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Page 1: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Carly Garone nicki haines ashley kirby sabrina Knight Morgan schuman

Page 2: Arizona Advertising Campaign
Page 3: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Executive SummaryAriZona Beverage Co. is an American producer of a variety of high quality ready-to-drink teas. These premium brewed teas line the shelves in bold, uniquely designed packaging. The goal

of our agency, Crunch, is to promote AriZona in a way that highlights the tasty, refreshing and

healthy qualities of its natural brews. The slogan “Refreshingly healthy. Naturally tasty. Drink up.” emphasizes these core features, while creating a distinct call to action. Our campaign strives to position AriZona in a way that allows it to stand out among competitors. We want consumers to see that AriZona’s iced teas provide everything they are looking for in a beverage. Our target

market consists of 18-34 year-olds who are on-the-go, health conscious, and active in their own

self-fulfilling ways.

Table of Contents

Crunch is an advertising agency whose overall mission is to keep it real. We strive to establish strong relationships with our clients, collaborating with them to produce innovative ideas;

ideas that serve as the foundation for success. Once we’ve established an idea, we get down to business. We pour all of our energy into the task at hand, pushing the limits of advertising in

order to produce powerful and effective campaignsw. It’s always Crunch time!

It’s always Crunch time!


Executive Summary 3Situation Analysis 4Objectives 10Research 11Creative Strategy 15Media Strategy 20Media Mix 22Brand Activation 28 Evaluation 30Appendix 31

Page 4: Arizona Advertising Campaign

In 1971, John Farolito and Don Vultaggio joined forces to create their own Brooklyn-based company: Farolito, Vultaggio & Sons. The two men worked seven days a week, selling beer from the back of a run-down Volkswagen bus. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Farolito and Vultaggio’s business flourished into one of the most highly successful beer distributing companies in New York City.

On a routine delivery in 1990, Don made a life-altering observation. He watched as a Snapple truck pulled up and unloaded cases upon cases of product. Intrigued by the sight, Don met with John to relay his new ideas. The two soon met with their board of advisors and decided to shift into the tea business immediately.

Their new approach was basic: develop a high-quality product contained in eye-catching packaging. Don’s wife Ilene crafted AriZona’s first striking design, inspired by the decorative southwestern theme of their home in Queens. This design quickly shaped the overall AriZona brand, and in 1992, the first cans were for sale in New York City stores. The brightly patterned bottles and cans dominated all others. It seemed as if Jon and Don were onto something big.

Over a 15-year span, AriZona Beverage Co. has risen to the top, known as the #1 ready-to-drink tea in the nation. This has all taken place in the midst prominent corporations like Pepsi and Unilever (Lipton), Coca-Cola (Nestea) and Cadbury-

Schweppes (Snapple) — a large feat for a pair of ordinary Brooklynites.

Historical ContextSituation



Page 5: Arizona Advertising Campaign

1992AriZona Beverage Co. introduces 24oz cans, followed by 20oz bottles shortly after.

1993Fortune Magazine selects AriZona’s iced tea as one of the year’s hottest products.

1994 Company relocates its headquarters from Brooklyn to Long Island.

1996AriZona Beverage Co. introduces first Green Tea products, which soon become top sellers.

1998Company partners with Artist Peter Max, bringing two new Limited Edition designer packages to market.

1999Website is set up. Visitors are encouraged to sign up to be AriZona Ambassadors.

2000AriZona Beverage Co. receives London International Design Award for Overall Winner in package design for RxHerbal products.

2006Coca-Cola Bottling becomes the national distributor of AriZona products in Canada, implementing 10 bilingual packages.



Page 6: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Environmental Analysis

AriZona iced tea’s top competitors include Snapple, Honest, and Lipton. AriZona Beverage Co. sets itself apart from its primary competitors by offering a variety of flavors, all of which are brewed with real tea leaves. The company takes pride in creating beverages that are made from 100% natural ingredients, free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

For years, AriZona Beverage Co. has offered its 23.5-ounce teas at $.99 cents. Many consumers have concluded that out of all the teas on the market, AriZona seems to be the most inexpensive. The affordability of the product is not a reflection of its quality. Retailers are encouraged to maintain this unbeatable pricing.

