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This is Assignment for MOOC on MOOC Course. I had no expertise on video or video editing, hence resorted to powerpoint on slideshare


  • 1. My Learning: MOOC on MOOCRavi Limaye

2. Hello !This is RaviLimaye, a lifelongLearner and a MOOCEnthusiast. I amsummarizing myLearning frommooconmooc Course 3. MOOC Gurus 4. Sir John DanielOpen Education broke open iron triangle ofAccess, Cost and Quality that had constrainedEducation throughout History and created theinsidious assumptions still prevalent todaythat in Education you cannot have Qualitywithout Exclusivity 5. MOOC GuruProf. Prabhakar T VIIT, Kanpur 6. Using MOOC anybody canlearn anything from anywherefrom best in the world at theirown convenience.MOOC is an Event.xOOC is a generic term where x= Massive (M) Large (L), Small(S) or Tiny (T) depending on thescale of the MOOC 7. xMOOC focuses on scale,usually using single platformand involves open /restrictedlicense and is the mainstreamMOOC. The focus is acquireknowledge on a particularsubject domain.The c MOOC is self directedrelatively smaller in scale, openlicense and can use multipleplatforms. The focus is share,discover knowledge 8. Various Aspects of MOOC are: Learning Resources ( Shortvideos, Documents (Transcripts, presentations etc)and MetadataInteractions,Collaboration,Connections between students,teaching assistants andTeachersIdentity Management,Portfolio 9. Various Aspects of MOOC are: Assessment, Evaluationthrough Assignments, Quizzesand counter cheatingLearning AnalyticsIssue of Certificates, Event Management of thewhole MOOC 10. Quality Attributes for MOOCinclude:Scalability (addressing number of users )Usability (both for learners and teachers)Availability (24X7 Technical Support, QuickFault Recovery)Performance ( Response Time in Chat)Interoperability(one-platform-to- another)Configurability 11. MOOC GuruProf. Balaji VCOL 12. MOOCs haveprecedence in formof CBT(Computer based Tutorials on CDs in 1980s)Open Courses ( Easy to access,reduced or no barriers, democratize HigherEducation, Distinct Self Directed Pedagogy, Use ofPrint, Broadcast and web media Examples : UKOpen University, IGNOU and about 60 openUniversities) 13. precedence in form of OnlineCourses(Alison, Carnegie Mellon University,NPTEL. Use of Intranet and Internet, LMS,Interactions between Learner Content, Learner Mentor/ Instructors, Learner- Learners)OCW (MIT) 2000, OER, UNESCO, 2002, 2007, COLUNESCO World OER Congress 2012, Connexions,MERLOT, UKOU, China Advanced Course, NPTEL,NOUN in NigeriaMOOCs Experimentation( Future learn in UK, Iversity in Germany France UniNumerique FUN in France, Venduca in Brazil,Xuetangx in China, Open to study , Dementia inAustralia)MOOCsusing eDx, Coursera, Udacity, Web and Mobile 14. MOOC MotivationExtending Reach and AccessBuilding and Maintaining Brand(showcasing Faculty Capability, Claim Leadership inResearch, Attract students for on-campusprograms)Improving Economics ( Cost saving,Source of Revenue by platform on hire,certification and credits)Improving Education Outcomes( Blended classrooms, Flipped classrooms, InstantFeedback, Improved Course Delivery)InnovationsResearch on Teaching and Learning( Skill Development, test pedagogy strategies) 15. In HE COST is aimportant factor,MOOC can reducecosts 16. We learnt from ExpertVideos fromMEC, Course Builder,MITx, NPTEL, FutureLearn, China OnlineThis helped indevelopment of Insightand how MOOCs arebeing Experimented 17. MooKIT Platform :Short Videos UsageHow Interactions happenDiscussion Threads on TopicsAnnouncementsChatsResourcesEasy NavigationThe platform is indeed useful andwe used it to experiment 18. MOOC GuruProf. Balwinder SodhiIIT, Ropar 19. DIY ( Do it Yourself) VideoRequirements : PC with 4-8GBRAM. External Mike, TabletSupport, HD CameraStyle: Talking Head StyleDuration : 10 MinsSoftware: Camtesia Studio 20. ThanksEmail : [email protected]