atmospheric plasma alternative for metal degreasing

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  • Atmospheric PlasmaAlternative for Metal Degreasing

  • Commonwealth of MassachusettsOffice of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA)

    Deval Patrick GovernorTim Murray Lt. GovernorIan Bowles SecretaryPaul Richard Director

  • What is Plasma?Fourth state of matterGas-likeConsists of neutral atoms/molecules, ions, and electronsHigh energy, highly reactive substanceElectrons have 10,000 K worth of energyActivates surfacesImage:

  • Plasma for Metal Treatment High Temperature Arc Plasma (up to 16000C) Ceramic Deposition

    Radio Frequency Induction Coupled Plasmas (5000C) Surface treatments for semiconductors

    Electrodeless Atmospheric Microwave Plasmas EAMP

  • AtmosphericPlasmaNon-equilibrium plasmaElectrons at 10-20,000 CIons, molecules at 60-80 CRelatively uniform energy distributionDoes not require special vacuum chambers like low pressure plasma

    The SunImage:

  • Atmospheric PlasmaUse microwave energy to create gas plasma streams at atmospheric pressure and moderate temperature (70-200C)10-20% conversion to active ion and radical species Flow gas through an orifice to create a plasma jet or through into an application chamber

  • A microwave plasma torch and itsapplicationsH S Uhm, Y C Hong and D H ShinDepartment of Molecular Science and Technology, Ajou University, San 5 Wonchon-Dong,Youngtong-Gu, Suwon 443-749, Korea

  • Plasma Jet

  • APNEP ResearchAtmospheric Pressure Non-Equilibrium Plasmas

    ELIMINATION OF ORGANIC SOLVENTS FOR DEGREASING OF METAL COMPONENTS BY USE OF A NOVEL MICROWAVE PLASMAP. Aguirre, B. San Pedro, N. Wright, W. Hopkins, Global Symposium On Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology 04. Madrid.Jointly sponsored by INASMET, C-Tech Innovation, Phoenix Scientific Industries

  • APNEP ResearchExamined the effects of Atmospheric Non Equilibrium Plasmas of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, and Mixtures.Treated standard industrial components contaminated with commercial oils and lubricants at loadings of 1-5 g/m2

  • APNEP ResearchVaried plasma flow rate, microwave output power, and exposure duration. Plasma jet temperatures averaged 200C.Achieved cleanliness equivalent to TCE vapor degreasing with an emission profile that met EU Industrial limits. Claimed 98-100% removal of oils.Paper left out key detail to determine exact operation costs.Nitrogen plasmas produce NOX, leading the focus to oxygen

  • APNEP ResultsElevated gas temperatures -10% evaporation captured with coalescing filters.Emission profile for Oxygen Plasma (10% radicalization) on components at 5g/m2 contamination level

  • For immediate release - 10 November 2004C-Tech Lands DTI Grant for APNEP Plasma DevelopmentC-Tech Innovation Limited has successfully obtained funding from the DTI to furtherdevelop its unique, Atmospheric Pressure, Non-Equilibrium Plasma (APNEP), which hasenormous potential in a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications.C-Tech has been awarded a Research and Development grant (formerly SMART award)for the ongoing development of the APNEP plasma. The DTI grants are provided to helpsmall and medium-sized businesses research and develop technologically innovativeproducts and processes, to generate new scientific or technical knowledge that will be

  • Commercialization 06/07Several commercial lab systems

    One (?) industrial system supplier in US

  • Plasma-Preen Cleaner/Etcher (Patent Pending)

    Water-Cooled* 8" x 6" x 2"100-550W 9505-03-220 $ 5,700.00 9" x 7" x 3"100-700W 9505-20-220 $ 6,290.00

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  • Diener ElectronicsGerman concern with sales office in Reading, PAOffers standard and custom systems for RF and Microwave plasma treatment systemsUtilize 40KHz generators to minimize emissions. Established marketing, several industrial placements in US at present.

  • Diener Economic Example22 liter chamber turn-key system- $27,25040KHz/300W generatorOne hour treatment with oxygen plasmaOperation cost on small industrial parts of 3-5 cents per piece.

  • Technical and Economic HurdlesTechnology acceptanceSystem capital costEquipment compatibility with current processing linesThroughput limitations; chamber volume, exposure duration.QC and MIL-SPEC requirementsBatch consistency

  • OPPORTUNITIES for IMPLEMENTATIONCombination cleaning/degreasing and sterilization; medical devices.Displacing infrequently used vapor degreasers. Relieve regulatory burdens.Low throughput/high finish parts; aviation.Energy conservationSolvent use reduction

  • What Can It Do for Textiles and Adhesives ?Surface modification and functionalityHydrophobicity Stain resistanceOleophobicity HydrophilicityFlame retardants AntimicrobialsPrintability of polypropylene/polyester

    Pollution preventionUses significantly lower quantities of chemicalsPlasma treatments can enable conversion from solvents to aqueous coatings

  • Can Plasma Be Used to Make a Light Saber ?

  • At this point maybe a Light Dagger

  • Gerry PodlisnyProcess Engineer/Environmental AnalystMass


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