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle has become a rapidly growing trend in today’s society. AriZona takes great pride in being able to showcase the nutritional information of its

beverages. Each nutrition label clearly depicts that AriZona teas include real ingredients, free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. AriZona strives to make a positive impact within the community. When AriZona revamped its best-selling teas with new packaging, the company decided it was a good opportunity to give back. AriZona

began to raise awareness and funds for Operation Smile. This organization provides free reconstructive surgery and subsequent health care to children suffering from facial deformities across the globe. AriZona donates 5% of net sales from specially-packaged beverages to the cause.

Competitive Forces

Economic Forces

Sociocultural Forces


Page 7: Arizona Advertising Campaign

AriZona works very hard to make sure they are following all laws set forth by the federal, state, and local governments regarding labeling and packaging. All AriZona products undergo the hot fill process, eliminating all disease-producing organisms and bacteria that may be in the can or bottle. In order to ensure the freshness of its teas, AriZona uses a special grade of plas-tic. Therefore, by law, AriZona is required to use the Resin Identification Code #7 on the bottom of the bottle. Besides plastic, AriZona uses aluminum cans with food contact surface enamel, a glassy substance that prevents it from chemically acting on the tea.

Even AriZona’s most decorative packaging is environmentally friendly. AriZona works closely with its plastic bottle manufacturer to make its bottles are recyclable and environmentally sound. In order to guarantee that the product inside the bottle remains fresh, AriZona utilizes a special grade of plastic. Because of this, AriZona is required by law to use the Resin Identification Code #7 on the bottom of the bottle. Testing concluded that the bottle can be recycled with other polypropylene bottles to make products such as battery cases, sheeting and piping.

Legal and Regulatory Forces

Environmental Forces


Page 8: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Competitor AnalysisStrengths

• USDA Approved all-natural and organic

• Owned by Coca-Cola• Backed by influential people• Comes in a variety of flavors• Based in America


• More expensive • Less brand



• Use real sugar• “Snapple Facts” on

the cap• Widely available • Diet and caffeine free

versions available • Large variety of flavors


• More expensive • Sold predominantly

in glass bottles


• Owned by Pepsi • No artificial flavors, • preservatives, or colors• Comes in diet versions • Comes in variety of flavors

and tea options• Won the Corporate Green

Globe Award from working with the Rainforest Alliance


• Slightly more expensive • Not an American company


Page 9: Arizona Advertising Campaign


• Made with 100% natural ingredi-ents

• No artificial flavors, colors, or pre-servatives

• Small, privately-owned company based in the United States

• #1 selling ready made iced tea• Less expensive than rival brands

• Lack of brand awareness because of minimal advertising

• Do not have the funding like the large beverage companies (Coke/Pepsi)

• Sweetened with high fructose corn syrup

• Many drinks are high in sugar and calories

• More interest in healthier drink alternatives to soda

• The ready made iced tea industry is growing at a steady rate with over $4.8 billion dollars in sales in 2012

• Ready made iced tea is a saturat-ed market so it is hard for different brands to stand out

• Large, publicly owned companies dominate the market share of the industry

Strengths Weaknesses

Opportunities Threats


Page 10: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Marketing and Advertising

Budget Summary

Time Frame

Throughout the duration of our campaign, we anticipate an 8% increase in the sale of AriZona Beverage Co. products. In order to achieve this growth, we will highlight the brand’s refreshing taste and natural ingredients. Within the brand’s target market consisting of men and women between the ages of 18 and 34, 70% will comprehend AriZona’s message. Among that 70%, 50% of individuals will identify with the message and find value in the product. We expect to reach 70% of the target market, with an effective frequency of 4%.

Crunch’s AriZona Beverage Co. campaign will run for one calendar year, beginning in January 2015 and ending in December 2016.

Our agency has been allocated a budget of 12 million to carry out our campaign. The following chart shows the breakdown of expenditures for each medium.



Page 11: Arizona Advertising Campaign

• Identify which brands of iced tea our target audience drinks and overall brand awareness • Determine the factors that influence iced tea consumption• Identify which elements of AriZona iced tea drinkers value most


Crunch conducted its primary research by creating an online survey for our target audience. The survey covered a variety of questions including: how often our target audience drinks iced tea, which brands they prefer, the importance of natural ingredients, how relevant the AriZona brand is to them, and what comes to mind when drinking its products. Through our comprehensive research we found that all of the survey participants ha heard of AriZona and 93% had actually consumed the product before. When asked if all natural ingredients are important 58% said yes. In addition, 67% said that if they had to describe AriZona iced tea in one word it would be “refreshing.” Our research findings directly correspond to the direction we took with our campaign. Our focus on AriZona’s refreshing taste and all natural ingredients caters to the needs and interests of our target audience.

