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  • 1. Basketball Abs Workout Created By: Jamie CookThis workout is a 6 minute abs routine. The only equipment needed for this exercise routine is a basketball or you can also use a medicine ball. This workout was created just as a fun, quick, and effective abdominal workout. There are only 6 moves in this routine. Each move will be utilized for a one-minute interval. I would suggest to get the maximum benefit from this routine to use an interval timer and only allow 10 seconds of rest between each interval.

2. Basketball Abs Workout Basketball Knee Crunches Start in a seated position, contract abdominals and lift your feet off the floor. Slightly lean back and keep your abs contracted. Hold the basketball at your chest and slowly extend your legs out and contract and bring them back towards your chest. Keep going and do as many as you can for a one minute interval. With time, your abs and quadriceps will build up endurance and you will see an improvement with your overall endurance in this exercise. 3. Basketball Abs Workout Oblique Twists with Basketball Start in a seated position with heels on the floor. Bring the basketball to your chest, contract your abs and slightly lean back (keeping your abs contracted the whole time!!). Twist your upper body to one side and tap the basketball on the floor, come back to center, and twist your upper body to the other side and tap the basketball on the floor. (Your body should stay centered and only your upper body should be moving). 4. Basketball Abs Workout One-legged Basketball Sit-Up Start by laying on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Hold the basketball above your head. Contract your abs and lift your upper body. At the same time , straighten and lift your right leg while reaching towards your foot with the basketball. Bring your body back down to starting position and repeat the sequence with your left leg. Continue this move alternating your right and left leg for a one minute interval. 5. Basketball Abs Workout Reverse Crunches with Basketball Start with lying on your back with your knees bent at 90 degrees and holding the basketball at your chest. Contract your abs and lift your hips and butt off the floor while reaching towards your feet with the basketball. Bring your knees and the basketball back down in starting position , contract your abs and repeat the sequence for a one minute interval. *Important = Do not swing your legs up or use momentum to get them up. Contract your core and lift! 6. Basketball Abs Workout Basketball Shoot Sit-Ups Start with lying on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor, and the basketball at your chest. Do a sit-up while shooting the basketball in the air (*Try not to shoot too high and try to shoot straight above you*) The basketball shot is just to keep your arms busy while your abs are doing all the work in the sit-up. Do this move for a one minute interval. 7. Basketball Abs Workout Figure 8 Basketball Scissor Crunches Start by lying in a supine position. Begin scissoring or switching your legs. Between each leg switch, pass the basketball from one hand to the other. Thinking about the Figure 8 rythym will help keep your mind off of the burn your abs will be feeling and this will allow you to build endurance. *Important = Keep your abs contracted the entire time and do not let your stomach pooch out or relax.

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