analogies understanding word patterns. analogies are word relationships

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  • Analogies Understanding Word Patterns
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  • Analogies are Word Relationships
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  • A definition An analogy is a comparison between two things, and the comparison is used to determine the relationship between different sets of things. Bark is to dog as meow is to cat.
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  • Word Analogies Analogies develop logic. Analyze two words and identify the relationship between them. Find another pair of words that has the same relationship.
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  • Many Different Types of Analogies Synonym: cool is to chilly Antonym: hot is to cold Homonym: there is to there Category/subcategory: vegetable is to celery Part to whole: core is to apple Function to thing: cook is to stove Functions: microwave is to cook Verb Forms: go is to goes
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  • Synonyms Words that have the same meanings
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  • Types of Analogies Whats the relationship? DRY : ARID :: lost : mislaid Both words have similar meanings so this relationship is a synonym
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  • Antonyms Words that have opposite meanings
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  • Types of Analogies Whats the relationship? KIND : CRUEL :: happy : sad Both words have opposite meanings, so their relationship is an antonym.
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  • Homonyms Same sound, different meanings
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  • Types of Analogies Whats the relationship? Hair is to hare as bear is to bare. Present : present :: read : reed Both words have the same sounds, so their relationship is a homonym
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  • Category-Subcategory Category: a class or group of things, people, etc., possessing some quality or qualities in common Subcategory: A subdivision that has common differentiating characteristics within a larger category.
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  • Types of Analogies Example: Color is to red as number is to five. Categories: color and number Sub-Categories : red and five
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  • Whole-Part WHOLE includes everything. Part is only a part of the whole. Hand is to finger as foot is to toe. Whole: hand/foot Part: finger/ toe
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  • Types of Analogies Whats the relationship? POEM : STANZA :: play : acts CHAPTER: BOOK :: fender : automobile Whole/Part.
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  • Function An activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing
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  • Types of Analogies Whats the relationship? KNIFE : CUT :: shovel : dig The function of a knife is to cut. Function
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  • Verb Tenses a category that locates a situation in time, to indicate when the situation takes place Examples: past, present, future
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  • Types of Analogies Win is to won as lose is to lost. Swim : swam :: eat : ate. Present and past tenses are Verb Tenses
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  • How do you choose the correct word to complete an analogy? Types of Analogies
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  • Guidelines to solve analogies decide upon the relationship between first 2 words state the relationship - car is to tire because___________ examine the third word chair select a fourth word that will make the third-fourth word have the same relationship as the first- second word be ready to explain your fourth word selection Car is to tire as chair is to ______.
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  • Model and Practice On is to off as start is to __________. stop, opposites Nail is to finger as hair is to _________. head, part to whole Eye is to see as ear is to ____________. hear, thing to function Swift is to deer as slow is to _________. turtle, characteristic to thing Wool is to sheep as egg is to _________. chicken, product to thing
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  • Now what do you think? Is this analogy correct?
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  • More Analogies to Solve Quia - Awesome Analogies Practice your knowledge of analogies through these interactive challenge questions. Quia Hangman Analogies - Here is an interactive hangman game format to practice analogies. Fact Monster Analogy of the Day - Practice for every day!

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