Primary Research

We began our secondary research by analyzing online media sources to determine which consumers drink AriZona ice tea. Upon looking at different media sources we determined that this product’s target market consists of men and women ages 18-34. Online sources such as product reviews indicate that our target market buys AriZona products because they are affordable, yet tasty.

Secondary Research



Page 12: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Brand Value Proposition

AriZona’s teas are 100% natural, made from the finest ingredients. Unlike many of its competitors, AriZona does not believe in artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. All teas are brewed with real tea leaves providing consumers with a “total tea” experience that delivers a slew of complementary health benefits. AriZona’s teas are rich in antioxidants which fight the destruction brought on by free radicals in the body. AriZona focuses on providing the healthiest, best tasting teas, in bigger bottles, and at better prices than the rest.

Functional Benefits

AriZona drinkers feel confident because they know they are quenching their thirst with a healthy drink that delivers a variety of health benefits. They feel good knowing they can rely on AriZona to provide exceptionally good tasting iced teas, without compromising it’s “all-natural” guarantee. It is important for consumers to have a guilt-free tea that they can grab without taking too much time out of their busy lives.

Emotional Benefits

Young individuals who drink AriZona tea lead busy lives. They often need a form of refreshment on-the-go; whether they’re headed to the beach, yoga, or the office. They

feel satisfied and self-assured when they are able to quench their thirst with a tasty, yet healthy beverage like AriZona tea. Because AriZona offers so many types of teas, consumers have the ability to select the one that best fits their personal values.

Self-Expressive Benefits


Page 13: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Target Market Profiles

Fiona is a 22-year-old graduate from the University of California Los Angeles where she received a degree in Film and Television. Her job requires her to be on her feet and moving around a movie set for hours on end.

During her years as an undergrad, Fiona was a member of UCLA’s sand volleyball team. She loves the outdoors and she is very passionate about health and fitness. After practice, Fiona looks for a beverage to quench her thirst that is refreshing, without tons of sugar and additives.

Harrison is a 34-year-old who has been married for six years, and is the father of two female toddlers. He isn’t happy at his job since he graduated with an art degree, but couldn’t find a stable job in the field. With his minor in finance, Harrison was able to get a well-paying job as an accountant.

When he’s not stressed out at work, Harrison is stressed at home. When he can, he likes to hang

out with his friends and release his tension through sports. Whether it’s basketball, tennis or hiking, Harrison enjoys drinks that are more tasteful than water to keep him hydrated.

Fiona Reed

Harrison Thomas

13Men and Women 18-34

Page 14: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Campaign Strategy

Unlike its competitors, AriZona Beverage Co. doesn’t hold a large portion of the market share due its lack of advertising up to this point. As a result, Crunch’s challenge is to differentiate AriZona from its competitors by focusing on the strengths of its iced tea products. Such notable strengths include the tastiness, healthfulness, refreshingness and uniqueness of the company’s products and packaging. AriZona Beverage Co. makes sure all of their beverages are made from 100% natural ingredients. No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. No preservatives. No juice concentrates.


The primary research conducted by Crunch revealed that our target market favors beverages that are tasty and refreshing. At the same time, consumers do not want to drink up a bunch of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Our target market is looking for a brand that they can rely on to quench their thirst in a satisfying way, at no cost to their health.

Key Insight

We guarantee that AriZona Beverage Co.’s iced teas cover all ends of the spectrum — taste, refreshment, health; they’re purely satisfying.

Brand Promise


Page 15: Arizona Advertising Campaign

The Big Idea



Page 16: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Our creative strategy will highlight the everyday benefits that AriZona’s products have to offer. There are many situations in life in which our target audience can benefit from drinking AriZona’s iced tea. We want to show our consumers that AriZona will always be there; whether it be post workout, a late night of studying, or simply a walk in the park. “Refreshingly healthy. Naturally tasty.” AriZona iced teas are highly versatile and will satisfy a wide range of needs and desires.

Creative Strategy

All advertisements will feature people in our target market performing common everyday activities. These activities have various health implications that may be remedied by AriZona’s iced teas. We will focus on making these ads as relatable as possible to our target audience.

Art Direction

We highlight the distinctive selling points of AriZona’s iced teas by keeping the body of our text simple and to the point. Our slogan uses powerful words that our audience can easily identify with, and is utilized heavily throughout our campaign.



