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    App Promotion for GamingEkaterina Makarova, EMEA App Promotion Specialist, DublinAmgalan Bazarov, App Strategist, Dublin

  • Confidential & ProprietarySource: VentureBeat Mobile User Acquisition Study, 2014


    1 in 6 users never

    spend in apps

    of installed apps are

    used once


    App Economics Today

    < avg LTVavg CPI

    Not all installs (or users) have the same value

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    Measure & Action

    Use Conversion Optimizer



    Remarket to Valuable


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    Search on

    Watch on YouTube

    Engage with Apps

    Surf the Web

    Discover on Play

    Google can help reach users in the right mindset to install your app while they...

  • Confidential & ProprietarySource: Google/Ipsos, Mobile App Marketing Insights: How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps (U.S.), May 2015, Base: Average among those in each vertical who downloaded an app based on ads seen on a smartphone, Google/Ipsos Survey Q.14 Which of the following types of online advertisements have prompted you to download a/an [...] app? Select all that apply.

    Types of ads that prompted app downloads among app users whose download was influenced by ads on a smartphone

    search ads

    banner / graphical ads in apps

    banner / graphical ads in websites

    video ads





    Challenge: User behavior

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    Reach the Right Users Across Mindsets

    By running ads on, the Google Search Network and Google Play, you reach users at the moment they are searching for new apps.

    1Google Search includes the Google Search Network

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    Google Play Ads Google Play

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    Google Play Ads

    Can I only target the Play Store or see performance specific to Play Store?No

    Is Google Play a targeting option via Search Partners (AFS)?No

    How can my ads quality be optimized?Focus on optimizing CTR, landing page (Play store page) quality, ad text relevancy

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    App Promo Ads: Simplicity and AutomationConfirmed clicks will prevent accidental clicks by confirming the users intention before driving to the download page.

    Ads will be automatically excluded from showing to users who have already downloaded the app.

    The App Promotion text template ad will automatically expand to become an interstitial ad when you win an eligible auction.

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    A new UI for App Install Interstitials

    Only clickable on the round INSTALL button


    Pulls in cover photo from respective App Store when available

    More Images button expandsto scrollable screenshot carrousel

    Material Design: auto-color matching for footer and install button to match the dominant color in your cover photo

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    #1: Extend to mSites


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    #2: Conversion Optimizer

    Turn CO on from the very first day of a campaign to immediately start optimizing towards your target CPI. Android will automatically work at campaign start, iOS will wait to confirm one IDFA ping from third party.

    Give the campaign 2 weeks or ~150 conversions to stabilize before making changes to the campaign. The best campaigns wait 4-6 weeks before evaluating performance, because the machine learning algorithm takes time to learn where to find conversions at your target CPI.

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    Delivers high conversion rates and user quality due to the pre-qualification of a video view.

    Pull video directly from YouTube or the Google Play store, no uploads necessary. Auto-plays immediately when phones are in portrait mode, and after 1.5 seconds when phones are in landscape mode.

    App store data is automatically pulled into the interstitial, including the app name, price, ratings, and icon. You customize your desired headline and two lines of text

    #3: Video App Promo Ads on In-App Inventory

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    INSTALLED APP TARGETING Reach users who love apps like yours, mapped to the Play and/or Apple Store app categories

    APP CATEGORY TARGETING Show in apps in a given Play and/or App Store app category (ie. Strategy Games etc)

    PAID USERS Reach users based on their purchasing behaviour

    NEW DEVICES TARGETING Reach users who have purchased their mobile phones in the last 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days.

    PLACEMENT TARGETING Isolate high-value App placements

    #4: Powerful Targeting - Reach the right user

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    #5: Bring users back into your app with deep linking

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    of viewing on

    Source: YouTube UK, Media Pack 2014

    happens on a mobile device


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    Use sight, sound and motion to showcase an app and drive high quality installs

    With TrueView, you only pay when a user watches your video. Keyword, category, placement and demographic targeting maximizes relevance for optimal engagement

    Note: The companion will slide under the video once the ad finishes, or is skipped. However, the user can pull it down again.

    Engage 1B+ YouTube users using TrueView for App Install

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    A YouTube built for gamers

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    Link your Google Play account to your AdWords account to enable this targeting feature.

    The system uses both the users activity on YouTube and the apps they have installed to refine the predictive algorithm.

    Improve CPI by up to ~50%

    Tip: Similar User Targeting on YouTube

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    Key Takeaways

    Search Paid Users Youtube

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    To do:



    Text Ads + RON + CO for max volume

    Add campaigns with higher bids to reflect higher LTV of: Video Ads + CO for In-App Buyers + Other high-value user segments

    App Install Ads on Google Search and Play Store + App-Specific Keywords + CO

    Expand to all relevant keywords Use Remarketing List for Search Ads

    TrueView App Promo ads targeting Similar Lists

    Expand targeting as much as possible while maintaining relevance

    Evaluate cross-product performance and optimize budget allocation


    Set up conversion tracking



    SET UP

    Monitor LTV at keyword level - allocate more budget + higher bids to keywords driving higher LTV

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