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A presentation that I gave to the San Diego Country Schools Risk Management JPA on October 29, 2013.


  • 1. Avoiding Cybertraps Incident Response, Computer Forensics, and Risk ManagementFrederick S. Lane San Diego County Office of Ed. JPA San Diego, CA 29 October 2013 www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com

2. Background and Expertise Attorney and Author of 7 Books Computer Forensics Expert -- 15 years Over 100 criminal cases Lecturer on ComputerRelated Topics 20+ years Computer user (midframes, desktops, laptops) 35+ years 10 yrs on Burlington VT School Board www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 3. Lecture Overview Headache-Inducing Headlines Common Types of Incidents Electronic Evidence Is Everywhere Preparing for the Inevitable Risks for Administrators and Teachers A Quick Intro to Computer Forensics www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 4. Headache-Inducing Headlines Parents Sue School District After Their 13-Year-Old's Suicide Following Sexting Bullying Hillsborough Cty., Florida Parents sue Lockhart school district after teacher charged with sexual assault Lockhart, TX School Cyberbullying Victims Fight Back In Lawsuits WV, PA, GA School Employees Sue Cyberbullying Students TX, PA www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 5. A Tangled Mobile Webwww.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 6. Common Types of Incidents Employment Issues Harassment/Hostile Work Environment Disciplinary Issues Student Misconduct Cyberbullying & Cyberharassment Sexting Teacher/Student Misconduct Student Attacks on Teachers Inappropriate Relationships www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 7. E-Evidence Is Everywhere Inventory Possible Devices Computers (Desktops, Laptops, Servers) Mobile Devices (Phones, Tablets) Peripherals (USBs, CDs, external drives, etc.) Inventory Possible Types of Data Communication (E-Mail, IMs, Texts, etc.) Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Web Activity (URLs, cookies, bookmarks, etc.) Network Logs and Access Data Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Flickr, Boxy, etc.) Deleted Datawww.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 8. Whose Data Is It Anyway? Where Did the Incident Occur? On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Zone of District Responsibility Is Growing Who Owns and Uses the Device? Misconduct Using School-Owned Equipment Misconduct Using Privately-Owned Equipment Who Runs the Service? Evidence Hosted by District Evidence Created by Teachers/Students Evidence Hosted by 3rd Partieswww.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 9. Pre-Incident Preparation Policies and Procedures District Decisions re Access, Services, Storage AUPs for Staff and Students Data Handling and Response Protocols Professional Development for Teachers and Staff Typically First Responders Potential Legal Risks Technology Is Continually Changing Student Education Critical Component of K-12 Curriculawww.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 10. Response to Civil Litigation Preservation of Potentially Relevant Evidence Adherence to Established Policies for Handling Data Notice of Litigation or Reasonable Anticipation of Litigation Discovery Requests Privacy Concerns Burdensomeness of Requests Production of Data Held by 3rd Parties www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 11. Response to Criminal Activity Anticipate Prosecution and/or Disciplinary Proceedings Adherence to Policy/Process Is Critical Involve Law Enforcement ASAP Protect and Preserve Data Restrict Access to Potentially Relevant Data Hire a Computer Forensics Expert? Some Evidence Is Radioactive www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 12. Risks for Admins. & Teachers Good Intentions, Bad Outcome Sherlock Holmes Syndrome Forwarding Content for Advice The Cover-Up Is Always Worse Trying to Protect Colleagues and Friends Desire to Protect District by Handling InHouse Delete Is a Myth www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 13. A Cautionary Talewww.FrederickLane.com Ting-Yi Oei, now 64 Assistant Principal at Freedom HS in So. Riding, VA (Loudoun County) Told to investigate rumors of sexting at HS Inappropriate image was forwarded to Oeis cellphone, then computer Charged with failure to report, then contributing to delinquency of a minor Charges ultimately dismissed Cybertraps.wordpress.com 14. Computer Forensics 101 Field Previews Acquisition & Mirror Images Some Data Are More Fragile Than Others Speed Is Of the Essence Powerful Forensics Tools Data Recovery and Analysis IP Addresses Link to Real World 4th Amendment and Privacy Concerns www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 15. Current Projects Cybertraps for Educators (2014) Safe Student and School Employee Relationships (2014) Cybertraps.wordpress.com CPCaseDigest.com MessageSafe.com Informational Web Sites: www.FrederickLane.com www.ComputerForensicsDigest.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 16. Contact Information E-Mail: FSLane3@gmail.com Telephone: 802-318-4604 Twitter @Cybertraps, @FSL3 LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/fredericklane/ SlideShare.net www.slideshare.net/FSL3 www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com 17. Avoiding Cybertraps Incident Response, Computer Forensics, and Risk ManagementFrederick S. Lane San Diego County Office of Ed. JPA San Diego, CA 29 October 2013 www.FrederickLane.comCybertraps.wordpress.com