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  • BACHbill - Software as a ServiceOnline is a common status these days. Everyone is constantly online. At work, at home, on the train, on the bus. Interfaces have

    become simple and intuitive. You no longer need to be a guru to get anything done. Both for consumers and for creators.

    It's all about the idea now, not about the technical implementation. Creativity is leading not technical capacity. A good idea will go a long way, and technical implementation will follow.

    With hosting services you can share your showcase with the world, with multimedia tools you can present and charm your users, with development languages and IDEs you can create easy to use interfaces and application logic to create a service, with logistics you can send packages and merchandise all over the world in a quick safe way, and through the web you can handle digital content such as video

    and music.How do you turn your idea into an income though? Besides investment and advertising, what choices are there for monetization for the long tail? Having your own billing systems is expensive in both licensing and support. They require a quite complex infrastructure and an operations team. Also, many do not have a direct use case mapping, which makes talking the billing language quite technical prone and not business oriented.

    BACHbill is an enabler that addresses this gap and any long tail entrepreneur can quickly setup a business case and monetize it. By subscribing to our hosted solution, all the complexity of maintenance and

    infrastructure, is no longer the show-stopper.

    BACHbill supports many models so it can adapt to whatever business case. Either it be a subscription based one or retail selling, time based or material based.

    BACHbill speaks business, that is, it is business oriented. We deal with concepts such as price plans, promo codes, bundles, discounts so the business case is easily translated into technical integration. Business Intelligence and reporting enables you to health check your trends and directions, and align them in the most efficient ways. Launch campaigns to attract new customers or to launch a new product. Mark customers for special discounts based on their usage, design revenue sharing agreements and provision customer data. All in a simple easy to use interface. BACHbill understands and enables customer loyalty.With simple intuitive APIs and interfaces, it is quite easy to build your business cases. With the current generation of networks and mobile capacities, you can literally enable your business anywhere, having a customer use or subscribe to your service or buy your goods anywhere and in any occasion.

    BACHbill will grow as your business grows. From the simplest cases to the more focused and customized ones. Either you are a big record company selling online, or just a starting artist wanting to share your music to the world, BACHbill will adapt to you and help you grow.