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Composition. Basic Photography. Basic Information. All about light Record for the future Three basic shots Establishing shot (whole scene) medium Close-up Six composition rules. Rule of Thirds. Center of Interest. NOT actual center Focal point in the photo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Basic Photography

Basic PhotographyCompositionBasic InformationAll about lightRecord for the futureThree basic shotsEstablishing shot (whole scene)mediumClose-upSix composition rulesRule of Thirds

Center of InterestNOT actual centerFocal point in the photoHead and shoulders = MugshotShould also be interestingAngles

Leading LinesRepeating factors FencesPeople in uniformBrick buildingStairsPeak of EmotionPositive and negativeWinning run, touchdown, serve, etc.Celebrations Must prep for theseHail mary shotsFraming

Sports Photography

What Setting?Prefer Manual (M)Adjust shutter speed with dial, ISO and white balance with button AND dialWhen in doubt, AUTOWont get action with this settingPreppingCheck for battery, cardShoot one shot before you leavePress PassArrive early to adjust M settingsCall if trouble 863-604-3629LEAVE A MESSAGEPhoto AssignmentDue Wednesday, 9/26 (20 points)Choose one composition rule (NOT center of interest) and shoot a photo that exhibits that rule.Post your photo, with a complete two-sentence caption at, Order # 1834 Our camera, your camera, your phoneALL staffers Editors includedRubric Done on time (5); One rule clearly depicted (5); First sentence tells action (5); Second sentence tells extra fact (5)