Page 17: Arizona Advertising Campaign

MagazineNo artifi cial fl avors, colors or preservatives.

100 percent natural ingredients so you can feel great about your drink.

Discover icedtea at

Packed with a variety of herbs and vitamins so you can de-stress and unwind.

Discover icedtea at

100 percent natural green tea, ginseng, plum and a touch of honey so you can feel rejuvenated after your workout.

Discover icedtea at



Page 18: Arizona Advertising Campaign

TelevisionCamera focuses on a group of young boys conversing and laughing at a school lunch table. The camera zooms in on one boy as he casually takes a sip of his AriZona Green Tea juicebox, smiles, and licks his lips. (Conveys the tastiness AriZona’s iced teas).

Fast-forward a few years and the next scene depicts the same male character as a teenager. He is clothed in a soccer uniform as he runs off the field, sweaty and clearly fatigued. He im-mediately heads for his backpack and pulls out a bottle of AriZona’s Black & White IcedTea. He chugs it down and lets out a sigh to indicate that he is refreshed. (Demonstrates that AriZona’s iced teas are refreshing and healthy).

The next scene cuts to a dorm room. The now older male character is sitting at his desk, clear-ly distressed from studying. He glances over to his bed and spots a large care package with a bright note that reads, “Mom knows best.” He opens the box and pulls out an entire case of AriZona’s Rx Stress Herbal Tea. A huge grin appears on his face and he sighs. (Highlights AriZona’s herbal teas, which are calming in times of stress).

The next scene is zoomed in on a center console containing a can of AriZona green tea. The camera then pans out, depicting the character now as a young man, suited up and driving to work.

The last scene is an extension of the previous scene. The man is now sitting in a conference room with his coworkers. Each of his coworkers has either a glass of water or a bland-looking cup of coffee. They all seem lethargic. The man has his brightly designed can of AriZona, which seems to be the only element that sticks out in the monotonous business room. The man takes a swig as he excitedly pitches a new idea. (Shows that AriZona’s teas are energizing).

Last scene showcases AriZona’s Green, Black, White, and Herbal teas with a male voiceover:

“AriZona Iced Tea will always be there. Refreshingly healthy. Naturally tasty. Drink up.”


Page 19: Arizona Advertising Campaign


After creating mock-ups and a storyboard, we tested our creative within our primary target audience. The majority of individuals responded favorably to our advertise-ments and found them to be relatable. The critique we were given was to decrease the bulk of the copy in our ads and to increase its overall contrast for easier readability. After taking these suggestions into consideration, people were generally more satisfied with ours ads and felt that they conveyed our message adequately.

Creative Testing Results

Duration: 30 secondsTrack: “Drive By” Train


Page 20: Arizona Advertising Campaign

The main goal of our advertising is to reach our target audience, which consists of men and women between the ages of 18 and 34. People in this age range are generlly in college or part of the work force. They are used to a fast-paced and active lifestyle, and they must balance work with leisure. In order to reach this health-conscious and on-the-go group, we will use a variety of media including online and print advertisements, television commercials, transit advertisements, and point of purchase advertisements.

Reach the Target Market

Our advertising campaign will will be featured as a national campaign. This will ensure a greater chance of exposure to AriZona iced tea advertisements among our target audience, regardless of location.

Geographic Scope

Within this national campaign, certain regions will be targeted more heavily. Areas that experience temperate weather like Florida, Texas, and California, will be targeted

more heavily because they have warmer weather year-round and, according to our research, more people drink iced tea products during times of warm weather.

Message Weight




Page 21: Arizona Advertising Campaign

A pulsing schedule will be utilized throughout the duration of our campaign. Since more people drink iced tea products in the spring and summer months, advertisements will be more prominent during these times. By using this technique, our campaign will strategically be able to make the most of our budget, driving more sales during the peak months of iced tea consumption.

Print Advertisements: (3) Full color page with bleedTelevision: (1) 30 second commercialInternet: (1) Banner (468 x 60 pixels) (1) Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 pixels) (1) Large Rectangle (336 x 280 pixels)Transit: (1) 36” x 24” (Metro)


Media Dimentions

Effective Reach = 70%Effective Frequency = 4


Page 22: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Rolling Stone is a cultural staple for all things music and pop culture. This magazine is the number one reference to all things current for young adults, with a focus on music, global news, and entertainment. Advertising in this magazine will allow us to depict AriZona’s iced teas as popular and contemporary.

