss -- TToo OOrrddeerr YYoouurr TTeessttSStteepp 11 Order Your Test

We've made our ordering your Allergy & Intolerance test really easy, it's simply a matter ofchoosing which test is right for you then ordering your test securely online.We accept payment by PayPal (even if you don't have a PayPal account)or you can pay by cheque or bank transfer. Just select your preferred payment option atcheckout.

SStteepp 22 PPrriinntt aanndd CCoommpplleettee

Please print and fully complete the Test Application Form (below), printing in CAPITAL LETTERSand in your own handwriting. Don't forget to sign and date it.

Can't print? You can order the test application form from us and we will post it to you.Contact us: by email [email protected] message: ‘Please post test application form’; or byphone 0345 094 3298. Don't forget to quote your address or order reference no.

SStteepp 33 PPrroovviiddee aa HHaaiirr SSaammpplleeCut a small sample of hair from your head (20-50 strands - approximately 1-3cm long)Attach the hair to the Test Application Form with clear tape.

No hair? If no hair is available you can send us nail clippings. For babies you can use a cotton budto send us a saliva swab from the mouth. For hygiene reason please place nail-clippings or salivaswab in a plastic bag or wrap in cling film.Hair coloured? It doesn't matter if the hair has been previously coloured.Hair care products? Foam, gel or spray products are best to be avoided. Conditioners are fine.

PPoosstt tthhee TTeesstt AApppplliiccaattiioonn FFoorrmm && HHaaiirr SSaammpplleePut the completed Test Application Form with hair sample in a standard sized envelope andpost it to us at:

SStteepp 44

Allergy LinkTripenhadTripenhad RoadFerrysideSA17 5RSUnited Kingdom

1st class postage is advised(2nd class can sometimes times take 3-5 days).

You don't have to send by recorded deliveryunless you prefer to do so.

WWhhaatt hhaappppeennss nneexxtt??Once we receive your Test Application Form(s) your test(s) will usually be processed within 7-14 workingdays. Please allow up to 21 days for your report(s) to be produced.

Need your test urgently?Under some circumstances your Test can be processed within 2 working days. (Subject to demand andexcluding weekends & public holidays). If you require an urgent test please contact us first.

Please Note: The 'urgent test service' was introduced as an option for people with genuine 'urgentcircumstances', serious and acute health conditions. So far this option has been free of charge, regulated bysensible use. However, there is a limit, and not every test request can be accepted as urgent. Thus a promptreturn can not be guaranteed.

DDeelliivveerryy -- RReecceeiivviinngg YYoouurr TTeesstt RReeppoorrtt((ss)) as ordered/paid on the website.

Reports by E-mail: Once completed, your Allergy Intolerance Test Report will be sent digitally (in PDFformat) to the e-mail address you gave when you placed your order.

Spam / Junk filter: Please ensure '[email protected]' is configured as permitted sender in your emailprogram. Checking your spam/junk folder before contacting us has proven successful in many cases :)

Reports by Post: If you chose to receive your report by post the report will be sent via 1st class Royal Mailto the postal address you gave when you placed your order.

SSttiillll nneeeedd ssoommee hheellpp wwiitthh yyoouurr oorrddeerr??

If you have any questions regarding your order please contact Mrs.Ute Eden at Allergy Linkby email: [email protected] or call: 0345 094 3298 (local rate)