Assistive Technology Mathematics. Assistive Technology - Math – Low Tech-Mid Tech-High Tech Abacus/Math Line Enlarged math worksheets Alternatives for.

Download Assistive Technology Mathematics. Assistive Technology - Math – Low Tech-Mid Tech-High Tech Abacus/Math Line Enlarged math worksheets Alternatives for.

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Assistive Technology Mathematics Slide 2 Assistive Technology - Math Low Tech-Mid Tech-High Tech Abacus/Math Line Enlarged math worksheets Alternatives for answering, explaining or giving examples Math Smart Chart Money calculator/Coinulator Tactile/voice output measuring devices Talking watches/clocks Calculator with or without print out Calculator with large keys and/or display Talking calculator Calculator with special features On-screen/scanning calculator Alternative keyboard Math software Software for manipulation of objects Voice recognition software Slide 3 Low Tech MathLine MathLine is the first supplemental math tool with one-to-one correspondence between the concrete object and the abstract symbol. MathLine is an alternative strategy in the classroom that clearly models over 50 elementary math concepts and standards. Slide 4 MathLine- Where Used Regular Education/Mainstream Curriculum Special Education Programs, IEPs Remedial Programs Bilingual Education Programs Compensatory Education Programs Alternative Education Programs Intervention Programs Home-schooling Tutoring Services Slide 5 MathLine Demo Slide 6 Teacher Exploration MathLIne Is MathLine a Low, Mid, or High Tech device? Is it a multi-modal device? Is it cost efficient? Think of a student in your class that is having difficulty moving from the concrete to the abstract in mathematical operations. Do you think MathLine would be a consideration? Visit the MathLine website to view the MathLine Products. Slide 7 Teacher Made Charts Low Tech Number lines, teacher made charts are both examples of a low tech device used by teachers. View an online sample from the Wisconsin Initiative on Assistive Technology at then choose curriculum-math Slide 8 Mid Tech Devices Talking Calculators, Talking Clocks, & Talking Wristwatch A talking calculator is a device that speaks when the number is pressed. A talking clock/wristwatch speaks the time. See Premier Assistive Technology Website for more info and demo copies of software.Assistive Technology Website Talking calculator Talking checking book Slide 9 High Tech Smart Board - Smart Chart A Smart Board is an interactive white board that can be used in several ways. Use the notebook software to create interactive lessons Use the pens to highlight a specific element in a presentation Hand write on a Smart Board with the special pens and turn the cursive into print. Smart Chart activities are developed using a Smart Board. Website reference: m m Slide 10 Math sample Smart Chart - Notebook In this lesson the teacher is having students compare best times in an Olympic Track and Field Event. Slide 11 Smart Board - Geometry In this lesson the teacher is explaining the Pythagorean Theory to students. Slide 12 Smart Board Interactive Lesson View a short video on an interactive lesson using Smart Board. Overview of Smart Board Touch, Write, & Save Notebook Software Notebook Software Gallery - tutorials.asp# tutorials.asp# Slide 13 Teacher Exploration Smart Board List three ways you might use a Smart Board in your classroom. 1. 2. 3. Visit these two websites and view some ways to use a Smart Board. (focus on Math related topics.) General Info on Smart Board - Templates of Lessons Math - Smart Board Workshop for Teachers - Smart Board Workshop for Teachers - Slide 14 High Tech Microsoft Excel Excel is a powerful tool within the Microsoft Office Suite. Use of Excel can be integrated into the classroom to benefit all students and meet state standards which specify that students at all grade levels be able to construct timelines. Here are examples of how a timeline can be constructed by students. Slide 15 Excel Examples JFK Timeline, Story Timeline Science Periodic Table Vocabulary Insert Comment Command Moveable Words View samples online at: t.html-- go to week 3 - 4 Excel Projects t.html Slide 16 Math Software Solutions Microsoft Office Templates - Mnemonics for learning math Kutztown University ics.html ics.html On Cloud Nine by Kimberly Tuley and Nanci Bell nine.html nine.html Tom Snyder Software - Touch Math -