Rolling Stone Circulation: 1,470,183

Men’s Health is the top magazine in terms of promoting well-being within the male population. Topics like fashion, grooming, technology, and nutrition are among the magazine’s key topics. The primary readers of this magazine consist of men in their late 30s. We chose to place AriZona advertisements in Men’s Health, because this magazine reflects many of the brand’s core values, and caters to a large segment of our target market.

Men’s Health Total Circulation: 1,839,433

This magazine is geared towards women with a passion for fitness. It features articles about workouts, healthy lifestyles, and healthy foods. Women who read this magazine are within

our target market, and the magazine’s emphasis on well-being will help us convey AriZona’s iced teas in a healthful light. Our focus is on the basic green, black, white, and herbal teas. Many women appreciate the natural simplicity and comfort that teas

provide. Since Fitness is a selective and credible magazine in terms of the products they advertise, AriZona’s message will sit well with readers.

Fitness Total Circulation: 1,520,501




Page 23: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Shape Circulation: 1,638,925

Outside Circulation: 689,873

Elle Circulation: 1,127,799

New York Circulation: 412,819

Shape is the number one active lifestyle magazine for women. It is for confident who want to look and feel good. AriZona advertisements will work well in this magazine because it targets healthy young women who value high-quality products.

Outside is the leading active lifestyle magazine for men. Its adventurous feel makes this magazine a prime choice for AriZona Beverage Co. ads. Placing ads in Outside will give AriZona the potential to resonate with readers as a good on-the-go beverage.

Elle is a monthly lifestyle magazine that caters to women in their mid thirties. It addresses a variety of topics including fashion, current events, and healthy living. Its emphasis on health is what makes this magazine an ideal space for AriZona’s advertisements.

This award-winning magazine depicts a wide range of topics from politics to places to eat. It is a sophisticated magazine that captures the upper end of AriZona’s target market. This magazine is a trustworthy resource for all things current, and since AriZona Beverage Co. is headquartered in New York, advertising here just makes sense. Perhaps readers will feel some sort of connection to the brand as it was founded so close to home.


Page 24: Arizona Advertising Campaign

OnlineHulu is an instant streaming website that allows users to watch their favorite television shows. This website reaches AriZona’s target market by providing shows from networks, like CBS and MTV, which are popular among young men and women.


Buzzfeed is one of the top pop culture news sites. It is frequently visited by those in their 20s and 30s. AriZona iced tea will be featured on the website as 4-5 branded content pieces highlighting active lifestyles.


Hello Giggles is a website createed as a space for women can read and discuss topics like friendship, love, and well-being. This website is frequently visited by

women in our target audience, and is therefore an ideal place for AriZona advertisements.

Hello Giggles

The X Games website is the information hub for the extreme sports event. It provides information about the games, including athlete bios, pictures, and videos. This website is widely viewed by our male target audience, thus it’s a great place to promote the adventurous spirit of AriZona iced tea.


Groupon is a daily deal website that helps users find the best prices for goods and services, corresponding to their location. AriZona will be featured on Groupon as a daily deal in areas throughout the country.



Page 25: Arizona Advertising Campaign

TelevisionThe Daily Show is a late-night satirical news show hosted by John Stewart. It is a funny take on the news and it appeals to the male segment of AriZona Beverage Co.’s target audience.

The Daily Show

Dancing With The Stars is a reality dancing competition in which celebrities are paired up with professional dancers. This show appeals to the female demographic of AriZona Beverage Co.’s target audience. The advertisements during its airing will further support AriZona’s partnership with Dancing With the Stars.

Dancing With the Stars

This is a romantic comedy about a woman doctor who balances work and her personal life with plenty of missteps. The female portion of AriZona’s target audience watches this show, making it a good spot for advertisements.

The Mindy Project



Scandal is a political thriller that tells the story of Olivia Pope, a political scandal ‘fixer-upper’. This show is viewed by AriZona’s female target audience who admire a strong female lead in the midst of a fast-paced show.

Survivor is a reality show in which a group of strangers are deserted in an isolated location. They partake in mental and physical challenges, and are subject to numerous eliminations. The ultimate goal is to be the last one standing. Survivor is popular among men and women, in adherence to AriZona’s target market.


