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Antarctic Creatures By Lottie

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Antarctic Creatures.  By Lottie . Organisms. Phytoplankton Zooplankton Krill Squid Fish including ice and tooth fish. Humpback whale Emperor Penguin Crabeater Seal Adelie penguin Petrel Killer whale Leopard seal. Phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are eaten by Zooplankton . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Antarctic Creatures

Antarctic Creatures

By Lottie

Page 2: Antarctic Creatures

• Phytoplankton• Zooplankton• Krill• Squid• Fish including ice and tooth fish.• Humpback whale• Emperor Penguin• Crabeater Seal• Adelie penguin• Petrel• Killer whale• Leopard seal


Page 3: Antarctic Creatures


• Phytoplankton are eaten by Zooplankton.• As Phytoplankton are Plants they make their own

food.• Some phytoplankton are bacteria, some are protists,

but most are single-celled plants.• Phytoplankton are the microscopic plants in the

oceans.• Phytoplankton start the food chain.

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Page 4: Antarctic Creatures


• Zooplankton are eaten by krill.• Zooplankton are some of the small animals of

the sea.• Zooplankton are second in the food chain.• Zooplankton are the primary consumers of the

oceans and graze on phytoplankton.

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Page 5: Antarctic Creatures


• Krill are small animals that eat zooplankton.• The average length for a krill is two inches.• Scientists estimate that the total weight of all the

Antarctic krill is more than the total weight of all humans on Earth.

• Squid, Humpback Whales and ice fish and tooth fish eat krill.

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Page 6: Antarctic Creatures


• Squid are eaten by tooth fish and emperor penguins.• Squid eat Zooplankton and Krill.• Squid are Carnivores.• All squid are invertebrates as they have no

backbone.• The biggest squid recorded in Antarctica was

10 meters long and weighed 450 kilograms.Back Home

Page 7: Antarctic Creatures

Fish (including Ice Fish and tooth fish)

• Fish eat a range Squid and krill.• The fish are eaten by Emperor penguins,

Crabeater seals, Adelie penguins, Humpback Whales and Petrels.

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Page 8: Antarctic Creatures

Humpback Whale

• Humpback Whales eat hundreds of krill.• Nothing eats a Humpback whale because it is

too big.

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Page 9: Antarctic Creatures

Emperor Penguin • Emperor Penguins eat Krill, Squid and Fish.• Killer whales and Leopard seals eat Emperor


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Page 10: Antarctic Creatures

Crabeater Seal

• Crabeater Seals Eat Krill, Fish and Squid.• Killer Whales and Leopard Seals eat Crabeater


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Page 11: Antarctic Creatures

Adelie Penguins

• Adelie Penguins eat Krill and Fish.• Killer Whales and Leopard Seals eat Adelie


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Page 12: Antarctic Creatures


• Petrel eat Ice Fish and Tooth fish.• Leopard seals eat Petrels.• Because Petrels fly they escape some


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Page 13: Antarctic Creatures

Killer Whale

• Killer Whales eat Adelie Penguins, Crabeater Seals and Emperor Penguins.

• Killer Whales are Predators.

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Page 14: Antarctic Creatures

Leopard Seal

• Leopard Seals eat emperor Penguins, Crabeater Seals, Adelie Penguins and Petrels.

• Leopard seals are Predators.

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Page 15: Antarctic Creatures

King Penguin

• The King Penguin is the 2nd largest Species of penguin. Only smaller than the emperor Penguin.

• The King Penguin eats Fish and Squid.• King Penguins are eaten by Leopard Seals and

Killer Whales.

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Page 16: Antarctic Creatures

Sea Cucumber

• Sea Cucumber are eaten by Fish.• Sea Cucumber eat Bacteria and

other tiny organisms.

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