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Opening remarks to the April 13 2014 Balanced Team Salon post LeanUX. Slides are an overview to what Balanced Team is, a bit of history, culture and approaches.



2. Welcome 3. Balanced Team is 4. ! A Conversation ! ! Self Organizing ! ! Global ! 5. Range of folks (software professionals design, development, testing, product management, marketing, sales..) ! who are/want to make great products in a collaborative cross functional approach 6. Summit ! multiple days sharing info, case studies, pre arranged speakers 7. Salon ! one day sharing info informal after another event 8. personal side note 9. Issue of the Day: Agile & UX 10. No more Us and Them ! @johannakoll 11. Culture 12. Culture 13. Any one who can, should ! Trust ! Iterative/collaborative ! Open space ! Participation range: bees/ butterflies ! Vote with your feet ! Carry information forward 14. Methods 15. Open Space 16. Standing Circle 17. Lighting Talks 18. Fishbowl 19. Nosh/Schmooze/Drink 20. Play 21. Agenda ! 10:45 WELCOME (30m) Balanced Team history, introduce CONVERSATION ACTIVITY 11:15 GENERATE (30m) start to generate topics, (put topic and NAME OF PROPOSER on sticky) 11:45 DECIDE (15m) dot vote, assign topics and leaders to conversation areas 12:00 CONVERSATION ONE (30m): People start rst break out sessions, facilitator makes poster 12:30 STAND-UP (15m): one speaker from group summarizes poster in a sentence. Next round of topics is circulated 12:45 BREAK (30m): snack, form 2rd groups 13:15 CONVERSATION TWO (30m): facilitator makes poster 13:45 STAND-UP (15m): each group gives a 1-sentence description 14:00 BREAK (15m): bring posters to central area, people can review/comment on posters 14:15 REASSEMBLE (15m): explain FISHBOWL 14:30 FISHBOWL (60m): moderated group discussion 15:30 CLOSING CIRCLE (30m): each person says one thing they will take forward 16:00 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Adios! Whats the next event? Whats the next bar? Off to the bar 22. Questions?