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Another Events Calendar The superb events calendar for Word Press

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Another Events Calendar

The superb events calendar for Word Press

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Page 3: Another Events Calendar

Plan and Supervise your Events with Bliss using Another events calendar which comprises of Calendar, Venue Management, Handle Organizers, Google Map Integration and plenty more!!!

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Features (Back-End) ✔ Limitless Event Categories ✔ Limitless Event Tags ✔ Manage Event Venues ✔ Manage Event Organizers ✔ Powerful & Simplified Event form ✔ Recurring Events ✔ Customize front-end display ✔ Google Map Integration using API Key ✔ Built-in Social share system ✔ Clean code. No custom tables used. Uses “Custom Post Types”,

“Custom Taxonomies” and “Settings API” to manage the data. Strictly follows all the WordPress standards.

✔ [+] lot more

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Features (Front-end) ✔ Show your Events in 4 nice layouts, Calendar (Monthly, Weekly & Daily) Blog Grid Table ✔ Show Events by Category ✔ Show Event by Location ✔ Show Events by Tag ✔ Show Events by Organizer ✔ Show Upcoming Events only, Past Event only or Both ✔ 100% Responsive. Uses Bootstrap 3 markup. ✔ Option to enable/disable the loading of Bootstrap from the plugin back-end. If your theme

already uses Bootstrap, then you’re lucky and this plugin will serve you greatly to showcase your events in your website nicely. If your theme don’t use Bootstrap, then the plugin uses name spaced Bootstrap version to avoid conflicts with your template styles. So, in neither case Another Events Calendar helps you to showcase your events nicely in your website.

✔ Search engine friendly URLs

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✔ Widget to search Events in your website

Search by Event Title, Description

Search by Event Category Search by a single date Search by a date range ✔ Widget to Upcoming Events ✔ Mini Calendar

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Widget to search Events in your website

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Widget to Upcoming Events

Page 9: Another Events Calendar

Widget – Mini Calendar

Page 10: Another Events Calendar

Manage your events in a very effortless way using Another Events


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Start manage your events using Another Events

CalendarDownload Another Events Calendar @ to manage your

events in a very professional way!!!

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