Page 26: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Media Scheduling


Page 27: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Media Budgeting


Page 28: Arizona Advertising Campaign



We plan to expose our brand by placing it within Dancing With the Stars episodes to increase overall product awareness and generate positive feelings towards our company. Similar to the Coca Cola glasses that line the judge’s panel on American Idol, we will have the judges on Dancing With the Stars drink from brightly designed AriZona cups. To further support this, we will supply contestants with an array of AriZona iced teas backstage. When the cameras feature the stars and dancers before and after their performances, we anticipate that they will catch some contestants guzzling down our iced teas. This will demonstrate to audiences that AriZona iced teas are tasty, replenishing,

and refreshing. The fact that many people idolize the contestants will add strength and credibility to our message.

Product Placement/Brand Ingegration

We will gain media coverage and increase brand awarenes by associating AriZona with extreme sports to demonstrate that the brand values active lifestyles and overall health. The upcoming winter X Games will be held on January 24-27 in Aspen, Colorado with live coverage by ESPN and ABC. We will be official sponsors. As part of our

Sponsor X-Games


Page 29: Arizona Advertising Campaign

sponsor package, we will have on-site activations as well as interactive media advertisements throughout the event. We will have an activation space at the sponsor village where we will be giving out samples to fans, and hosting athlete signings. Additional, we plan to place our logos on athletic equipment and banners throughout the event area. The media coverage will create an opportunity to branch out to a different segment of the market which, in turn, will hopefully increase our market share and overall brand awareness.

Arizona Road TripWe plan to reach the young adults of our target audience and get them excited about our various iced tea products. Offering samples will allow college students to experiment with our flavors. We will have an AriZona branded truck drive across the country offering samples and selling our tea products on major college campuses. The road trip will symbolically begin in Brooklyn, New York, where the company originated, and end up in Arizona, particularly at Arizona State University. By hitting large college campuses, we will be able to hit the younger spectrum of our target audience (18-34 year-olds), increasing our brand awareness in a unique way, both directly and through word-of-mouth.


Page 30: Arizona Advertising Campaign


This campaign is aimed to increase comprehension by 70%, conviction by 50%, and sales by 8% for the AriZona brand. We at Crunch believe that we can attain these numbers with our strategi-cally placed advertisements by the end of the campaign. The table and graphs displayed below show the projected totals for comprehension, conviction, and sales from the start of the cam-paign to its completion.


Page 31: Arizona Advertising Campaign



Page 32: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Meet the Team

Carly Garone is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from East Moriches, NY. She is a setter and defensive specialist for Ithaca College’s Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team. She is also a member of the Leadership Academy and the Student Athlete-Advisory Committee. After her undergraduate work is complete she hopes to pursue a career in public relations and event planning. Carly’s favorite AriZona flavor is the Original Lemon Iced Tea.

Nicki Haines is a sophomore Integrated Marketing and Communications major from Rochester, NY. She is currently a part of Ithaca College’s American Marketing Association as well as the Women in Communications organization. Nicki’s passions include photography, design, and fitness. She places great value on health and wellness, and is working towards a minor in Nutrition Promotion. When she is not doing school work or hanging out with friends, you will find her at the gym, working at GNC, or studying for her ACSM personal training examination in January. Nicki’s favorite AriZona iced tea flavor is Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey.


Page 33: Arizona Advertising Campaign

Ashley Kirby is a senior Sport Media major with a minor in Communications Management Design from Fairfield, CT. She is currently a part of Ithaca’s Sport Event Networking Club as well as an Event Manager of Athletics at Cornell University. After Ashley graduates in May, she hopes to pursue a career in Sport Event Operations, specifically in the National Football League. Ashley’s favorite AriZona iced tea flavor is Green Tea with Plum and Ginseng.

Sabrina Knight is a junior Integrated Marketing and Communications major with a minor in Web Programming from Shrewsbury, MA. She is the founder and president of IC More Love Letters and director of advertising and public relations for the National Residence Hall Honorary. After completing her undergraduate degree, Sabrina hopes to work in graphic design or art direction. Sabrina’s favorite AriZona flavor is Half & Half Raspberry iced tea with Lemonade.

Morgan Schuman is a senior Emerging Media major with a concentration in Design and Production and minors in Integrated Marketing and Communications and Honors from Doylestown, PA. She is part of the Senior Class Cabinet, she plays the cello for the non-music major orchestra, and she is a Digital Media Specialist at Ithaca College’s Information Technology Services. After graduating in May, she plans on pursuing a career designing new media. Morgan’s favorite AriZona iced tea flavor is Black Tea with Ginseng and Honey.


Page 34: Arizona Advertising Campaign

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